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Probate Cases Surnames H - M:

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Haber, Carol15311 A-
Haber, Glenn15311 B-
Hacker, G. S.12048-
Hackworth, Charles L.7446-
Haden, Ann Lucy4570 A1898; guardian's receipts; petition
Haden, Carrie B.4570 B1898; guardian's receipts; petition
Haden, Cornelia Craft4570 C1898; guardian's receipts; petition
Haden, earl James13124-
Haden, George P.1151829; inv. & appraisal; sales; settlement
Haden, Hallie4570 D1898; guardian's receipts; petition
Haden, Hugh4570 E1898; guardian's receipts; petition
Haden, Laressa4570 F1898; guardian's receipts; petition
Haden, Matilda M.11926-
Haden, Robert6443-
Haden, Tommie Lee12293-
Haden, William B.9986-
Haden, William G.11681837; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Hafley, Ellie11498-
Hafley, Frank McK.5338adoption
Hafley, George C.6856-
Hafley, William L.7704-
Hageman, Frederick Charles9909adoption
Hager Jr., L. S.60171915; adoption
Hager Jr., Lee Samuel6399-
Haggard, Tom Kellom11970-
Hagie Bi-Chloride of Gold Co.4172 1/2-
Hague, Bunk5873-
Haines, Doris E.7443-
Haines, Evan C.6380 A-
Haines, J. Melette6380 B-
Haines, Ruth A.7275-
Hairston, James N.5407-
Hairston, Jinsy R.8744-
Haislip Sr., John A.10615-
Haislip, John G.9484-
Haithcock, Hulda2832 1/21867; admin.'s bond
Hale, Antonetta33451875; guardian's bond
Hale, Earl5951-
Hale, Earle5557-
Hale, Elisha10686-
Hale, Josie4829-
Hale, Louisa43241894; petition to sell land for division; unprobated Will of Julia Schrimsher
Hale, Luther4828-
Hale, Lydia8831816; Will w/heirs; slave; inventory; sale
Hale, Minnie Vinnie10851Decree establishing record of birth
Hale, Oliver Wilson10628-
Hale, Pamela10458-
Hale, Phyllis12932 A-
Hale, Richard I.12932 B-
Hale, Shirley J.12932 C-
Hale, Timothy A.12932 D-
Hale, William24451861; Will w/heirs; slaves; petition
Haley, Robert6871837; admin. bond; Orphans Ct. docs
Hall, Adam3321836; petition to erect water grist mill and other works
Hall, Adam20951858; interesting 4 pg Will; bonds, petitions, citation
Hall, Alice D.11430-
Hall, Allie vs S. S. Given10043-
Hall, Allie Adams12847-
Hall, Amanda35541878; guardian's accounts
Hall, Archy22151858; estate vouchers; accts.
Hall, Benton M.5662-
Hall, Bertha7230 A-
Hall, Bertha7637 A-
Hall, Callie5208-
Hall, Carolyn Ann14544-
Hall, Carrie7535-
Hall, Celia4813-
Hall, Charley E.12789-
Hall, Charley Laymon12011-
Hall, Clara12600name change
Hall, Cora S.11568Decree establishing birth
Hall, Daisey B.15047-
Hall, Daniel Carnell14908-
Hall, David8086-
Hall, Deborah37601882; heirs; bond; receipts
Hall, Edward Wesley15349-
Hall, Eli9439-
Hall, Ella8068-
Hall, Horace7706-
Hall, Isabella F.34051876; guardian's bond; accts.; resignation
Hall. James26801866; inventory of notes
Hall, James2733see case 2680
Hall, Jane20831859; heirs; estate accts.
Hall, John13241847; heirs; slaves; inventory; vouchers; accts.
Hall, John24091860; slaves; bonds; inventory; sale; accts.; vouchers
Hall, John B.9669-
Hall, John E.34021876; guardian's bond; sale of real estate
Hall, John P.4171840; Will; heirs; Orphans ct. docs
Hall, Jones Emmett14508-
Hall, Joshua P.4281838; estate's personal property; vouchers; receipts
Hall, Katie V.35511879; heirs; petition; accts.
Hall, L. Dement5028-
Hall, Louis6131-
Hall, Lowry H.5029-
Hall, M. R.8513-
Hall, Margaret4231843; Will reconstructed by heirs; slaves; estate docs
Hall, Margaret34031876; guardian's bond; accts.
Hall, Margaret M.8426-
Hall, Martha A.23811860; guardian's bonds; choice of guardian
Hall, Martha E.30281869; administrator's bond; petitions; bond
Hall, Mary3736 A1883; guardian's bond; petitions; accts.
Hall, Melvin8345-
Hall, Miles Emerson9533-
Hall, Mollie G.7834-
Hall, Nannie F.34041876; guardian's bond; accts.; resignation
Hall, Nathaniel11701844; inventory; appraisement; sale; vouchers
Hall, Patrick M.40901890; heir; petitions
Hall, Patterson M.22161858; heirs; accts.; vouchers
Hall, Richard4851-
Hall, Richard L.5976-
Hall, Robert41921891; Will; heirs
Hall, Robert L.3736 B1883; guardian's bond; petitions; accts.
Hall, Roy7230 B-
Hall, Roy7637 B-
Hall, Rubin15149-
Hall, Sam S.15006-
Hall, Sierra12600name change
Hall, Sophronia E.5468-
Hall, Summers15305 A-
Hall, Thomas15481817; Will
Hall, Thomas38971885; guardian's bond; accts.; settlement
Hall, Thomas R.8926-
Hall, Vesta Renegar15305 B-
Hall, Virginia37241883; guardian's bond; petition; land sale
Hall, Virginia K.8719-
Hall, Vista R.15305 C-
Hall, Walter F.9272-
Hall Jr., Walter Fulgham10692-
Hall, Will12349-
Hall, William C.38461882; heirs; debt compromise; insolvancy report
Hall, William E.3736 C1883; guardian's bond; petitions; accts.
Halsey, Alice7022-
Halsey, Charles H.6733-
Halsey, George L.8467-
Halsey, Henry F.39841887; petitions; pers. prop. sale; accts.; appraisal; receipts
Halsey, John23741860; appraisal; petition to sell per. property
Halsey, Julius12743-
Halsey, Kate Acklen7669-
Halsey, Kate L.11564-
Halsey, Laura L.7621-
Halsey, Lizzie A.6726-
Halsey, Robert S.6906-
Halsey, Robert S.7533-
Halsey Jr., Robert S.6940-
Halsey, William Henry8235-
Halsey, William L.43041898; heirs; petition; receipts; land sale
Halsey, William L.45391898; heirs; land sale
Halsey, William L.5457-
Halsey, William L.8891-
Halsey, William L.12473-
Ham, Elizabeth791836; heirs; inventory & appraisal; div. of slaves; settlement
Ham, James781834; heirs; div. of slaves; estate accts.; petitions; inventory
Ham, Mansfield1511 1/21848; administration committed to sheriff
Hamaker, William C.6880-
Hamblin, Cynthia H.11741845; guardian's final settlement
Hamblin, Henry H.11611845; guardian's records
Hamblin, John14141847; heirs; slaves; inventory
Hamblin, John A.11591845; guardian's records
Hamblin, Lafayette18351853; heirs; administrator's accts.
Hamblin, Margaret18561854; heirs; slaves; inventory; sale; accts.
Hamblin, Mariah1774 A1853; Orphans Ct docs; accts. & vouchers
Hamblin, Martha18451854; Will w/heirs; settlement
Hamblin, Martha M.11601843; heirs; administrator's accts. and vouchers
Hamblin, Robert C.11581843; heirs; guardian / administrator's accts.
Hamblin, Sara M.1774 B1853; Orphans Ct docs; accts. & vouchers
Hambrick, Alfred38291884; heirs; appraisal; petitions; land sale; claims; receipts
Hambrick, Alfred43161894; estate accts.
Hambrick, Alfred5820-
Hambrick, Archie Willie6718-
Hambrick, Bradford42001891; Will w/heirs; commissioner's report; petition
Hambrick, Bradford5481-
Hambrick, Joseph34261877; lg file; heirs; land sale settlement
Hambrick, Joseph D.40521889; n.c.m.; guardian's petition; depositions; land sale
Hambrick, Joseph M.13191847; guardian's accts.
Hambrick, King Edward11385-
Hambrick, Laura Mae Hornbuckle9939-
Hambrick, Lorene14682-
Hambrick, Louisa A.Misc. p. 11 - H1871; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Hambrick, Louisa C.42451893; heirs; accts.; land sale; inventory; receipts
Hambrick, Lucy J.5570-
Hambrick, Manuel6287 Amissing - see case file #6291
Hambrick, Manuel6291-
Hambrick, Mary Jane13171847; guardian's bond and accts.
Hambrick, Mina11462-
Hambrick, Ruth C.13181847; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Hambrick, T. Newt8334-
Hambrick, Thomas C.24381862; heirs; slaves; inv.; accts.; vouchers; lg file
Hambrick, Wesley H.6305-
Hambrick, William5694-
Hamby, George Herman13545-
Hamer, Anderson46391899; Will w/heirs; summons; settlement
Hamer, Anderson H.15380-
Hamer, Charles H.30931870; n.c.m. petitions
Hamer, Parmelia8289-
Hamer, Pamelia C.6811-
Hamer, W. T.Misc. p. 10 - H1907; Will w/heir
Hamer, W. T.10429-
Hamer, William H.13893-
Hamers, John H.26961866; heirs; bond; dower; vouchers; sale
Hames, Thomas J.6354-
Hamilton, Albert12984-
Hamilton, Bessie5746 A-
Hamilton, Charles5892-
Hamilton, Doshia5746 B-
Hamilton, Eva5746 C-
Hamilton, Glynda Virginia11718-
Hamilton, Goldie L.6134-
Hamilton, Henry Etheridge11644-
Hamilton, Joe14640-
Hamilton, Lillian McClellan12166-
Hamilton, Lucy5746 D-
Hamilton, Mary6448-
Hamilton, Mary Bradley4510 D1897; guardian's receipts; accts.; petition
Hamilton, Mary E.1688 1/21852; slaves; guardian's records
Hamilton, W. A.5298-
Hamilton, W. K.12167-
Hamilton, Wilson35871879; heirs; inventory; appraisal; accts.; vouchers; petitions; ct. case; survey plat
Hamlet, Byrd28551867; bond; appraisal; survey
Hamlet, Cynthia29471869; guardian's bond; petitions; vouchers; ct. case
Hamlet, Irwin8399-
Hamlet, Lloyd33961876; petition to appoint administrator
Hamlet, Loyd11597-
Hamlet, Robert14582-
Hamlet, Robert C.29461869; guardian's bond; petitions; vouchers; ct. case
Hamlet, Williametta29451869; guardian's bond; petitions; vouchers; ct. case
Hamlett, Charles7689-
Hamlett, John T.32651874; heirs; petitions; survey; ct. case; vouchers
Hamlett, Mariah5851-
Hamlett, Robert14071846; heirs; vouchers; receipts; inventory
Hamlett, Sallie B.8529-
Hamm, W. G.13854-
Hamm, W. J.14792-
Hamm Jr. William G.14243-
Hammel, Hannah H.8162-
Hammond, Albert L. vs Housing Authority13519-
Hammond, Alex8087-
Hammond, Anna5955-
Hammond, Benjamin5162-
Hammond, Curry Turner9078-
Hammond, Eli4121842; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; estate file
Hammond, Elijah Cilla6469-
Hammond, Lillie5743-
Hammond, Louisiana5957-
Hammond, Manse6088-
Hammond, Maria C.10455-
Hammond, Mary Lee8177-
Hammond, Mason6596-
Hammond, Nannie L.10260-
Hammond, Purnell Lee37581883; n.c.m. guardian's bond
Hammond, Purnell Lee39601887; admin.'s bond; decrees; letter
Hammonds, Anna8986-
Hammonds, Charley10250-
Hammonds, Charley10395-
Hammonds, James Edward9839-
Hammonds, Leary12850-
Hammonds, Lela5841 A-
Hammonds, Ruby6553-
Hammonds, Shelby5841 B-
Hampton Bluff Academy4171-
Hampton, E. T.6503-
Hampton, Faye Louise10163-
Hampton, John15441817; Will w/heirs; slaves
Hampton, John M.5902-
Hampton, John P.5297-
Hampton, Linda Fay11767-
Hampton, Mollie O.8777-
Hampton, Nannie V.8661-
Hampton, William B.6073-
Hancock, Callie9097-
Hancock, Charles S.2232 A1858; slaves; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Hancock, Gabriel17671853; heirs; slaves; accts.; inventory; vouchers
Hancock, John W.36211880; Will w/heirs; petition
Hancock, John William2232 B1858; slaves; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Hancock, Julia6710-
Hancock, Mary R.5785-
Hancock, Mary R.5786-
Hancock, Mattie C.9019-
Hancock, Noah19291855; heirs; slaves; sale; accts.; petitions
Hancock Sr., Robert6121831; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisal; sale
Hancock, Robert20141856; lg. file; heirs; slaves; inv.; sale; accts.; vouchers
Hancock, Robert Albert2232 C1858; slaves; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Hancock, Thomas B.27781867; letter of administration
Hancock, Tom6946-
Hancock, Wiliam8791814; estate accts.; sale; slave; vouchers; receipts
Hancock, William R. J. L.6131832.; guardian's docs
Handcock, Samuel7870-
Hanemer, Charley Edward14957-
Haney, William D.11988-
Hankins, Henry vs Housing Authority15337-
Hankins, William M.8445-
Hanna, James J.13211844; guardian's bond
Hanna, John W.13221844; guardian's bond
Hanna, Mary J.13231844; guardian's bond
Hannah, Clifton7151 A-
Hannah, Henry et alsMisc. p. + B. A., C. B., M. E., and William D. Wood; and Malissie Nicely - request to appoint guardian
Hannah, James8431821; valuation and sale of estate
Hannah, Mary R.40211888; heirs; bond; appraisal; vouchers
Hannah, Odell7151 B-
Hanner, Mellia45781898; Will w/heirs; inventory; appraisal
Hannum, Fisher A.25541862; transcript; bond; list of pers. prop.
