MCRC Hours of Operation

Assisted or Certified Copies:
9am-4:30 pm, Mon-Fri
Research & Self-serve Copies:
9am-5pm, Mon- Fri

Access Policy

The records held by the MCRC are official public record. However, due to preservation and security precautions, certain restrictions have been put in place.

Patrons may pull available indices, marriage books, maps and additional resources held in the research area. Patrons are prohibited from pulling probate, circuit court, chancery or any other files or books in the back storage area. Certain older books in the storage area are without available corresponding indices in the research area; if a patron has a specific reference to one of these older books, a staff member may grant temporary, assisted access to these books.

*All newspapers are prohibited from public access, unless special permission is granted. Please visit the Heritage Room next door for access to the newspapers on microfilm.

For all materials kept in the back storage area, a staff member will bring the requested records to the front research room.

*If there is a section that is not printed clearly on microfilm, the individual can bring that printout to one of the MCRC clerks and request permission to photograph that section only. Other privileges are granted at the discretion of the Probate Judge.