MCRC Hours of Operation

Assisted or Certified Copies:
9am-4:30 pm, Mon-Fri
Research & Self-serve Copies:
9am-5pm, Mon- Fri

The Madison County Records Center (MCRC) was established in the Huntsville – Madison County Public Library building and staffed by Probate Court personnel in 2001.  This was accomplished under the authority of Probate Tommy Ragland in order to more fully comply with Section 36 of the Code of Alabama (1975) and to better adhere to the guidelines of the Alabama Department of Archives and History – Records Disposition Authority, preserving official records that construct the history of  Madison County.

The specific mission of the MCRC is to preserve the non-current official documents of the Madison County court system and to provide public access to history of the county, as contained therein.

1975 Code of Alabama:  Section 36-12-5

“Disposition of books, papers, etc., when no longer current.”

“All public officers and servants of the state, whenever any book, paper or document pertaining to the affairs, business or transactions of their office has ceased to be current, shall deliver the same …. to the probate judge of such county … such documents.”

(Acts 1915, No. 237, p. 287, § 3; Code 1923, § 2692; Code 1940, T. 41, §141.)

 Section 36-12-2

“… All of the books, documents, files, papers, letters, and copies of letters so made and kept shall be carefully protected and safely preserved and guarded from mutilation, loss or destruction.”

(Acts 1915, No. 237, p. 287, § 1; Code 1923, § 2690; Code 1940, T. 41, § 139


The MCRC archives the non-current documents (generally dated 1809-2004) delivered to or developed by the Probate Judge's office according to the source, type, and age.  The MCRC develops supplemental indexes as needed for directing public access.  The Madison County Records Center follows the Alabama Department of History and Archives guidelines.  The MCRC preserves history by reducing the need for direct or unrestricted public access that inevitably and eventually destroys irreplaceable historical documents and papers.  Volunteers are utilized at the MCRC to implement digitization and supplemental indexing of the records most commonly needed for research.  (Additional volunteers are always welcomed to assist in the on-going digitization and indexing activities at the MCRC.)  This enables immediate and widespread public access to digitized historic documents and books on a non-destructive basis.

The third floor location of the MCRC in the Huntsville Madison County Public Library's climate-controlled facility at Monroe and St. Claire Streets has been utilized since the 2001 to store and preserve the county's oldest official documents that date back to 1809.  This facility includes protection from insects (bookworms), fire, humidity extremes, and theft or vandalism through building features, regular pest control treatments, and security guards, supplemented with 24 hour camera surveillance.  A well-lighted, large and comfortable public reading and reception room with computers is provided for MCRC patrons to enjoy while accessing stored information and documents as needed with staff assistance and monitoring. 

Through digitization of the records there will be assurance of preservation by duplication and storage of copies in various remote locations.  In this manner, the catastrophic loss of any particular repository will not result in total loss of the archived records of the county.  The records will always therefore be available for duplication and replacement from other sites.

Judge of Probate - Tommy Ragland                                                                

June 25, 2013


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