Hanson, Perry S.3870188x; -
Hanzelman, P. S.14726-
Harbin, Andrew Marion10489-
Harbin, Begonia12582-
Harbin, Billie12376-
Harbin, Emma Lou Wilburn11669-
Harbin, George W.13658-
Harbin, Herman12488-
Harbin, Ira Lee11224-
Harbin, J. B.5020-
Harbin, James Walter11403-
Harbin, Jasper T.10198-
Harbin, Jessie6541 A-
Harbin, John H.14430-
Harbin, John Newton8526-
Harbin, Lennie12066-
Harbin, Lonza T.11476-
Harbin, Mary6541 B-
Harbin, Mary Jane7855-
Harbin, Rudolph vs Housing Authority13284-
Harbin, W. J.15058-
Harden, Alonzo10402-
Harden, Margaret E.13950-
Harden, Minnie Pearl11004-
Harden, Ruth7473-
Harden, Ruth8278-
Hardie, Florence7763-
Hardie, John34781878; heirs; admin.'s bond and petition
Hardie (Hardy), Jonathan8571821; lg. accounts file; heirs; slaves; receipts; vouchers
Hardie, Street9630-
Hardiman, John Robert8811-
Hardiman, Mary S.10726-
Hardin, Ann E.2130 A1857; bonds; transcript of order
Hardin, Ann E.35141878; citation
Hardin, Benjamin L.20891857; grant of guardianship
Hardin, Benjamin L.35501879; heirs; petition; appraisal; sale insolvancy report; vouchers
Hardin, J. R., Dr.44611896; heirs; petition; land sale settlement
Hardin, John T.16681850; heirs; inv. & appraisal; accts. & sale
Hardin, Lutie W.Misc. p. 12 - H1879; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Hardin, Martha J.2130 B1857; bonds; transcript of order
Hardin, Mary T.2130 C1857; bonds; transcript of order
Harding, Joseph8861828; heirs; inv. & appraisal; sales; accounts for 1828-29 Bell Cotton Factory; settlement
Harding, Julia124 A1828; letters of guardianship; inventory; settlement
Harding, Mary124 B1828; letters of guardianship; inventory; settlement
Hardman, Mattie6512-
Hardrick, Cecira vs Housing Authority12774-
Hardy (Hardie), Jonathan8571821; lg. accounts file; heirs; slaves; receipts; vouchers
Hargrove, Connie7899-
Hargrove, Cynthia844 A1819; Orphans Ct. docs; settlement with guardian
Hargrove, Fate H.9033-
Hargrove, Fatima844 B1819; Orphans Ct. docs; settlement with guardian
Hargrove, Hester Ann844 C1819; Orphans Ct. docs; settlement with guardian
Hargrove, James8591817; copy of Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisal; sale; accts.; settlement
Hargrove Sr., James C.14489-
Hargrove, Jimmie Melton10249-
Hargrove, Milly729-
Hargrove, Shirley M.13670-
Hargrove, William M.7954-
Hargrove, Willie vs Housing Authority13287-
Hargrove, Willie S.12272-
Harlan, James8741829; inventory & appraisal
Harlan, James15471828; Will w/heirs; bond; appraisal
Harless, Billy7146-
Harless, David8421815; Will w/heirs; inventory; court case
Harless, Eddie5754-
Harless, Eddie5984-
Harless, Elizabeth8451829; n.c.m. adult's guardianship; settlement
Harless Sr., Henry8461815; Will w/heirs; list of estate items sold
Harless, Jennie R.5741-
Harless, John2138-
Harless, John W.2659-
Harp, Charles L.13238-
Harp, Sheldon Lee13890-
Harper, Carrie Rebecca12446-
Harper, Daniel8651827; inventory & appraisal; vouchers; sales; Orphans Ct. docs
Harper Jr., George William11967-
Harper, Leston Carradine14063-
Harper, Pearle Eugene Dilworth12392-
Harrell, George P.6111827; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; accounts; receipts; sale
Harrell Jr., James E.14483-
Harrell, Jesse8661826; bond; inventory; sale
Harrell, Matthew32761873; heirs; petitions; accts.; vouchers; appraisal
Harrell, Minnie Nance15013-
Harrell, Sarah S.24851861; heirs; accts.; vouchers
Harrington, Mary S.28501867; guardian's bond
Harrington, Susan11731842; estate accts. and vouchers
Harris, A. S., Dr.38961885; petition; inventory; appraisal
Harris, Agnes5370-
Harris, Alonzo7272-
Harris, Amos5222 A-
Harris, Amos B.5344 A-
Harris, Anna E.6080-
Harris, Annie10982-
Harris, Archie34201876; heirs; bonds; appraisal; petition; land sale
Harris, Avie Edwards15070-
Harris, Bartley45371896; Will w/heirs; petitions; settlement
Harris, Bartley7132-
Harris, Bartley7161-
Harris, Benjamin D.28901866; admin.'s bond; citation
Harris, Bessie vs Housing Authority12803-
Harris, Bessie12888-
Harris, Bettie A.Misc. p. 12 - H1880; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Harris, Charles27951867; heirs; court case; sale of land; accts.
Harris, Charles E.40911889; heirs; bond; settlement; court appeal
Harris, Charlie (Charles)8699-
Harris, Claude6050-
Harris, Cooper5291-
Harris, Daniel1697-
Harris, David D.5966-
Harris, David L.6366-
Harris, David Lee7672 A-
Harris, E. A.7659-
Harris, Eddie Lee6937-
Harris, Edward1391832; Will; inv. & appr.; div. of slaves; petitions; sales
Harris, Edward B.21971858; admin.'s bond; judgement
Harris, Eliza Gay16981852; Will w/heirs; slaves; accts.; vouchers
Harris, Esther B.7672 B-
Harris, Francis E.15431828; Will; bond; petition
Harris, George M.4692-
Harris, Georgia May9522-
Harris, Gertrude15418-
Harris, Grace Connally11611-
Harris, Haley10135-
Harris, Hampton Rhodes13409-
Harris, Henry M.15071843; petition to appoint an administrator; Oephans Ct. docs
Harris, Henry M.1617File missing.
Harris, Iona6072 A-
Harris, Iona F.6054-
Harris, J. B.8946-
Harris, J. E.6967-
Harris, James33981876; heirs; vouchers; bond
Harris, James5222 B-
Harris, James Lee5344 B-
Harris, James N.26981866; heirs; appraisal; inventory; dower; vouchers
Harris, John B. (Capt.)8641826; appraisal; notes; accounts; pers. prop. sale
Harris, John G.15010-
Harris, John Henry7029adoption
Harris, John M.7569-
Harris, Laura8835-
Harris, Lavinia43921896; heirs; bond; petitions
Harris, Lavinia B.17641853; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Harris, Lena May5965-
Harris, Loncile6446-
Harris, Louise5646-
Harris, Mariah L.5961-
Harris, Marina8781827; guardian's accts.
Harris, Mary Lou4853-
Harris, Mary Lucille7672 C-
Harris, Mary Sid8578-
Harris, Mary Willie6172-
Harris, Matthew8631822; heirs; slaves; dower; inventory
Harris, McKinley5222 C-
Harris, McKinley H.5344 C-
Harris, Norman6072 B-
Harris, Norman C.5791 A-
Harris, Olivia6182-
Harris, Ollie5513-
Harris, Ona F.5791 B-
Harris, Sarah Rebecca13201845; guardianship docs
Harris, Richard17161853; Will w/heirs; slaves; Capt. Rev. War; pension letter
Harris, Roy V.6420-
Harris, Ruthy6442-
Harris, S. S.8492-
Harris, Sallie38331884; heirs; final settlement
Harris, Stella9991-
Harris, Stephen4908-
Harris, Stephen W.43641895; heirs; appraisal; receipts; many vouchers
Harris, Thomas36171880; guardian's bond
Harris, Thomas W.5886-
Harris, W. F.10565-
Harris, William6861831; heirs; sale of prop.; inv. and appraisement
Harris, William32631874; heirs; petitions; bond; inventory
Harris, William8294-
Harris, William W.2311825; heirs; lg. estate file; sales; distribution
Harris, Willie5894-
Harris, Willie L.5791 C-
Harrison, Alice6520-
Harrison, BeatriceMisc. p. 14 - H1892; guardian's bond; accts.; consent waiver
Harrison, Benjamin1658 1/21850; Will w/heirs; slaves; court case; lg. file
Harrison, Carroll D.13204-
Harrison, Cora8611-
Harrison, D. F. vs City of Huntsville14481-
Harrison, Daniel T.9066-
Harrison, Elizabeth C.41151890; Will w/heirs; guardian/executor's records
Harrison, Frank5535 A-
Harrison, Helen F.12051-
Harrison, James B.5422-
Harrison, James M.27611866; resignation of administrator
Harrison, John Hafley9464-
Harrison, Mary44031895; guardian's bond; reeipts
Harrison, Mary Margaret11801-
Harrison, Paul H.4889-
Harrison, Perry L.38951885; Will w/heirs; contract
Harrison, Perry L.10432-
Harrison, Robert S.11465-
Harrison, Sarah M.8421-
Harrison, Wilda McGahey12575-
Harrison, William5535 B-
Harrow, Amanda O.10712-
Hart, Harry G.10466-
Hart, Thomas6221829; writ of dower; inventory; appraisal; sales; settlement
Hartlein, David13643-
Hartlein Jr., John13643-
Hartman, Alvin M.6795-
Hartman, Marie7042-
Harvey, Charles Wesley9491-
Harwell, Bettie7011-
Harwell, Charles G.13687-
Harwell, Claude M.11298-
Harwell, Mary Theresa vs City of Huntsville13026-
Harwell, W. T.6890-
Haskins, Edward O.8771828; inventory & appraisal; slaves; receipts; estate distribution
Haskins, Ike Williams10723-
Haslett, John4321836; heirs; personal property; Orphans Ct. docs
Hasset, Mary28461867; consent of husband
Hastings, Bechel Verline10977-
Hastings, Betty Faye10894-
Hastings, Hildred Jerl13323-
Hastings, Kirby15016-
Hastings, Robert J.8233-
Hastings, Sarah Rosanna3632182; petition to legitimize child and change name
Hastings, Sudie Mae9654-
Hatcher, Bernard Dillard11042-
Hatcher, Della L.15329-
Hatcher, John Frank11836-
Hatchett, Bartlett1631836; appraisal; insolvant estate settlement
Hatchett, Claude H.12037-
Hatchett, James L.5221-
Hatchett, Martha A.11661846; slaves; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Hatchett, Thomas H.10517-
Hatchett, William10816-
Hatfield, John H.7755-
Hatton, Frances3331841; Will w/heirs; slaves; sm. estate file
Hatton, James14131847; Will w/heirs; slaves; vouchers; accts.; inventory
Hatton, Samuel18671851; Will w/heirs; slaves; accts.; vouchers; court case
Hatton, William E.10918-
Hauer, Anna M.4914-
Hauer, Chris E.15034-
Hauer, Christian42861894; admin.'s bond
Hauer, John G.11043-
Hauer, Matilda5053-
Hauer, William T.5256-
Haughton, Eliza8481828; guardian's accts.
Hauk, Clarence8111-
Haupt, Carl Gustave5947-
Haupt, Dora12050-
Haupt, Henry Carl12542-
Hawes, Walker8851819; sale of pers. prop.
Hawk, Alice4761-
Hawk, Fannie5205-
Hawk, Jesse5358-
Hawk, Jessie5937-
Hawk, Jessie B.4812-
Hawk, John W.4716-
Hawk, W. A.6779-
Hawk, Willie Mae9797-
Hawkins, Bobbie Jean15059 A-
Hawkins, Frank10216-
Hawkins, Gela Ann15059 B-
Hawkins, J. H.4697-
Hawkins, J. W. B.39961887; application for partition of land among tenents in common
Hawkins, J. W. B.7176-
Hawkins, John4981-
Hawkins, John P.13291846; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Hawkins Sr., John Will14248-
Hawkins, Lizzie4929-
Hawkins, MaryMisc. p. 11 - H1871; administrator's bond - 1 pg
Hawkins, Mary9979-
Hawkins, Nicholas13301846; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Hawkins, Noel Lytles10055-
Hawkins, Virginia S.8695-
Hawkins Sr., Warren A.14599-
Hawkins, William9236-
Hawkins, William9297-
Hay, Annie3800 A1883; guardian's bond; land sale; receipts
Hay, Annie Struve11348-
Hay, J. Carroll13447-
Hay, John3800 B1883; guardian's bond; land sale; receipts
Hay, John Carroll11417-
Hay, Katie3800 C1883; guardian's bond; land sale; receipts
Hay, Katie13232-
Hay, Lillian Lamberson11973-
Hay, Robert3800 D1883; guardian's bond; land sale; receipts
Hay, Thomas3800 E1883; guardian's bond; land sale; receipts
Hayden, Delia10727-
Hayes, Alexander W.847 A1830; guardianship; div. of property
Hayes, Chaney Ross Wiley10887-
Hayes, Charles8471826; heirs; slaves; inventory; division of prop.
Hayes, Charles B.847 B1830; guardianship; div. of property
Hayes, Elizabeth F.847 C1830; guardianship; div. of property
Hayes, Isham H.847 D1830; guardianship; div. of property
Hayes, J. Elgie11458-
Hayes, Martha L.847 E1830; guardianship; div. of property
Hayes, Norine Willburn11607-
Haygood, Charles5901-
Haynes, J. W.6202-
Haynes, James H.193 A1841; appt. of guardian
Haynes, John4755-
Haynes, Mary Ida13367-
Haynes, Phyllis C.14856-
Haynes, Sidney Francis5510-
Haynes, Stephen S.1931838; Orphans Ct. docs; appraisal; sale; slaves; final settlement & distribution
Haynes, T. J. vs Nashville & Huntsville Railway 5373-
Hays, J. D.12762-
Hays, J. D. vs Madison Co.12763-
Hays, N. B.10157-
Hays, Rena D.14364-
Haywood, Harriet M.54 A1828; guardian's records; slaves; settlement
Haywood Jr., John6141832; heirs; slaves; Orphans Ct. docs
Haywood, Martha E.54 B1828; guardian's records; slaves; settlement
Haywood, Mary C.54 C1828; guardian's records; slaves; settlement
Hazel Green Precinct46381891; petition regarding stock law
Hazlewood, Lucy Ann13991846; guardian's records
Headrick, Edward80641931; adoption
Headrick, Melba Flora11416-
Heard, Eugene11850-
Heard, John6111-
Heard, Virginia J.10208-
Heath, Adaline T.681833; guardian's accts.; Ala. Supr. Ct. case; final settlement
Heath, Alexander W.4301838; Will; heir; slaves; inventory
Heath, Harvey B.9591-
Heath, Joseph M.8801823; heirs; slaves; accts.; sale of per. prop.
Heathcock, John28311864; Will w/heirs; sale; vouchers; ct. case; vouchers;
insolvancy records
Heatherington, Betty S.14035 A-
Heatherington, Carol A.14035 B-
Hedrick, Jane A. B.19101856; administrator's sale of land
Heffelman, Claude L.11555-
Heffernan, Mortimer6261-
Hefflefinger, Minnie G.8528-
Hegwood, Onrey May5477-
Heineman, Charles C.33591876; hers; inv,; appraisal; debt compromise; accts.
