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Wheeler Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801-4820

The State Probation and Parole Office for adults works for the Board of Pardons and Paroles and has 16 officers and 11 staff members. The office investigates applicants for parole for the Parole Board and applicants for probation for the Circuit Court Judges. The office supervises approximately 1,400 parolees and probationers in Madison County.

Steve Hopkins, District Manager, North Alabama
Bridget McGraw, Mike Bucey and Glen Smith, Officers-in-Charge, Huntsville Office

Juvenile Probation Office, Madison County

256-532-0300 Fax 256-532-0326

The Neaves-Davis Center for Children, 817 Cook Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801


e-mail: ndcc@alacourt.gov


The Neaves-Davis Center for Children provides Juvenile Probation Services for Madison County. The Madison County Juvenile Probation Department works under the direction of the District Court Juvenile Judges.  The overall philosophy of juvenile probation is directed towards promoting accountability and providing rehabilitative assistance for juveniles and the families involved in the juvenile court system.       


Juvenile probation services include a 24 hour Intake department consisting of probation officers who are authorized to accept and process delinquent complaints, brought forth by law enforcement agencies and victims, pertaining to juveniles. The intake department is responsible for determining whether alleged complaints brought on juveniles are handled through the use of informal means, referral to other agencies or programs, or official court hearings.  Intake officers are also responsible for determining whether a juvenile who is taken into custody by a law enforcement agency should be admitted into secure detention pending a 72 hours hearing.  In addition, the intake department provides walk-in assistance to parents who are seeking information on treatment programs for their children.    


Juvenile probation also includes court supervision officers who are responsible for monitoring juveniles who have been placed on formal court ordered probation by a District Court Judge.  Court probation officers are responsible for assessing the needs of juveniles and their families in an attempt to make appropriate referrals to treatment programs such as counseling, drug treatment, Intensive in-home treatment, or mental health counseling. Court supervision officers provide the juvenile courts with reports and recommendations regarding appropriate rehabilitative sanctions for adjudicated juveniles, while taking into account the best interest of the juvenile and the community.    


Juvenile Detention Services, Madison County

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The Neaves-Davis Center for Children, 817 Cook Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801




The Neaves-Davis Center for Children is a 48 bed juvenile detention facility operated by Madison County in accordance with licensing standards set forth by the Alabama Department of Youth Services.  The NDCC serves as a secure detention facility for delinquent juveniles detained by court order pending court hearings or acceptance in to rehabilitative treatment programs.  The Neaves-Davis Center for Children is audited annually by the Alabama Department of Youth Services, the Madison County Department of Health and the Huntsville Fire Department with regard to health and safety issues.  The NDCC is also compliant with Federal government standards such as – the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).  In efforts to comply with (PREA) standards, this facility has developed a Zero Tolerance Policy against sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment.  Click here to review this policy.  


 If you have any questions regarding this or other policies of the Neaves-Davis Center, please contact us at 256-532-0328.


Jacques Cothren, Chief Probation Officer 256-532-0315

Cindy Conrad, Intake Supervisor 256-532-0302

Jeredith Brown, Probation/ Aftercare Supervisor 256-532-0312

John Riise, Director of Detention Care Services 256-532-0333

Paul Fontaine, Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator 256-532-3709

Juvenile Drug Court Color Code 256-532-0337

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