Heineman, Emma Matilda3549 A1879; lg guardian's file; inventory; accts.; vouchers; letters
Heineman, Jesse Raleigh3549 B1879; lg guardian's file; inventory; accts.; vouchers; letters
Heineman, Mary Blanche3549 C1879; lg guardian's file; inventory; accts.; vouchers; letters
Hellums, William8811815; Will (1808); heirs; inventory
Helm, Dorothy Clare S.11660-
Helm, Henry W.4053 1/21889; Will w/heirs; depositions
Helms, H. A.15131-
Helums, Bobby G.12444-
Hemphill, Mildred Alene14883-
Henderson, Arthur M.6971824; lg. file; inventory; estate accts.
Henderson, Bob6005-
Henderson, Charles Cross11118-
Henderson, David Edgar11908-
Henderson, Lola Maria14588 A-
Henderson, Sarah F.5293-
Henderson, Willie6879-
Hendley, E. B., Mrs.11958-
Hendon, Juanita Annell9681-
Hendrix, Fannie12769-
Henley, John E.11634-
Henley, Myrtle S.12880-
Henley, William Bryan14411-
Henry, DavidMisc. p. 13 - H1889; Will w/heirs
Henry, DavidMisc. p. 20? - H1889; letters testamentary
Henry, John14701848; petition to appoint an administrator
Henry, John13404-
Henry, Polly Lowery7726-
Henson, Jessie Vaughn10973-
Hentz, Adelaide6214-
Hentz, Agatha34661877; heir; bond; petition; land sale
Hentz, Carrie46611899; heir's petition
Herbert, Peter3261835; heirs; slaves; inventory; estate file
Hereford, Alford Lee14059-
Hereford, C. E.5045-
Hereford, C. M.10019-
Hereford, Charles W.36191880; Will w/heirs; lg file; dower; appraisal; sale; vouchers
Hereford, Charlie W.1485 A1849; guardianship docs
Hereford, Clara S.4958-
Hereford, Frank G.9428-
Hereford, Frank G.9509-
Hereford, Horace8973-
Hereford, Jane46501899; heirs; receipts; vouchers
Hereford, John14636-
Hereford, John D.9573-
Hereford, John L.9988-
Hereford, John W.1485 B1849; guardianship docs
Hereford, John W.39621887; Will; heirs, petition
Hereford, Kate4934ca. 1900; -
Hereford, Laura10456-
Hereford, Laura10473-
Hereford, Lillian5695-
Hereford, Louisa A.36201880; heirs; accts.; vouchers
Hereford, Lucy V.35521878; Will w/heirs; bond; summons
Hereford, Margaret A.1485 C1849; guardianship docs
Hereford, Martha J.32831871; guardian's bond; vouchers; final settlement
Hereford, Martha T.25911863; administrator's bond
Hereford, Mary E.5240-
Hereford, Minnie W.38611884; guardian's accts.; vouchers; settlement
Hereford, Nancy10971-
Hereford, Nattie Lee10214-
Hereford, Nicie May12596-
Hereford, Robert8600-
Hereford, Robert Earl vs Madison Co.13056-
Hereford, Robert H.1485 D1849; guardianship docs
Hereford, Robert H.18631854; Will w/heirs; appraisal; sale; accts.
Hereford, Sam T.6689-
Hereford, Sonnie9738-
Hereford III, Sonnie12959-
Hereford, Susan V.24921861; guardian's bond
Hereford, T. M.2741infant
Hereford, Theodora32821870; guardian's bonds; sale of land; release
Hereford, Theodorick M.30711870; heirs; petitions; accts.; vouchers
Hereford Jr., Theodorick M.20051857; heirs; slaves; decree; sale; accts.; vouchers
Hereford, Thomas A.15781849; sale of slave
Hereford, Thomas E.8615-
Hereford, Thomas H.10677-
Herlston, J. W.10575-
Herlston, R. A.11798-
Herndan, A. J.9430-
Herriman, Delter Lee12458-
Herrin, C. W.8976-
Herrin, Edmund D.32031873; guardian's bond; settlement
Herrin, James Thomas10604-
Herrin, Jimmie Clayton10749-
Herrin, Julia Annette13220-
Herrin, N. A. (Mrs.)8975-
Herrin, Ruth B.8116-
Herring, Charles9174 A-
Herring, Jack9174 B-
Herring, James Floyd5593-
Herring, John A.15421825; Will; heir
Herring, Kate J.7918-
Herring, Mannie9174 C-
Herring, Sarah10237-
Herring, Theddie C.9090-
Herron, E. D.1947 A1854; list of slaves; inventory by guardian
Herron, Gabie William11591-
Herron, R. D.1947 B1854; list of slaves; inventory by guardian
Herstein, Bettie3821 A1884; guardian's final settlement
Herstein, Jacob R.3821 B1879; guardian's final settlement
Herstein, Jacob R.9350-
Herstein, Jacob Radox12014-
Herstein, Joe B.3821 C1897; guardian's final settlement
Herstein, Monroe38041883; guardian's final settlement
Herstein, Robert35131878; Will; list of store goods; petitions; appraisal; settlement
Herstein, Rosa5442-
Hertzier, Marietta S.11058-
Hertzler, Daniel6276-
Hertzler, Frank G.9610-
Hertzler, Ida12629-
Hertzler, JacobMisc. p. 14 - H1894; Will from Pennsylvania w/heirs
Hertzler Jr., John5829-
Hertzler, Mary D.6447-
Hertzler, Mary J.8229-
Hertzler, Mary J,8482-
Hess, Sarah J. C.36161880; guardian's bond; accts.
Hess, William Monroe10748-
Hess, William R.36151880; guardian's bond; accts.
Hester, Felix R.43991896; heirs; admin.'s bond; petition
Hester, Robert P.46481899; heirs; petition for letters of admin.
Hethcoat, J. A.14382-
Hethcoat, Ozella14381-
Hethcoat, Pearl11454-
Hewett, Emma35191874; heir; accts.
Hewlett, Augustine M.4271836; guardian's appt.; hiring of slaves
Hewlett, Caledonia Eugenia419 & 11711836; slaves; guardian's records
Hewlett, Elrene Jones Harlin11586-
Hewlett, Eugenia11631845; acct. of the hiring of slaves
Hewlett, F. K.5953-
Hewlett, Idelia K.4111836; slaves; guardian's records
Hewlett, Joe15270-
Hewlett, John W.1161835; Will w/heirs, slaves; very lg. estate file; dower; sales; inventories; plat; division
Hewlett, John W.11641842; slaves; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Hewlett, Laura M.10468-
Hewlett, Lillian Truitt8458-
Hewlett, Lucien King9235-
Hewlett, Mary21031857; heirs; sale; vouchers
Hewlett, Reuben Green1751832; inv. & appr.; accts.; Orphans Ct. docs
Hewlett, Robert Q.21041857; heirs; slaves; sale of land; accts.; vouchers
Hewlett, Roy W.9278-
Hewlett Jr., Roy W.9778-
Hewlett, Thomas G.36921877; petition to sell property held in common; summons
Hewlett Sr., Thomas H.45321898; heirs; admin.'s bond; receipts
Hewlett, William T.1894 1/21855; administrator's bond; petitions
Hewlett, William T.23481860; heir; transcript of records; bond
Hewlett, William T.33201874; guardian's petitions; accts.; vouchers
Hicklin, Charles9864-
Hicklin Jr., John9740-
Hickman and Hill7832-
Hickman, F. M.4986-
Hickman, Jimmie7362 A-
Hickman, Oran Guy13198-
Hickman, Ruby7362 B-
Hicks, Alma May6684-
Hicks, Annie Mae vs Housing Authority13819-
Hicks, Lettie C.5734-
Hicks, Nellie Mae13474-
Hicks, T. L.8225-
Hicks, Thomas12408-
Hickson, Lillie Ann C.11139-
Higginbotham, Barbara A.1687 A1851; guardian's records
Higginbotham, Charles1546 C1823; appointment of guardian
Higginbotham, Edmund1546 A1826; appointment of guardian
Higginbotham, Eliza N.1687 B1851; guardian's records
Higginbotham, Frances Ann1687 C1851; guardian's records
Higginbotham, James R.1687 D1851; guardian's records
Higginbotham, John Wesley1687 E1851; guardian's records
Higginbotham, Joseph1546 B1826; appointment of guardian
Higginbotham, Mary 0.1687 F1851; guardian's records
Higginbotham, Robert4331825; heirs; petitions; slaves; invetory; appraisal; vouchers
Higginbotham, Robert A.1687 G1851; guardian's records
Higginbotham, Robert Henry1546 C1826; appointment of guardian
Higginbotham, William1546 D1826; appointment of guardian
Higginbottom, Rebecca Alice12421-
Higgins, John (c)32281872; Will; heir; petition
Higgins, Ruth vs Housing Authority12809-
High, Annie E.5945-
High, Bertha Moore13652-
High, E. B.14913-
High, Henry A.3761 A1882; guardian's bond; settlement
High, Milton F.3761 B1882; guardian's bond; settlement
High, Robert A.11671841; Orphans Ct. docs
Hill, A. P.14421-
Hill, Abel2821838; Will w/heirs; sm. estate file
Hill, Amanda E.45081897; guardian's receipts; accts.; settlement
Hill, Ann858 C1827; guardianship
Hill Sr., Archie W.15388-
Hill, Arnie7252-
Hill Sr., B. F.12585-
Hill, Bessie7363 A-
Hill, Bettie45141897; petition for letters of guardianship
Hill, Charles H.5486-
Hill, Doc11807-
Hill, Edward B.38091875; guardian's bond
Hill, Elijah8491815; vouchers; receipts; estate accts.
Hill, Esther Pauline Rich9733-
Hill, Fred7363 B-
Hill, Gray11513-
Hill, Harvey vs Housing Authority11517-
Hill, Henderson6044-
Hill, James A.12599-
Hill, James C.40031888; heirs; petition; commissioner's report
Hill, James Carmon10732-
Hill, James Howard8063-
Hill, James M.8318-
Hill, Jane6092-
Hill, Jeanette8506-
Hill, Jeanette Turner10161-
Hill, Joe W.11190-
Hill, John Benton12298-
Hill Jr., John Erskine15327-
Hill, John J.14350-
Hill, John T.15081847; heir; accts.; petition
Hill, John W. A.29441869; guardian's bond
Hill, Laura8176-
Hill, Lois7363 C-
Hill, Lou Ella12492-
Hill, Lucy G.23621860; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisal; accts.
Hill, Mary858 A1823; guardian's records
Hill, Mary E. F.29431869; guardian's bond
Hill, Mary J.6672-
Hill, Mary Jane14691847; guardian's records
Hill, Melchisdick11595-
Hill, Mildred7362 C-
Hill, Mildred L.7618 A-
Hill, Minnie B.11157-
Hill, Nancy858 B1823; guardian's records
Hill, Phenetta Jane29421869; guardian's bond
Hill, Raymond D.7618 B-
Hill, Robert14278-
Hill, Sam13144-
Hill, Samuel A.5582-
Hill, Sandra Sue13804-
Hill, Ted9997 A-
Hill, Tom9997 B-
Hill, W. W. B.30521870; bond; petition
Hill, Walton W. vs Madison Co.13054-
Hill, William L.8353-
Hill, William T.8501823; heirs; petition; div. of slaves
Hill, Willie R.9698-
Hill, Willie R.9708-
Hilliard, Calvin38301884; n.c.m. docs
Hilliard, Eliza7836 A-
Hilliard, Florence5170-
Hilliard, James M. et als44191896; petition for division among heirs
Hilliard, John17111852; Heirs; inventory; sale; accts.
Hilliard, John A.4103-
Hilliard, John W.7836 B-
Hilliard, Rebecca4268 1/21894; heirs; bond; mortgage; land sale; receipts
Hilliard, Richard5170-
Hilliard, Susan32801874; heirs; vouchers; settlement
Hilliard, William16201850; Orphans Ct. docs; inv. & appraisal; sales; settlement
Hilliard, William7738-
Hilliard, William A.17041845; Will; inv. & appraisal; sales
Hillis, Annie Mae11923-
Hillsman, Elizabeth21361857; heirs; Rev. War pensioner
Hinchliffe, Hannah9119-
Hinchliffe, William9118-
Hindman, Dewey7389-
Hindman, Harvey7389-
Hindman, Isabel7389 A-
Hindman, Isabella7172 A-
Hinds, Ann E.31401873; heirs; land sale; ct. case; vouchers; petitions
Hinds, B. W.5202-
Hinds, Henry (Wm)4218-
Hinds, James V. A.21441857; resignation of county surveyor
Hinds Sr., Levi4131842; heirs; slaves; inventory of estate
Hinds, William Thomas8479-
Hines, G. W.5755-
Hines, John H.13008-
Hines, William G.5485-
Hines, Yarbrough5195-
Hinton, William8511823; letters of admin.; accounts; sales
Hipp, Arville14887-
Hipp, Raymond O.12335-
Hirlston, William Franklin9555-
Hirshenhofer, Carl G. J.13726-
Hix, Mannie H.5155-
Hix, Richard M.8711827; Will; list of personal prop.
Hobbs, Amanda26 B1834; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Hobbs, Amanda C. J.25 A & 26 A1833; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Hobbs, Anyou5091-
Hobbs, Charles37591882; admin.'s bond
Hobbs, Charles C.7393-
Hobbs, David M.25 B & 26 B1833; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Hobbs, Eliza Ann25 C & 26 C1833; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Hobbs, Isham & Mary W. vs
NC & St. Louis R R Co.
Hobbs, Isham D.3946 1/21891; guardian's bond; petition
Hobbs, Isham D. & Mary Willie vs Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railway4168 C1892; land condemnation; decree
Hobbs, Isham D.43692 folders; 1891: guardian's accts.; vouchers; 1900: land condemnation
Hibbs, Isham D.9649-
Hobbs, Auvergne Judson11361-
Hobbs, Carolyn14347-
Hobbs, Isham H.40801890; heirs; inventory; sale; vouchers; survey
Hobbs, Isham Herbert25 D & 26 D1833; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Hobbs, James M.5133-
Hobbs, James Sandidge10897-
Hobbs, John251833 guardian's records
Hobbs Sr., John1171833; lg file; Will; inv. & appr.; accts.; sales
Hobbs, Joseph A. & Wm. B.35151876; petition to build a dam and mill; bonds
Hobbs, Joseph A.42351897; summons
Hobbs, Keziah34711878; Will w/heirs; petitions; ct. case; settlement
Hobbs, Lucia David11360-
Hobbs, Lyda Jane14983-
Hobbs, Mary Ezelle14900-
Hobbs, Mary Willie3946 1/21891; guardian's bond; petition
Hobbs, Myrtle Gayle14294-
Hobbs, Percilla (c)30171870; apprentice bond
Hobbs, Thomas41881894; Will; heirs
Hobbs, William F.25 E & 26 E1833; guardian's vouchers and receipts; final settlement
Hobbs, Willis M.43681891; guardian's accts.; receipts; vouchers
Hockett, Josiah P.8721827; bond; inventory
Hocking, John16351839; Orphans Ct. docs re admin. of insolvent estate
Hodge, Lucile8298-
Hodge, Mary Frank Faulkenburg6313-
Hodges, A. S.9026-
Hodges, Alfred W.7193-
Hodges, Elias A.20151856; heirs; accts.; vouchers
Hodges, Homer M.11445-
Hodges, Hugh H.9305-
Hodges, Jesse8841815; Will w/heirs; inventory
Hodges, John15451818; Will; heirs
Hodges, Martha A.22581859; guardian's final settlement
Hodges, Martha A. vs Wm. Miller et als3508187x
Hodges, Mary A.13347-
Hodges, Robert H.14930-
Hoff, S. T.4791-
Hoffman, Estelline16191850; letters of guardianship granted
Hoffman Jr., Godfried15197-
Hogan Jr., Arthur J.13151-
Hogan, William8611827; Will; prenuptual agreement; slaves; accts.
Hogeboom, Charles B.8815-
Hogwood, Gerald14827-
Holcomb, Dovie R.14352-
Holcomb, Dovie R.14357-
Holcomb, John Henry12138-
Holcomb, William Jennings Bryan13116-
Holcombe, John T.6740-
Holden, Mable10178-
Holden, Mary5611-
Holden, Robert13610-
Holder, Allie M.15415-
Holder, Ary Margaret1821 A1852; guardian's docs
Holder, Betty Jane12220-
Holder, Billy Marvin102011946; name change
Holder, Bobby8913 A-
Holder, Charles Rudolph10134-
Holder, Clebert E.14944-
Holder, Clebert Eugene10936-
Holder, Estelle5547-
Holder, James C.17681852; guardian's accounts
Holder, James C.1821 B1852; guardian's docs
Holder, Lewis W.1821 C.1852; guardian's docs
Holder, Mary S.1821 D1852; guardian's docs
Holder, Mattie F.6205-
Holder, Oliver Felix10959-
Holder Jr., Rama8913 B-
Holder, Rebecca J.1821 E1852; guardian's docs
Holder, Robert Donald10856-
Holder, Thomas Wilson10743-
Holder, W. E.8913 C-
Holder, Walter M.10822 A-
Holder, William D.10822 B-
Holding, Benjamin F.14361847; guardian's records
Holding, James12890-
Holding, Mary (marr. Hundley)1618 A1852; guardian's docs; settlement
Holding, Matilda1618 B1852; guardian's docs; settlement
Holding, Monroe10540-
Holding, Richard26911866; heirs; accounting of notes; vouchers; inventory; sale; lg file
Holding, Spencer7273-
Holding, William1618 C1852; guardian's docs; settlement
Holding, William M.46621899; Will w/heirs; petition; summonses
Holehan, William M.5815-
Holland, Ed.12609-
Holland, Mannie F.14121-
Hollingsworth, A. J.12642-
Hollingsworth, Alton Herrin11184Correction to marriage certificate
Hollingsworth, Gordon8223-
Hollingsworth, Lorena6030-
Hollingsworth, Robert13882-
Hollinsworth, Walter Samuel10528-
Holloway, Daniel R.19681855; guardian's bonds; accts.
Holloway, Izzie5905 A-
Holloway, Martin5905 B-
Holloway, Mary Ann Frances36181881; Will w/heirs; bond; appraisal
Holloway, Samuel20801853; Will
Holloway, Thomas18241854; heir; inventory; notes; accts.
Hollowell, Lota F.10550-
Hollowell, Mary32211873; Will w/heirs; appraisal; sale; depositions; accts.; vouchers
Hollowell, William D.41281891; Will w/heirs; petitions; deposit; accts.; vouchers
Holly, Orman6014-
Holman Jr., Andrew J.11090-
Holman, Archie Harvey14513-
Holman, Emma10766-
Holman, Emma10780-
Holman, Henry Styles11102-
Holman, J. T.9316-
Holman, Lucile7071-
Holman, Virginia A.8153-
Holmberg, Hilding H.12617-
Holmes, Elizabeth4261841; personal property sale; appraisal; Orphans Ct. docs
Holmes, George R.7749-
Holmes Jr., J. A.12326-
Holmes, Lee S.8922-
Holmes, Linda12250-
Holmes, Nancy Lee9128-
Holmes, Ola Bennett9645-
Holmes, Richard8701818; Will w/heirs; inventory; bond
Holmes Jr., S. O. (Mrs.)8335-
Holmes, Sadie11081-
Holmes, Samuel Otis10262-
Holt, Benjamin D.3953 A1891; reports of guardian regarding real estate
Holt, Benjamin D.4136 A1891; depositions; guardian's final settlement
Holt, Delia C.3953 B1891; reports of guardian regarding real estate
Holt, Delia C.4136 B1891; depositions; guardian's final settlement
Holt, Henry W.3953 C1891; reports of guardian regarding real estate
Holt, Henry W.4136 C1891; depositions; guardian's final settlement
Holt, Ike9743-
Holt, Jordan C.21751854; bond
Holt, Lizzie P.3953 D1891; reports of guardian regarding real estate
Holt, Lizzie P.4136 D1891; depositions; guardian's final settlement
Holt, Robert L.3953 E1891; reports of guardian regarding real estate
Holt, Robert L.4136 E1891; depositions; guardian's final settlement
Holt, Robert T.9155-
Holt, William David3953 F1891; reports of guardian regarding real estate
Holt, William David4136 F1891; depositions; guardian's final settlement
Holtzclaw, Ray (aka Holt)14303-
Holzgrebe, George13075-
Holzworth, John26611865; Will; heir; inventory; vouchers; petitions
Hone, Christopher42281893; Will w/heirs; petitions
Honea, Dicie7172 B-
Honea, Dicie7389 B-
Honea, Dicie7788 A-
Honea, Essie13823-
Honea, John7307-
Honea, John7788 B-
Honea, Johnny7172 C-
Honea, Johnny7389 C-
Honea, Loy Marie9913-
Honea, Rhodah17861854; inv. & appraisal; sales
Honea, Robert Wesley10462-
Honea, W. G.8248-
Honea, William4221840; heirs; slaves; dower; lg. estate file; see case 1328
Honea, William13281846; admin.'s petition to sell property
Honea, William M.7025-
Honey, J. J.6046-
Honey, Martin28951867; admin.'s bond; petition
Honey, Sam G.11616-
Hood, M. B.8342-
Hood, Reuben5836-
Hooke, Clara E.5584-
Hooper, Kate West9347-
Hooper, T. M.8808-
Hooper, William P.36901880; petition to erect a water grist mill; docs
Hope, Ben8769-
Hopkins, Ambers D.12267-
Hopkins, Augusta3031843; slaves; guardian's accts.
Hopkins, Betty June13553 A-
Hopkins, C. B. vs Housing Authority11530-
Hopkins, Charles Raymond11108-
Hopkins, Daniel L.5852adoption
Hopkins, Doyle Wayne14644-
Hopkins, G. B.10162-
Hopkins, Judy Faye13553 B-
Hopkins, L. R.8595-
Hopkins, Matilda23431860; guardian's bond
Hopkins, Robert P.6916-
Hopkins, Robert P.8720-
Hopkins, Robert P.8888-
Hopkins, Robert P.10065-
Hopper, B. M.6341-
Hopper, Beatrice6836 A-
Hopper, Daisy Cobb11365-
Hopper, Dewy McKenley7848-
Hopper, Jessie13629-
Hopper, Oscar6836 B-
Hopper, R. N.5621-
Hopper, W. M.7666-
Hopper, William Claude10493-
Hopwood, S. J.4924-
Horn, Marie A.8876-
Horn, Robert Gordon15235-
Horn, William8671817; bond; appraisement and sale of per. prop.
Hornbuckle, Adella24661861; appointment of guardian
Hornbuckle, Berta Schrimsher vs City of Huntsville & Madison Co.13849-
Hornbuckle, C. G.8841-
Hornbuckle, G. L.9130-
Hornbuckle, Harold L.8660-
Hornbuckle, Harold L.9117-
Hornbuckle, Harris F.25501862; list of notes; petition
Hornbuckle, Herbert14391-
Hornbuckle, Horace F.6613-
Hornbuckle, James W.2310 A-
Hornbuckle, Jessie2310 B-
Hornbuckle, John M.1918-
Hornbuckle, Mary E.2310 C-
Hornbuckle, Nannie Bell13578-
Hornbuckle, Pinkie13291-
Hornbuckle, Robert A.17261853; heirs; slaves; appr.; sale; vouchers
Hornbuckle, Sarah W.2310 D-
Hornbuckle, William Frank vs Housing Authority11521-
Hornbuckle, William L.19691856; heirs; accts.; settlement
Hornbuckle, William L.23091860; administrator's bond
Horne, Ruby11441-
Horner, Daniel24911861; heirs; slaves; accts.; dower; appraisal; sale; lg file
Horner, Henry D.34211877; bond; heirs; receipts
Horte, Gertrude8591 A-
Horte, Norfleet8591 B-
Horton, Andrew J.33761874; Will w/heirs; petitions; vouchers
Horton, Burrell6851833; heirs; accts.; Orphans Ct. docs; lg. file
Horton, Carlton9377 A-
Horton, DavidMisc. p. 14 - H1893; petition for administration of estate
Horton, Delores9377 B-
Horton, Elizabeth4910-
Horton, Elizabeth E.15091847; guardian's bond
Horton, Everett8702-
Horton, Frances12277-
Horton, Fredrick J.2288 A-
Horton, George22211859; slaves; appraisal; citation; summons
Horton, George24281861; n. c. m.; petitions re lunacy
Horton, James6993-
Horton, James Bruce9636-
Horton, James Edwin1484 A1848; guardianship docs
Horton, James M.6951841; guardian's accts.
Horton, James M.13261846; guardian's accts. and records
Horton, Joe Bill Whitaker12118-
Horton Sr., John4915-
Horton, John H.2288 B-
Horton, John W.14861849; administrator's bond
Horton, Josephine B.1484 B1848; guardianship docs
Horton, Julia Ann1486 A1849; Orphans Ct docs
Horton, Lucy A. M.24981878; petitions; vouchers
Horton, Lucy Frances1484 C1848; guardianship docs
Horton, Marguerite S.14018-
Horton, Mary A.2288 C-
Horton, Perry R. vs Housing Authority11516-
Horton, Rodah13251846; heirs; slaves; accts.; petitions; vouchers; very lg. file
Horton, Rodah Columbus1484 D1848; guardianship docs
Horton, Sarah E.2288 D-
Horton Jr., Shirley H.14573 A-
Horton, Sophie8356-
Horton, Steve Wayne14573 B-
Horton, Thomas H.2288 E-
Horton, Violet6786-
Horton, William B.15101849; petition by an heir to commit admin. to sheriff
Horton, William H.6961841; guardian's accts.
Horton, William H.13271841; guardian's accts.
Horton Sr., Yancey9062-
Horton Sr., Yancey9524-
Hosch, Betty Faye10894-
Hosch, Jewel A.13605-
Hosford, Abraham13311846; application for letters of administration
Hough, Guy Hammond5532-
Houk, Eliza29161868; heirs; bond; inv.; petition; depositions; vouchers
Houk, Patsy Lynn13752-
House, David L.14049-
House, James4211828; Will w/heirs; inv. & appraisal; sale of slaves; Orphans Ct. docs
House, Winifred C.18361854; Will w/heirs; slaves; summons
Housing Authority12732-
Housing Authority vs Ella B. Drake Acuff13524-
Housing Authority vs Esther L. Adams11151-
Housing Authority vs Woodrow W. Anderson14006-
Housing Authority vs Emmett Graham Atchley13879-
Housing Authority vs Odie H. Baites11163-
Housing Authority vs Prince A. Barnes11295-
Housing Authority vs Eliza L. Battle11284-
Housing Authority vs Mack Bedingfield13166-
Housing Authority vs Rosie Betts15048-
Housing Authority vs Minnie B. Bird11156-
Housing Authority vs E. R. Blair13431-
Housing Authority vs Susie Blakey11294-
Housing Authority vs Susie Johnson Blevins11269-
Housing Authority vs Susie Johnson Blevins11271-
Housing Authority vs Mollie Mae Bolden13334-
Housing Authority vs Henry Booker12845-
Housing Authority vs Olie Bradford11162-
Housing Authority vs R. L. Bradley14002-
Housing Authority vs Lillian Tabor Branum13294-
Housing Authority vs Elizabeth Diane Broglan12848-
Housing Authority vs Edgar E. Brooks11520-
Housing Authority vs Harry L. Brooks13285-
Housing Authority vs Tommie Leroy Brooks12865-
Housing Authority vs Van B. Brown12819-
Housing Authority vs James P. Buckner12842-
Housing Authority vs Bessie B. Burgess12869-
Housing Authority vs Annie Mae Burton11293-
Housing Authority vs Virginia B. Byrne11150-
Housing Authority vs Virginia Broglan Byrne11522-
Housing Authority vs Mary V. Brooks138-
Housing Authority vs James L. Caldwell13453-
Housing Authority vs William C. Campbell, Jr.13511-
Housing Authority vs Jack B. Canterbury13422-
Housing Authority vs Edna Drexal Carroll13417-
Housing Authority vs Bobe Carter13382-
Housing Authority vs William Wade Carter Jr.11313 -
Housing Authority vs Phillip Cartwright13361-
Housing Authority vs Thelma Cartwright13384-
Housing Authority vs Nona Allen Cason11230-
Housing Authority vs Brody Cathey12798-
Housing Authority vs Robert N. Chandler13289-
Housing Authority vs City Produce Co.12726-
Housing Authority vs City Produce Co.12727-
Housing Authority vs Lucy Clark13286-
Housing Authority vs Susie Clark13426-
Housing Authority vs William Edgar Clift Sr.11249 -
Housing Authority vs Georgia Cloud11307-
Housing Authority vs Walter Conley13359-
Housing Authority vs Warren Crawford11250-
Housing Authority vs Warren Crawford14958-
Housing Authority vs Nancy J. Cross11523-
Housing Authority vs Earl Daniel13430-
Housing Authority vs Vina F. Davis11154-
Housing Authority vs Mattie Davison13401-
Housing Authority vs Annie Dickerson11226-
Housing Authority vs Annie Dickerson11238-
Housing Authority vs Annie Dickerson11310-
Housing Authority vs William P. Dilworth13554-
Housing Authority vs Bertha Donegan13167-
Housing Authority vs Ellen Donegan12807-
Housing Authority vs Vivian H. Donovan14954-
Housing Authority vs Joe Douglass13418-
Housing Authority vs Alice Lee Jones Drake11272-
Housing Authority vs James E. Drake11153-
Housing Authority vs Sam Dudley13283-
Housing Authority vs Brownie Dunham13362-
Housing Authority vs Mike Eddins13420-
Housing Authority vs Tom Emerson11266-
Housing Authority vs Eliza Esslinger11152-
Housing Authority vs Eliza Esslinger11528-
Housing Authority vs Searcy Fackler12804-
Housing Authority vs Will L. Fearn13513-
Housing Authority vs Mannie Fletcher Jr.12734-
Housing Authority vs Lee R. Ford13512-
Housing Authority vs Robert A. Ford13132-
Housing Authority vs Bessie Foster11291-
Housing Authority vs Zora Fowler12861-
Housing Authority vs Charlie L. Fowlks13316-
Housing Authority vs Melton L. Franklin13358-
Housing Authority vs William H. Galbreath15076-
Housing Authority vs Mary Elizabeth Garrett12818-
Housing Authority vs Sylvester Garth13163-
Housing Authority vs Mary Agnes Ruth German11290 -
Housing Authority vs Willie Belle Adams Gibbs11164 -
Housing Authority vs Patty Brand Chandler Gord11248 -
Housing Authority vs Susie Ruth Powers Grady11247 -
Housing Authority vs Bessie Green13696-
Housing Authority vs Viola Louise Guess12808-
Housing Authority vs Albert L. Hammond13519-
Housing Authority vs Henry Hankins15337-
Housing Authority vs Rudolph Harbin13284-
Housing Authority vs Cecira Hardrick12774-
Housing Authority vs Willie Hargrove13287-
Housing Authority vs Bessie Harris12803-
Housing Authority vs Annie Mae Hicks13819-
Housing Authority vs Ruth Higgins12809-
Housing Authority vs Harvey Hill11517-
Housing Authority vs C. B. Hopkins11530-
Housing Authority vs William Frank Hornbuckle11521-
Housing Authority vs Perry R. Horton11516-
Housing Authority vs Mary E. Howell14955-
Housing Authority vs Mary E. Hutchens13333-
Housing Authority vs Mollie P. Hutchens12772-
Housing Authority vs Independent Charity Society #113330-
Housing Authority vs Charles E. Jackson13421-
Housing Authority vs Joe J. Jackson12862-
Housing Authority vs Nancy Jacobs12870-
Housing Authority vs Bettie B. Johnson14001-
Housing Authority vs John Johnson11270-
Housing Authority vs Moses Johnson11311-
Housing Authority vs Ann Jolly15049-
Housing Authority vs Arthur H. Jones13454-
Housing Authority vs E. C. Jones12735-
Housing Authority vs Jessie Jones13522-
Housing Authority vs Lucy Mae Dill Jones13364-
Housing Authority vs Sarah Jones11296-
Housing Authority vs Minnie McReynolds Kelly 11232-
Housing Authority vs Glenn Thomas Kennedy13518-
Housing Authority vs J. C. Kidd11217-
Housing Authority vs L.D. King15024-
Housing Authority vs Mattie Lee Drake King11306-
Housing Authority vs Mattie Lacy12733-
Housing Authority vs Juanita Lane13383-
Housing Authority vs John Langford11308-
Housing Authority vs Shelby Langford11267-
Housing Authority vs Ben Eddie Lanier12802-
Housing Authority vs Hezekiah Lanier11227-
Housing Authority vs Robert Lanier13164-
Housing Authority vs John W. Laughinghouse13419-
Housing Authority vs R. J. Lemley13282-
Housing Authority vs Mattie Lewis15078-
Housing Authority vs James Lightford11251-
Housing Authority vs Julia Lowe Love11265-
Housing Authority vs Robert J. Lowe11219-
Housing Authority vs Bertha Clayton Macon11529-
Housing Authority vs George Mann, Jr.13821-
Housing Authority vs Zola Reed Mann13311-
Housing Authority vs Will Martin12871-
Housing Authority vs Bert Mathias11515-
Housing Authority vs Joseph V. Mathias11527-
Housing Authority vs Ben Matthews12771-
Housing Authority vs Edna M. Matthews15409-
Housing Authority vs Eula McCain11241-
Housing Authority vs Eugene J. McCrary12849-
Housing Authority vs Columbus V. Moore12864-
Housing Authority vs Columbus V. Moore13428-
Housing Authority vs Beatrice S. Morris12773-
Housing Authority vs Eddie Moseley11222-
Housing Authority vs Edith H. Murphree11233-
Housing Authority vs W. E. Musgrove11519-
Housing Authority vs Henrietta Nemo13583-
Housing Authority vs Frank Nicholson13165-
Housing Authority vs Laurence F. Nicholson13162-
Housing Authority vs Henry C. Nobles12747-
Housing Authority vs James R. Ogle11159-
Housing Authority vs Jimmie R. Ogle12748-
Housing Authority vs John L. Ogle11160-
Housing Authority vs T. W. Ogle12752-
Housing Authority vs William Ogle11161-
Housing Authority vs Clara Miller O'Neal11165-
Housing Authority vs Clare Miller O'Neal12841-
Housing Authority vs Owens Chapel, Darwin St.12776-
Housing Authority vs Estie L. Parks13400-
Housing Authority vs Sam Patton13360-
Housing Authority vs Denver T. Penna13873-
Housing Authority vs Katonia G. Penney15075-
Housing Authority vs Leo Pettus11225-
Housing Authority vs Florence Pickett12863-
Housing Authority vs Rosetta B. Powers11312-
Housing Authority vs Rosetta B. Powers12810-
Housing Authority vs Theresa Shelby Powers11309 -
Housing Authority vs William Pruitt11305-
Housing Authority vs Houston Ragland13332-
Housing Authority vs Robert L. Ray13331-
Housing Authority vs James C. Rice13310-
Housing Authority vs Lucy E. Rice11288-
Housing Authority vs Robert Jordon Robinson12745-
Housing Authority vs Mattie Robinson12799-
Housing Authority vs Ollar Dillard Robinson13363-
Housing Authority vs Susie Robinson11283-
Housing Authority vs St. Bartley Church15181-
Housing Authority vs St. Bartley's Steadfast Primitive Baptist Church 13329-
Housing Authority vs Carrie B. Sanders12868-
Housing Authority vs Beatrice Shepard13288-
Housing Authority vs Louis S. Sistrunk12844-
Housing Authority vs Buster Smith13822-
Housing Authority vs Fred Smith13876-
Housing Authority vs Nellie A. Smith13872-
Housing Authority vs Charles Sorrell15077-
Housing Authority vs Southern Railway Co.14009-
Housing Authority vs Southern Railway Co.14208-
Housing Authority vs Edith Wimberly Stone13386-
Housing Authority vs Susie Strong13541-
Housing Authority vs Mollie J. Tabor13875-
Housing Authority vs Thomas Tarrout12801-
Housing Authority vs Rosie Looney Tate13455-
Housing Authority vs Neshine Tate13168-
Housing Authority vs Minus Taylor12843-
Housing Authority vs Irene Stevens Taylor11239-
Housing Authority vs John Q. Terry11518-
Housing Authority vs Essie Toney11264-
Housing Authority vs Robert Townsend13429-
Housing Authority vs Nellis Troglen13818-
Housing Authority vs Eliza Turner11231-
Housing Authority vs Lucy Otey Turner11289-
Housing Authority vs William Harry Turner11304-
Housing Authority vs Margaret Marie Wade13520-
Housing Authority vs Lehman Ward12725-
Housing Authority vs Nelson Ward14962-
Housing Authority vs Mary Clark Webb13385-
Housing Authority vs Walter Woodrow Ward12872-
Housing Authority vs Annie J. Wilbourn13452-
Housing Authority vs Elnine Williams12800-
Housing Authority vs Eliza Woods11216-
Housing Authority vs Robbie Mae Young12746-
Housing Authority vs Willie Young13317-
Houston, Fanny T.28341867; Will w/heirs; petitions; receipts
Houston, George11460-
Houston, Samuel8761816; inventory; town lot property
Houston, Tom5838-
Houze (House), Susan B.125 1/21827; guardian's accts.; settlement
Howard, Allen15251849; slaves; appraisal; sale; accts.
Howard, Allen M.1865 A1855; guardian's bond & docs
Howard, Alvis6191 A-
Howard, Christopher43291896; n.c.m. guardian's bond; accts.; receipts
Howard Sr., E. D.12893-
Howard, Effie Mae vs Madison Co.13052-
Howard, Elizabeth4311837; Will w/heirs; slaves
Howard, Elmer14135-
Howard, Erasmus F.14821848; guardian's bond; docs
Howard, Estille6191 B-
Howard, Fred13974-
Howard, George971834; heirs; accts.; inventory & appraisal; hiring of slaves; division; settlement
Howard, George M.1865 B1855; guardian's bond & docs
Howard, I. W.8836-
Howard, Jennie6191 C-
Howard, John11561846; guardian's bond and inventory of money
Howard, John Joseph1865 C1855; guardian's bond & docs
Howard, Lurah12540-
Howard, Marina4181841; Will w/heirs; sm. estate file
Howard, Martha11691844; guardian's settlement
Howard, Martha P.17301852; heirs; slaves; vouchers; accts.; lg. file
Howard, Mary Ormond10477-
Howard, Matt10859-
Howard, Minta Vann12894-
Howard, N. F.14816-
Howard, Penelope4101842; Will; dower; inventory; vouchers
Howard, Rebecca17051852; inv. & appraisal; sales; missing will
Howard, Robert4241840; heirs; slaves; lg. estate file
Howard, Sarah A.4251840; heirs; slaves; sm. estate file
Howard, Sarah A.14831841; guardian's accts.; vouchers; bond
Howard, Sudie6191 D-
Howard, Thomas J.8267-
Howard, Thomas S.8731815; Will w/heirs; slaves; div. of estate
Howard, Tom S.14690-
Howard, W. B.41341891; heirs; petitions; receipts; land sale; vouchers
Howard, W. L.14763-
Howard, Walter7856-
Howard, William11621840; Will w/heirs; slaves; vouchers
Howard, Willie10184-
Howard, Willie B.5973-
Howard, Willis B.5980-
Howe, Fred A.5351-
Howe, Minnie Eliza7997-
Howell, C. R.13615-
Howell, Mary E. vs Housing Authority14955-
Howsin, Sarah15411817; Will; heirs
Howson Sr., John8541814; division of estate
Howson, John8541817; Will
Howson, Richard853only reference to will recorded in Book B p. 81
Hoyle, Josephine Ruth7140adoption
Hubbard, Annie (alias Byrd)12178-
Hubbard, Felicia37901882; guardian's bond
Hubbard, Felicia46991900; n.c.m. adult; huge file; guardian's accts.; vouchers; receipts
Hubbard, Felicia C.5764n.c.m.
Hubbard, Felicia C.6722n.c.m.
Hubbard, Felicia C.6814n.c.m. adult; huge file; guardian's accts.; vouchers; receipts
Hubbard, Felicia C.8338-
Hubbard, Lewis855See case 868. Nothing else on file.
Hubbard, Lewis8681811; 1 page of accounts listing names
Hubbard, Lewis869See case 868. Nothing else on file.
Hubert, George43561896; guardian's bond; receipts; settlement
Hubert, George4422 A1896; guardian's bond; receipts; settlement
Hubert, Holding4422 B1896; guardian's bond; receipts; settlement
Hubert, Leonard Holden11477-
Hubert, Lucy4422 C1896; guardian's bond; receipts; settlement
Hubert, Margaret4422 D1896; guardian's bond; receipts; settlement
Hubert, Rufus B.4118 A1893; guardian's bond; final settlement
Hubert, Sallie14441-
Hubert, Sarah Mattie4118 B1893; guardian's vouchers; receipts
Hucks, Ann Monta13815-
Hucks, Louis D.12805-
Hucks, W. D.9071-
Hudgins, Millie vs W. P. Hudgins7376suit over possession of children
Hudgins, Robert A.14142-
Hudgins, Sarah E.6707-
Hudgins, W. P. vs Millie Hudgins7376suit over possession of children
Hudley, David S.5294 A-
Hudley, Maud Elaine5294 B-
Hudson, Charles Thomas10337-
Hudson, David T.4718-
Hudson, David T.4786-
Hudson, Durwood C.14921-
Hudson, Henry13938-
Hudson, Milton Humes10104-
Hudson, Oscar Lee9912-
Hudson, Robert Thomas15347-
Huff, Marjorie Elizabeth Sanders10146-
Huff, Robert Wilbur10129-
Huff, Robert Wilbur10368-
Huff, Susie W.40511889; guardian's bond
Huff, Susie W.44231896; guardian's final settlement
Huffard, Frances Coyner11548-
Huggins, William6485-
Huggins, William6500-
Hughes, Agrippa11571846; Will; inventory; accts; settlement
Hughes, Alcie Idora Lillian7141-
Hughes Sr., Ben F.11099-
Hughes, Benjamin Hutto10169-
Hughes, Clyde Willie9721-
Hughes, Curtis11170-
Hughes, Dave5716 A-
Hughes, David Crockett12132-
Hughes, Dora Mae9228-
Hughes, Eggwood H.9780-
Hughes, Elizabeth6905-
Hughes, Elizabeth A.13321859; Probate and Supreme Court case
Hughes, Ertis11171-
Hughes, George5716 B-
Hughes, George8668-
Hughes, George Henry10176-
Hughes, George Walton11610-
Hughes, Gordon P. vs Madison Co.12141-
Hughes, Hattie13956-
Hughes, Henry M.9799-
Hughes, J. A.8593-
Hughes, James RichardMisc. p. 19 H1927; adoption
Hughes, Jennie vs City of Huntsville12644-
Hughes, Jessie9270-
Hughes, John5038-
Hughes, John L.9940-
Hughes, John L.10654-
Hughes, Laura Dean14498-
Hughes, Lindell10263-
Hughes, Margaret Beatrice13331857; guardian's vouchers and records
Hughes, Mary Inez10747-
Hughes, R. L.8178-
Hughes, Raleigh8821814; inventory; sale; vouchers; receipts
Hughes, Robert Willie10164-
Hughes, Samuel11721855; heirs; petitions; court case
Hughes, Sarah C.36911881; Will w/heirs; petition
Hughes, Theo11111Marriage license correction pertaining to parents
Hughes, Therlo13182-
Hughes, Thomas8521814; inventory; sale of per. prop.; doctor's bill
Hughes, Virgie Earlene11321-
Hughes, William6729-
Hughes, William Alonzo10551-
Hughes, William E.13341857; guardian's vouchers and records
Hughes, William E.26101858; many guardian's accounts and vouchers
Hughes, William E.26291884; estate's final settlement
Hughes, William Odell10029-
Hughey, Ida Belle Miller12069-
Hughey, Stacy Pettus12068-
Hullum, James A.31421873; guardian's bond
Hullum, Susan J.31431873; guardian's bond
Hulsey, Herman Alexander11567-
Humes, Ellelee C.6704-
Humes, Milton5416-
Humes, Thomas4201831; Orphans Ct. docs; estate inventory
Humes, Thomas8561841; sale of land; Orphans Ct. docs
Hummel, Alice L.10647-
Hummel, John Frederick5822-
Hummel, Martha H.13653-
Hummel, Maude R.14448-
Hummel, Oscar13018-
Humphrey, A. M. (Mrs.)4068 1/21893; letter from W. J. Coyle to Probate Judge (see case 4168)
Humphrey, Addie Webb12082-
Humphrey, Alice8894-
Humphrey, Amy Lee7276 A-
Humphrey, Arabella M.41681892; heirs; depositions; petition; land sale
Humphrey, Burnell Wise7482-
Humphrey, C. W.8730-
Humphrey, Carrie Bell7233-
Humphrey, Charles M.1878 A1854; slaves; guardian's accts.
Humphrey, Clem11969-
Humphrey, Cora May Lewis13797-
Humphrey, Crawford W.29741869; administrator's bond
Humphrey, David20911857; inv. & appraisal; sales; division; settlement
Humphrey, Doris12906-
Humphrey, Eddie LeeMisc. p. 19 - H1924; adoption
Humphrey, Edmond D.26971866; heirs; appraisal; vouchers; report
Humphrey, Ella8570-
Humphrey, Emma5893 B-
Humphret, Fellze Powell12876-
Humphrey, Frances22251858; admin.'s accts.
Humphrey, Garth vs Madison Co.10102-
Humphrey, George W.1878 B1854; slaves; guardian's accts.
Humphrey, Gussie6720-
Humphrey, Harry5893 C-
Humphrey, Harry6299-
Humphrey, Helen Y.8076-
Humphrey, Henry9188-
Humphrey Jr., J. D.11574-
Humphrey, James H.41291891; admin.'s application; bond
Humphrey, James H.4636 1/21899; heirs; receipts
Humphrey, James Herman7314-
Humphrey, Jean13644-
Humphrey, Jean Eden11147-
Humphrey, Joe Lee11104-
Humphrey, John5893 D-
Humphrey, John D.7933-
Humphrey, Josh12684-
Humphrey Sr., Joshua14054-
Humphrey, Kenneth Douglass13260-
Humphrey, Lizzie Cain9478-
Humphrey, Macelene7590adoption
Humphrey, Mary15408-
Humphrey, Mary Frances7276 B-
Humphrey, May FrancesMisc. p. 19 - H1925; adoption
Humphrey, Milton1878 C1854; slaves; guardian's accts.
Humphrey, Nancy Wade10617-
Humphrey, Nolra Sullivan11450-
Humphrey, Pearl5893 E-
Humphrey, Ronnie13251-
Humphrey, Ruby12907-
Humphrey, Sanders9782-
Humphrey, Sarah2581-
Humphrey, Sylvia43441894; Will w/heirs; land sale; vouchers
Humphrey, Thomas David11599-
Humphrey, Tillie Sale Powell12548-
Humphrey, W. L.9447-
Humphrey, W. M.8680-
Humphrey, Walter L.9115-
Humphrey, Walter L.9492-
Humphrey, Wiley W.1878 D1854; slaves; guardian's accts.
Humphrey, Will Miller6417-
Humphrey, William Binford9677-
Humphrey, William Henry13228-
Humphries, Margaret2336-
Hundley, Charles5924-
Hundley, Mary12223-
Hundley, Mary E.5106-
Hundley, Orvile M.4974-
Hundley, Oscar R.Misc. p. 21 - H1922; Will w/heirs; letters testamentary
Hundley, Oscar R.14196-
Hunkepiller, Manola6453 A-
Hunkepiller, Willie6453 B-
Hunster, Alexander E. E.1165 A1836; guardianship records
Hunster, Eliza1165 B836; guardianship records
Hunster, Nancy (fwc)2811835; land sale; appraisal; accts.; Orphans Ct. docs
Hunster, Thomas107 A1837; guardian's final settlement
Hunster, William H.107 B1837; guardian's final settlement
Hunt, Alex N.5782-
Hunt, Ann E.19591856; guardian's bonds; petition
Hunt, Benjamin P.6873-
Hunt, Bessie LouiseMisc. p. 19 - H1927; adoption
Hunt, Carlton vs City of Huntsville & Madison Co.13910-
Hunt, Charles R.7316-
Hunt, Clarence W.6458 A-
Hunt, Cornelia22171858; administrator's accts.
Hunt, Davis6697-
Hunt, Davis Fred6458 B-
Hunt, Ellen42031892; Will; heirs
Hunt, Fannie Keith9244-
Hunt, Hester9064-
Hunt, James W.6887-
Hunt, Jane6295-
Hunt, Jim T.6338-
Hunt, Joseph F.11724-
Hunt, Lancaster E.2198 A1858; guardian's bond
Hunt, Martha E.2198 B1858; guardian's bond
Hunt, Mary Elizabeth43141895; petition for letters of administration
Hunt, Nettie6132-
Hunt, Paul7412-
Hunt, Pearl E.9620-
Hunt, RobertMisc. p. 11 - H1871; administrator's bond - 1 pg
Hunt, Robert E.14871-
Hunt, Robert J.14341-
Hunt, Sharine Lee10580-
Hunt, Susie H.5909-
Hunt, Tulliola Powers44731897; Will; codicil; heirs; decree to sell land
Hunt, William Paul6410-
Hunt, William R.19231855; heirs; slaves; appraisal; petitions; accts.
Hunt, Woodrow Wilson6692-
Hunt, Woodrow Wilson6760-
Hunter, Buford14401-
Hunter, Carolyn Ann14495-
Hunter, Daniel K.26431865; heirs; inventory; sale; notes; agreement; petition
Hunter, Derrick Bernard14522-
Hunter, Dewey Estell11332-
Hunter, Doris Mildred9586-
Hunter, Harriet C.38241884; admin.'s settlement
Hunter, Hildred Jerl13323-
Hunter, Ida15267-
Hunter, John4291837; heirs; slaves; estate file
Hunter, John M.8601824; accts.; vouchers; books auctioned
Hunter, John M.26491865; heirs; inventory; sale; agreement
Hunter, Joseph C.34901878; guardian's bond
Hunter, Riley Nolan11013-
Hunter, Stephen5348-
Hunter, Susan P.2706-
Huntsville Airport Authority vs Miriam Burnette15200-
Huntsville, City of10326-
Huntsville, City of10414-
Huntsville, City of vs Shelvie Adams14232-
Huntsville, City of vs Hester Adcock13943-
Huntsville, City of vs William D. Allen15155-
Huntsville, City of vs Sidney Anderson15154-
Huntsville, City of15218Annexation
Huntsville, City of11072Annexation election
Huntsville, City of12305Annexation election
Huntsville, City of13440Annexation election - Area 4
Huntsville, City of13441Annexation election - Area 2
Huntsville, City of13442Annexation election - Area 1
Huntsville, City of13443Annexation election - Area 5
Huntsville, City of14171Annexation election - Area 3
Huntsville, City of13459Annexation election - Lily Flagg Area
Huntsville, City of13958Annexation election - Sherwood Park
Huntsville, City of15133Annexation Judgement
Huntsville, City of15174Annexation of Mt. Charron
Huntsville, City of15185Annexation Wade Ln. & Winchester
Huntsville, City of vs Lucille Schrimsher Atchley13322-
Huntsville, City of vs John E. Berry13999-
Huntsville, City of vs Annie Bradford14581-
Huntsville, City of vs Joe Bragg7185-
Huntsville, City of vs Ellen S. Brandon12108-
Huntsville, City of vs Savoy Bryant11853-
Huntsville, City of vs Richard Burks15157-
Huntsville, City of vs Byrd Spring Rd.15246-
Huntsville, City of vs Harry E. Canterberry15164-
Huntsville, City of vs Brady Catby15158-
Huntsville, City of vs Carl Cloud14478-
Huntsville, City of vs Carl Edward Cloud14654-
Huntsville, City of vs College Hill Apts.12675-
Huntsville, City of5748Commission form of government
Huntsville, City of vs Fred Davis12643-
Huntsville, City of vs Annie B. Deckerson14403-
Huntsville, City of vs Annie B. Dickerson13758-
Huntsville, City of vs Annie B. Dickerson14534-
Huntsville, City of vs William Dixon12113-
Huntsville, City of vs Robert T. Duncan15045-
Huntsville, City of vs Hammond C. Dyas14951-
Huntsville, City of vs Charlie Eldridge12257-
Huntsville, City of11001Election Precincts #4 and #15
Huntsville, City of11378Election Precinct #1
Huntsville, City of14286Election Precincts Dist. 5
Huntsville, City of14861Election Precincts
Huntsville, City of vs John Elliott15153-
Huntsville, City of vs Sam Ethridge15044-
Huntsville, City of7318Extension of corporate City limits
Huntsville, City of vs Searcy Fackler12055-
Huntsville, City of vs Searcey Fackler14656-
Huntsville, City of vs Edgar B. George13997-
Huntsville, City of vs Edgar B. George14655-
Huntsville, City of vs Lawrence Gilbreath13944-
Huntsville, City of vs Antha M. Grezzard14725-
Huntsville, City of vs Searcy Hall15232-
Huntsville, City of vs D. F. Harrison14481-
Huntsville, City of vs Mary Theresa Harwell13026-
Huntsville, City of vs Ella Brandon Power Houston12070-
Huntsville, City of vs Jennie Hughes12644-
Huntsville, City of vs Aaron Kelly12089-
Huntsville, City of vs Winfield A. Kramm14698-
Huntsville, City of vs Nellie Langford12646-
Huntsville, City of vs Estelle Lewis12084-
Huntsville, City of vs Frances H. Lowery12054-
Huntsville, City of vs Clarence McAnally13998-
Huntsville, City of vs Allen McCaulley12088-
Huntsville, City of vs Eugene J. McCrary12109-
Huntsville, City of vs Isaiah McCrary Jr.12110-
Huntsville, City of vs Roy V. McCutcheon15163-
Huntsville, City of vs J. S. McDonnell14125-
Huntsville, City of vs Hans W. Milde15171-
Huntsville, City of vs Robert S. Moorman15161-
Huntsville, City of vs Joseph A. Myers15160-
Huntsville, City of vs Claude Neely13942-
Huntsville, City of vs John H. O'Neill14952-
Huntsville, City of vs Robert C. Owens15225-
Huntsville, City of vs Catherine Peoples14429-
Huntsville, City of vs Eunice Reynolds15031-
Huntsville, City of vs Clarence Schrimsher13177-
Huntsville, City of vs Clarence Schrimser14835-
Huntsville, City of vs George W. Sentell15081-
Huntsville, City of vs L. B. Seymour14317-
Huntsville, City of vs Charlie Smith14586-
Huntsville, City of vs Southern Railway14433-
Huntsville, City of vs Southern Railway14677-
Huntsville, City of vs Jim M. Spradlin, Jr.15159-
Huntsville, City of vs M. B. Spragins14758-
Huntsville, City of vs Alvin E. Stephens13632-
Huntsville, City of vs Lou Studdard12087-
Huntsville, City of11071Terry Heights
Huntsville, City of vs E. H. Thomas15223-
Huntsville, City of vs Leona Coles Thompson12083-
Huntsville, City of vs Ellie Toney15156-
Huntsville, City of vs Robert E. Turner15162-
Huntsville, City of vs Talmadge L. Walker15224-
Huntsville, City of vs Jean Weatherly15341-
Huntsville, City of vs Jean Weatherly15342-
Huntsville, City of vs William E. Worley15032-
Huntsville, City of vs D. J. Yeager14759-
Huntsville, City of & Madison Co. vs Alabama Brick & Tile Co.13738-
Huntsville, City of & Madison Co. vs Carlton Hunt13910-
Huntsville, City of & Madison Co. vs Madison Inc.13911-
Huntsville, City of & Madison Co. vs Berta Schrimsher Hornbuckle13849-
Huntsville, City of & Madison Co. vs Clarence Schrimsher13853-
Huntsville Aldermen & Mayor vs
Ala. Home Bldg. & Loan Assoc.
46311899; petition & decree condemning land to widen California Street
Huntsville and Big Cove Turnpike3671-
Huntsville Building & Manufacturing3995-
Huntsville Electric Light Co.3989-
Huntsville Factory (Cotton Mills)4024-
Huntsville Fertilizer & Milling Co.4088-
Huntsville Handle Co.2826; 2828; 2829 A1896; declaration of corporation; stock; etc.
Huntsville Ice Factory & Bottling Co.4101-
Huntsville Madison Co. Airport Authority14972-
Huntsville Public Light & Power Co. vs J. F. O'Shaughnessy 5533-
Huntsville Wholesale vs Madison Co.9695-
Hurley, Richard L.13405-
Hurst, Alvie7980adoption
Hurst, Martha W.12126-
Hurst, Reed F.13117-
Huskey, Ray Madison7721-
Hussey, Edward L.30601870; bond; inventory of money; settlement
Hussey, Elijah6661831; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; estate accts.
Hussey, Stephen511834; Will; inventory; appraisal of personal property; sale; vouchers
Hutchens, Charles E.6003-
Hutchens, Elizabeth R.12500-
Hutchens, James M.41731892; Will w/heirs; lg file; inventory; accts.; receipts
Hutchens, James M.5950-
Hutchens, Mary E.14148-
Hutchens, Mary E.14178-
Hutchens, Mary E. vs Housing Authority13333-
Hutchens, Mollie P.12533-
Hutchens, Mollie P.12956-
Hutchens, Mollie P. vs Housing Authority12772-
Hutchens, Pearl Baites10116-
Hutchens, Willard C.11318-
Hutchens, William T.9042-
Hutchenson, Nona8987-
Hutchings, John8751818; heirs; slaves; copy of Will; inventory
Hutchings, Stokely D.8621821; bond; appraisal; sale of property; Orphans Ct. docs
Hutchinson, Charles Kenneth11581-
Hutto, Charles9802-
Hutto Jr., Grover9803-
Hutton, Bessie Dale12042-
Hydrick, Clarice Lavera Peck13718name change
Hydrick, Vickie Faye Thomas13718name change
Hymen, William W.6846-
Hymer, James P.9578-
Hyter, John7929-
Hyter, Mary38691885; heirs; land sale; receipts
Ice, Nancy4351841; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisal
Ikard, Edd8849-
Ikard, Emma Walker13230-
Ikard, Hester I.9140-
Ikard, Hester I.9141-
Ikard, J. J. vs Madison Co.13543-
Ikard, J. J. vs Madison Co.13620-
Ikard, J. S.15015-
Ikard, James E. vs Madison Co.14326-
Ikard, Jerry Jackson14241-
Ikard, John S.14242-
Ikard, Lillie G.43591890; petition to sell land for division among heirs of Milton G. Young Sr.
Ikard, Lillie G.14251 A-
Ikard, Margaret Ann Cobb11827-
Ikard, Tom S.14251 B-
Ikard, Will H.11531-
Independent Charity Society #1 vs Housing Authority13330-
Inferior Court7847-
Inferior Court of Huntsville9258-
Ingram, Gary Kenneth15258-
Ingram, J. B.9242-
Ingram, Tetus12875-
Ingram, William Tetus12875-
Inman, Fred E.11541-
Inman, Fred E.12543-
Inman, Isaac4151840; heirs; inventory; estate file
Inman, John R.2101837; estate file
Irby, Ann8871824; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisal; accts.
Irby, Edmond21911858; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisal; sale; accts.; vouchers
Irby, Elizabeth168 A1830; letters of guardianship; accts. & vouchers
Irby, Harrison168 B1830; letters of guardianship; accts. & vouchers
Irby, J. M.6509-
Irby, Martha168 C1830; letters of guardianship; accts. & vouchers
Irby, Mary G.30681868; Will w/heirs; appraisal; accts.; vouchers
Irby, Susan E.19571856; Will; heir; bond; petition
Irby, William B.168 D1830; letters of guardianship; accts. & vouchers
Irvin, Anthuny Phillip15289-
Irvine, Granville L.12395-
Irvine, Minnie7919-
Irwin, Percy5321-
Irwin, William8911815; inventory and accts.
Isaac, Beatrice7628 A-
Isaac, John R.7628 B-
Isaac, John Robert10165 A-
Isaac, Marie Sue10170-
Isaac, Nellie May10171-
Isaac, Petty Ann10165 B-
Isaac, Rebecca7628 C-
Isabell, F. D.14829-
Isbell, Ann Maria32591874; heirs; bond; petition; settlement; vouchers
Isbell, Godfrey8921816; appraisers of estate appointed; an inventory from 1817 has not been located.
Isbell, Joseph Reuben9915-
Isbell, Rosetta J.8899-
Isbell, Thomas H.32111871; heirs; inventory; settlement; vouchers
Ives, John6181832; Will; inventory; appraisal
Ivey, C. D.7608-
Ivey, Clarence5839 A-
Ivey, Leon10193-
Ivey, Louisa5839 B-
Ivey, Minnie Etta10174-
Ivey, Randolph5839 C-
Ivey, Robert E.5828-
Ivey, Robert J.8209-
Ivey, Sallie5114 A-
Ivey, Ulas Leon10193correction made to marriage certificate
Ivey, Verna5114 B-
Ivey, W. L.10212-
Ivey, W. Lawrence5114 C-
Ivey, William C.5689-
Ivy, Joe Clarence10795-
Ivy, Nancy A.4942-
Ivy, P. R.15288-
Ivy, William F.10233-
Jacks, Albert Edwin14124-
Jacks, Arthur Lester10354-
Jacks, D. B.10363-
Jacks, David F.5544-
Jacks, Ella F.8393-
Jacks, Harvey Neeley15306-
Jacks, Walter Burton11352-
Jacks, William P.40721888; heirs; commissioner's report setting aside pers. prop.
Jackson, Ben11893-
Jackson, Betty Jean9747adoption
Jackson, Catherine S.9014-
Jackson, Charles E. vs Housing Authority13421-
Jackson, Charles E.14977-
Jackson, Claudia Ann15065-
Jackson, Colby8941825; Will; slaves; inventory; petition
Jackson, Edwin C.7283-
Jackson, Fannie P.5790-
Jackson, FlorenceMisc. p. 7 - J1927; adoption
Jackson, Haywood8982-
Jackson, Isaac6151826; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; appraisal
Jackson, J. D.6982-
Jackson, Jack Guyton9437name change
Jackson, James W.10811-
Jackson, Joe J. vs Housing Authority12862-
Jackson, Julius11485-
Jackson, Lawrence S.14398-
Jackson, Lex Carlton15064-
Jackson, Rachel Weeden10861-
Jackson, Reppard13172-
Jackson III, Samuel13043-
Jackson, William E.10302-
Jaco, George Washington9941-
Jaco, W. M.10343-
Jacobs, Addie5329 A-
Jacobs, Albert5329 B-
Jacobs, Annie8508 A-
Jacobs, Bookert5329 C-
Jacobs, Burwell31891873; bond; inventory; appraisal
Jacobs, Burwell J.9920-
Jacobs, Charles4944-
Jacobs, Ed5329 D-
Jacobs, Ethel4856-
Jacobs, Ethel Leanor Crunk10964Decree establishing record of birth
Jacobs, Eunis Matthews9951-
Jacobs, Frank vs Madison Co.12991-
Jacobs, George5231-
Jacobs, Gladys8508 B-
Jacobs, Ike7940 A-
Jacobs, Isaac10267-
Jacobs, Isaac Anderson33411874; guardian's bond
Jacobs, Jefferson (FMC)19141855; emancipation
Jacobs, Joseph S.6161822; slave; inventory; appraisal
Jacobs, Lenion9330-
Jacobs, Mary11292-
Jacobs, Matilda7940 B-
Jacobs, Nancy vs Housing Authority12870-
Jacobs, Ocie5329 E-
Jacobs, Terry12273-
Jacobs, Walter9784-
Jacobs, Zera5329 F-
Jaeger, Victor George15277-
Jaggers, Clarence G.15100-
Jaggers, Jeremiah6191832; Orphans Ct. docs regarding estate
Jamar, Arthur12559-
Jamar, Dudley30091870; administrator's bond
Jamar, Ervin12519-
Jamar, John889ca. 1830; nothing in file
Jamar Jr., John W.10005-
Jamar Jr., John W.80341931; adoption
Jamar, Lela Belle10196-
Jamar, Lola Belle14165-
Jamar, Mary Willie13703-
Jamar, Richard3127-
Jamar, Sebell42731894; heirs; bond; land sale; receipts
Jamar, Thomas41551892; lg file; heirs; petitions; inventory; appraisal; sales; insolvancy report
Jamar, Thomas43321896; receipts; accts.; decree; land sale; vouchers; claims
Jamar, Walter10479-
Jamar, Willis4332 1/21894; admin.'s bond
James, Alfred B.5603-
James, Arthur Matthew12472-
James, Arthur Matthew12494-
James, Catharine650 A1826; guardian's accts.
James, Egbert J.2462-
James, Frederick W. 21822; slaves; estate inventory; appraisal; sale; vouchers
James, George4371834; inv. & appraisal; Orphans Ct. docs
James, Jerry6833 A-
James, John893See case 899. Nothing in this file.
James, John8991819; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory & appraisal; accounts
James, Kate8694-
James, Lizzie8369-
James, Mary650 B1826; guardian's accts.
James, Mary Catherine5576-
James, Mollie E.22941859; guardian's bonds; reports; final settlement
James, Ollie8307-
James, R. A.13805-
James, Richard B.650 C1826; guardian's accts.
James, Roy A.13599-
James, Sam7979-
James, Sylvester13754-
James, Violet6833 B-
James, Walter B.10312-
James, Willie6083-
Jamison, Minor4451835; heir; inv. & appraisal; claims; accts. & vouchers; Orphans Ct. docs
Janifer, Addie12539-
Janifer, T. E.8496-
Jasper, George Leslie10060-
Jasper, Lizzie8880-
Jasper, Willie Grant10061-
Jean, Barbee10944-
Jean, F. M.38991885; admin.'s bond; inventory; appraisal
Jean, R. F.12786-
Jean, Riley12829-
Jefferies, Alexander4431838; Will w/heirs; Orphans Ct. docs; accts. & vouchers; div. of real estate & pers. prop.
Jefferies, Elizabeth A.1489 A1847; guardianship docs
Jefferies, William A. D.1489 B1847; guardianship docs
Jefferson, Booker J.6606-
Jefferson, Dora Mae14634-
Jefferson, Earline14633-
Jefferson, Eva Lillie14632-
Jefferson, HenryMisc. p. 5 - J1924; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Jefferson, Henry10353-
Jefferson, Jessie4912-
Jefferson, Louise11750-
Jenkins, Barbara9181 A-
Jenkins, Bessie May5805-
Jenkins, Carrie4053 A1889; appointment of guardian; accts.; vouchers
Jenkins, Cecil9181 B-
Jenkins, Charles W.7340-
Jenkins, Dorothy Jean9182-
Jenkins, James M.4053 B1889; appointment of guardian; accts.; vouchers
Jenkins, Jennie4053 C1889; appointment of guardian; accts.; vouchers
Jenkins, John16371834; guardianship docs
Jenkins, John A.12987-
Jenkins, John Alpine10862-
Jenkins, John Tate4053 D1889; appointment of guardian; accts.; vouchers
Jenkins, Lee F.12131-
Jenkins, Lena6551-
Jenkins, Louise9181 C-
Jenkins, Maggie4053 E1889; appointment of guardian; accts.; vouchers
Jenkins, Mary J.42191893; heirs; land sale; receipts; vouchers
Jenkins, Mary J.6602-
Jenkins, Mary Jane44441897; heirs; receipts; land sale
Jenkins, Nancy Jane33151874; bonds; annual settlements
Jenkins, Rachel E.11781841; slave; guardian's accts.
Jenkins, Samuel14881849; heirs; inventory; sale; vouchers; accts.
Jenkins, Thomas Jefferson46521899; heirs; petitions; land sale; settlement
Jenkins, W. C.10520-
Jenkins, William G.38681885; heirs; appraisal; sale; accts.; land division; receipts
Jennings, Nannie7076-
Jennings, Ralph Elkin15022-
Jennings, Waddell Horton9634-
Jester, E. L.14679-
Jett, D. B.10235-
Jett, Fainer13783-
Jett, Fainer L.15374-
Jett, Harvey S.14365-
Jett, John Bell12885-
John, Preston R.14630-
Johnson Jr., A. T.13631-
Johnson Sr., A. T.11511-
Johnson, A. Walton11957-
Johnson, Ala D.8414-
Johnson, Albert H.12115-
Johnson, Alfred11878-
Johnson, Alvin9354 A-
Johnson, Andrew J.34841878; heir; petitions; inventory; sale; vouchers
Johnson, Annie Louise13542-
Johnson, Ben5884-
Johnson, Ben7543-
Johnson, Bettie B. vs Housing Authority14001-
Johnson, Bettie May10111-
Johnson, Billie10299-
Johnson, Billie11534Name change
Johnson, Brackett7489-
Johnson, Bradley J.10778-
Johnson, Bushrod W.6171831; Will w/heirs; inventory; appraisal; sale
Johnson, Charles E.6149-
Johnson, Christian A.1501832; appraisal; sale; accts.; hiring of slaves; settlement
Johnson, Clara Mae Brazelton10117-
Johnson, Clyde6758-
Johnson, Columbus E.11017-
Johnson, David T.11751843; guardian's accts.
Johnson, David Thomas1939 A1855; guardian's records
Johnson, Daniel34331877; bond; accts.; summons
Johnson, Edith E.1939 B1855; guardian's records
Johnson, Edna Mae9354 B-
Johnson, Edward Shelby12926-
Johnson, Elizabeth J.6816-
Johnson, Evelyn Atkerson10085-
Johnson, Georgia Marie12648-
Johnson, Gertrude7707-
Johnson, Gordon Landon14774-
Johnson, H. R.6267-
Johnson, Henry13368-
Johnson, Henry B.11811845; bond; final settlement of estate
Johnson, Henry J.Misc. p. 3 - J1928; petition for letters of admin. - 1 pg
Johnson, Herbert C.13762-
Johnson, Ira H.12910-
Johnson, Iris Ozelle11629-
Johnson, Isabella B.35071878; guardian's bond; petitions
Johnson, Isham22921859; heirs; bond
Johnson, James (Capt)2791837; slaves; appraisal; sale; Orphans Ct. docs
Johnson, James18791855; heirs; inventory; accts.
Johnson, James12243-
Johnson, James12347-
Johnson, James E.6579-
Johnson, James R.6241-
Johnson, James T.46371899; heirs; petition; receipts; settlement
Johnson, Jane1939 C1855; guardian's records
Johnson, Joe S.12096-
Johnson, John18411854; heirs; petition; appraisement
Johnson, John vs Housing Authority11270-
Johnson, John Henry24801861; notes; accounts
Johnson, John P.19081854; Will w/heirs; slaves; accts.; sale of property
Johnson, John R.11801842; slave; guardian's accts.
Johnson, John R.7144-
Johnson, John R. B.23951874; summons; payment of purchase money
case prob. begun in 1860
Johnson, Josie7444-
Johnson, Juanita8067-
Johnson, Kristie Adair15414-
Johnson, Laura B.5412-
Johnson, Lee Andrew9362-
Johnson, Lila Jean10426-
Johnson, Lottie Gertrude Howard98351944; delayed birth certificate; photocopy from family bible
Johnson, Lucille9354 C-
Johnson, Maggie Cox7436-
Johnson, Margaret6796-
Johnson, Margaret A.5216-
Johnson, Martha E.11761838; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Johnson, Martha G.22861859; writ of lunacy; appraisal; sale
Johnson, Martha G.2493-
Johnson, Martha G.27341866; petition; citation
Johnson, Mary Bell5229-
Johnson, Mose12737-
Johnson, Moses vs Housing Authority11311-
Johnson, O. A.7939-
Johnson, Patricia Ann12853-
Johnson, Robert9354 D-
Johnson, Robert11905-
Johnson, Robert12301-
Johnson, Robert Allen14456-
Johnson, Rosannah1853184; Will w/heirs; appraisal; sale; accts.
Johnson, Rose11561-
Johnson, Rosie Mae12081-
Johnson, Roy6414-
Johnson, Roy C.8627-
Johnson, S. J.9306-
Johnson, Sadie Cassie11540-
Johnson, Samuel Finley9869-
Johnson, Sarah4994-
Johnson, Sarah A.12388-
Johnson, Sarah Ann38981884; Will w/heirs; land sale; vouchers
Johnson, Sarah J.29621869; guardian's bond
Johnson, Savannah West13777-
Johnson, Sidney Lee14775-
Johnson, Susannah1939 D1855; guardian's records
Johnson, Tessie Juanita80671931; adoption
Johnson, Thomas29151868; guardian's inventory; appraisal of property
Johnson, Thomas Chelton14928-
Johnson, Virlee5591-
Johnson, Virlie5907-
Johnson, W. W.9351-
Johnson, William36231879; admin.'s bonds; accts.; insolvancy report
Johnson, William B.1939 E1855; guardian's records
Johnson, William E.4421838; Will w/heirs; inv. & appraisal; vouchers; accts.; sales; settlement
Johnson, William E.9011823; letters of admin.; inventory
Johnson, Winifred J. T.35591878; heirs; sale; accts.; petition; vouchers
Johnston, Agnes15491823; Will; heirs
Johnston, Charles W.9031822; accts.; inventory; bond; sale of pers. prop.
Johnston, Edward12093 A-
Johnston, Edward D.11489-
Johnston, Elizabeth12093 B-
Johnston, James3701 A1871; guardianship bond and accts. from Kansas
Johnston, James D.401831; guardian's settlement; slaves
Johnston, James Richard12284-
Johnston, John6671830; Will; heirs; Orphans Ct. docs
Johnston, John3701 B1871; guardianship bond and accts. from Kansas
Johnston, John H.9021815; inventory; petitions; pers. prop.
Johnston, Lowe12093 C-
Johnston, Robert35091878; admin.'s bond; letter from Ala. Commissioner of Deeds
Johnston, Thomas C.411831; guardian's settlement; slaves
Johnston, Thomas Jefferson901834; Will w/heirs; slaves; estate accts. & vouchers; division
Johnston, William26131866; Will w/heirs; court case; accts.; inventory; sale
Johnston, William R.35221877; heirs; bond; appraisal; exemption
Johnston, William. W. vs heirs2673-
Joiner, Claudie5324 A-
Joiner, Joseph2831836; heirs; appraisal; sales; Orphans Ct. docs
Joiner, Lizzie5324 B-
Joiner, Louisa5324 C-
Joiner, Melvin13596-
Joiner, Nina5324 D-
Joiner, Percy5324 E-
Joiner, Stella13555-
Joiner, William5310-
Jolley, Annie3553 A1879; guardian's petitions; sale; accts.; vouchers
Jolley, Benjamin31651873; heir; bond; petitions
Jolley, Caroline E.35581878; heirs; bond; appraisal; depositions; petition; sale; vouchers
Jolley, Frank3553 B1879; guardian's petitions; sale; accts.; vouchers
Jolly, Ann13459-
Jolly, Ann vs Housing Authority15049-
Jolly, Dorothy Marie14563-
Jolly, Governor7613-
Jolly, Huston7632-
Jolly, J. L.15215-
Jolly, Nancy12986-
Jones vs Madison Co.14431-
Jones, Agnes F.1331833; inv. & appr.; sales; allotment of slaves
Jones, Albert H.156 A1832; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Albert H.2161832; heirs; slaves; guardian's accts.
Jones, Albert H.4141839; heirs; slaves; lg. estate file
Jones, Albert H.1182 A1841; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Albert H.5543-
Jones, Alexander P.26791865; petitions; probate court case
Jones, Alice K.14332-
Jones, Alice M.45681898; heirs; petitions; homestead exemption docs
Jones, Almo11865-
Jones, Amanda Jennie8819-
Jones, Andrew (Andy)8601-
Jones, Ann7348-
Jones, Ann Thomas14488-
Jones, Anna Mae13730-
Jones, Armstead11001842; heirs; vouchers; settlement
Jones, Aroel Allen14978-
Jones, Arthur H. vs Housing Authority13454-
Jones, Arthur W.4361833; heirs; inventory; lg. estate file
Jones, Bena C.14436-
Jones, Benjamin18261853; accts.; petitions
Jones, Betty Jean9747adoption
Jones, Bob10238-
Jones, Bobby Louis11941-
Jones, Carrie9200-
Jones, Carrie R.5322-
Jones, Cecil7805-
Jones, Charles M.4391825; Will w/heirs; petitions, personal property inventory
Jones, Charles Mills439 1/21841; petitions; sm. estate file
Jones, Charlie2084-1857; inventory; accounts
Jones, Clayton9079-
Jones, Coleman13279-
Jones, Colton4972-
Jones, Columbus29321869; bond; inventory
Jones, Cora R.12411-
Jones, Cyrus46841900; (d. 1874) petition; receipts
Jones, Dallas J.1636-
Jones, Dallas J.21831853; guardian's bond; receipt
Jones, Dallas Jackson156 B1832; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Dan8778-
Jones, Deborah Denise13867-
Jones, Della Sue10853-
Jones, E. C. vs Housing Authority12735-
Jones, Edward Franklin10670-
Jones, Edward Wayne9720-
Jones, Edwin W.12632-
Jones, Eliza7824-
Jones, Eloise7662-
Jones, Eloise7663-
Jones, Elvalena Moore10559-
Jones, Emma45021898; Will w/heirs; petition
Jones, Emmet Wayne110204-
Jones, Ephraim "Dink"7562-
Jones, Eugene10151-
Jones, Fannie H.9786-
Jones, Felix T.156 C1832; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Felix T.1182 C1841; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Fletcher8883-
Jones, Francis Alfreol10121-
Jones, Frank9041826; lg. file; heirs; slaves; petitions; accts.
Jones, Frank12846-
Jones, Frank M.13725-
Jones, Frederick, Dr.1561832; estate records
Jones, Frederick, Dr.16701844; heirs; inventory; accts.; vouchers
Jones, Frederick2183 Aguardianship records
Jones, G. Walter10039-
Jones, George39411886; heir; two petitions
Jones, George6863-
Jones, George8993-
Jones, George9353-
Jones, George T.31051871; Will w/heirs; agreement; appraisal; sale; petitions; accts.
Jones Jr., George T.28661869; heirs; report of insolvancy; land sale
Jones, George W.28081867; heirs; petitions; inventory of notes; accts.
Jones, Gloria Marie14434-
Jones, Grace8784-
Jones, H. M.12691-
Jones, Hardiman F.4411840; sale of estate property
Jones, Hardiman F.15131838; Orphans Ct. docs; sale of perish. prop.
Jones, Harsie6686-
Jones, Hattie W.7861-
Jones, Henry Leo4773-
Jones, Henry Thomas11990-
Jones, Horatio8881825; inventory & appraisal; sales & rent; accts.
Jones Sr., Howard C.14611-
Jones, Ike6832-
Jones, J. A. R.6275-
Jones, J. Rowe9408-
Jones, James Alfred8290-
Jones, James Alfred9029-
Jones, James B.23681859; heirs; bond; petition; sale of land
Jones, James Benton5879 A-
Jones, James I.38841905; Will w/heirs
Jones, James I.5107-
Jones, James Ira10616-
Jones, James Isie11835-
Jones, James S.17091849; heirs; slaves; accts.; vouchers; inventory
Jones, James W.6042-
Jones Jr, James W.12900-
Jones Jr., James W.15376-
Jones, James Wesley11706-
Jones, James William9755-
Jones, Janie DeliaMisc. p. 4 - J1893; guardian's bond
Jones, Jessie vs Housing Authority13522-
Jones, Joel W.1321827; very lg. estate file; Will; slaves; land sale; settlement
Jones, John (Jr)4381828 heirs; bond; slaves; accts.; vouchers; lg. file
Jones, John (Sr)438 1/21824; 1828 Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; appraisal
Jones, John5377-
Jones, John Clarence8816-
Jones, John H.4441837; heirs; bond; petition; division of slaves
Jones, John H.15084-
Jones, John Henderson30991871; guardian's bond; final settlement
Jones, John Henry3100 A1871; guardian's petition; summons
Jones, John J.7154-
Jones, John Robert5455-
Jones, John S.156 D1832; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, John S.1182 D1841; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, John T.2167ca. 1850s; list of slaves
Jones, John W.17701853; slaves; claims; inventory; accts.
Jones, Joseph A.12044-
Jones, Julia Wynn10659-
Jones, Katherine B.12325-
Jones, Katie Sanford14730-
Jones, Laura Mae15243-
Jones, Leila H.8652-
Jones, Leroy H.36221880; Will w/heirs; summons; petition
Jones, Lewellen2231820; Will w/heirs; accts; sale; *not the same individual found in case 223 1/2
Jones, Lewellen223 1/21828; Will w/heirs; slaves; inv. & appraisal;.accts; final settlement; Orphans Ct. docs; *not the same individual found in case 223
Jones, Lewis4544ca. 1898;
Jones, Lewis46291898; heirs; petitions; accts.; receipts; vouchers
Jones, Lewis6861-
Jones, Lige9282-
Jones, Louis (Lewis)13425-
Jones, Louisa M.2183 Bguardianship records
Jones, Lowell M.12210-
Jones, Lucy6027-
Jones, Lucy7166-
Jones, Lucy Mae Dill vs Housing Authority13364-
Jones, Maggie W.Misc. p. 5 - J1894; administrator's bond - 1 pg
Jones, Maria14670-
Jones, Maria A.156 E1832; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Maria A.17171847; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Jones, Maria Augusta1182 E1841; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Maria G.38141881; heirs; vouchers
Jones, Maria L.30391870; guardian's bond; ct. case; sale of land
Jones, Maria Louisa3100 B1871; guardian's petition; summons; final settlement
Jones, Marie8473-
Jones, Marie9220-
Jones, Mark9490-
Jones, Mary19311855; heirs; slaves; petitions; inventory; sale
Jones, Mary A.19051854; guardian's settlement
Jones, Mary E.6893-
Jones, Mary Ellen23761860; choice of guardian; guardian's bond
Jones, Mary J.7591-
Jones, Mary L.5047adoption
Jones, Mary M. S.156 F1832; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Mary M. S.1182 F1841; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Mary Scott9519-
Jones, Mattie11735-
Jones, Mattie Belle C.12164-
Jones, Mattie E.7396-
Jones, Micheal Renard14542-
Jones, Mildred H.14377-
Jones, Mildred Marie15214-
Jones, Mollie Wynn12080-
Jones, Morris5516-
Jones, Moses W.6086-
Jones, Myra E.7999-
Jones, Myra May14068-
Jones, Nancy4401837; Will w/heirs; appraisal; Orphans Ct. docs
Jones, Nancy Ann29851870; admin.'s bond + 2 vouchers; etc.
Jones, Nathan8951819; Will; heirs; appraisal
Jones, Oscar9152-
Jones, P. A.11863-
Jones, Patsy8901827; slaves, vouchers, accts.
Jones, Paul E.14031-
Jones, Paul L. (Mrs.)7889-
Jones, Priscilla5264-
Jones, Rachel44631897; Will w/heirs; petition to probate
Jones, Raymond W.8077-
Jones, Rebecca13424-
Jones, Reuben45861898; Will w/heirs; petitions
Jones, Richard H.19271851; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Robert A.9134-
Jones, Robert Howard5683 A-
Jones, Roosevelt10487Marriage license correction
Jones, Ruby O.7302-
Jones, Ruth Dale12621-
Jones, Ruth Dale13141-
Jones, Sam Watkins12714-
Jones, Samuel J.13921837; guardian's vouchers; accts.; lg. file
Jones, Samuel M.7709-
Jones, Sarah vs Housing Authority11296-
Jones, Sarah14663-
Jones, Seaborn28241867; heirs; petitions; inventory
Jones, Sharon Renee14541-
Jones, Susan7335-
Jones, Susan H.27681866; heirs; inventory; accts.; vouchers
Jones, T. S.5683 B-
Jones, Thomas8961820; heirs; letters of admin.; receipt; settlement; missing Will, inventory & appraisal
Jones, Thomas Benton5879 B-
Jones, Thomas Dwight8679-
Jones, Thomas F.156 G1832; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Thomas F.1182 G1841; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jones, Thomas W.11820-
Jones, Thomas W.13084-
Jones Jr., Thomas W.14053-
Jones, Tina Louise15219-
Jones, Tom5253-
Jones, Tom E.13701-
Jones, Trenton41381895; heirs; inventory; appraisal
Jones, Usa B.14092-
Jones, Vernell Moore vs Madison Co.12695-
Jones, W. D.8893-
Jones, Wesley40151888; heirs; petition; exemptions
Jones, Wesley6454-
Jones, William1461819; Will w/heirs; slaves; bond; dower w/plat; inv. & appr.; sales;
Jones, William (Major)8971832; Will w/heirs; slaves; vouchers; accts; lg. estate file
Jones, William (Bachelor)897 1/21812; Will; inventory; heirs; slaves; depositions; court case
Jones, William38281883; Will w/heirs; land sale
Jones, William A.19701855; bond; summons; accts.
Jones, William B.42081892; Will w/heirs; petition
Jones, William B.12879-
Jones, William Edward9834-
Jones, William H.20381858; inventory; accts.; vouchers; insolvent estate
Jones, William L.20061854; bond; report of administrator
Jones, William Newton8165-
Jones, William Rowland33581876; heir; application for letters of administration; inv.; appraisal
Jones, William Stratton898 1/21812; guardianship approved
Jones, Willis5469-
Jones, Wynn10621-
Joplin, Charles W.6483-
Joplin, Charles West8328-
Joplin, James W.8287-
Joplin, Nannie F.10503-
Jordan Jr., Alexander8707 A-
Jordan, Andrew Jackson11841837; slaves; guardian's vouchers and accts.; lg. file
Jordan, Batt14711846; Orphans Ct. docs
Jordan, Benjamin9001827; heirs; appraisal; Orphans Ct. docs
Jordan, Calvin42391893; Will; heir
Jordan, Cassenia7619-
Jordan, Charles E.5675-
Jordan, Charles Edwin15143-
Jordan, Charles J.9025-
Jordan, Daris Nellie8707 B-
Jordan, David M.10453-
Jordan, Edwin R.3901 A1884; guardian's bond; accts.; settlement
Jordan, Ella K.5823-
Jordan, Ethel Christian10437-
Jordan, Eugene10770-
Jordan, Fleming37141882; Will w/heirs; accts.; land sale; notes; vouchers
Jordan, Flemming6881831; Will w/heirs; petition for title
Jordan, George9233-
Jordan, Glasgow W.11861837; slaves; guardian's vouchers and accts.; lg. file
Jordan, Glasgow W.31991873; -
Jordan, Harry7520-
Jordan, Henry4341836; Will w/heirs; slaves; sales; Orphans Ct. docs; lg. file
Jordan, Henry C.11851837; guardian's vouchers and receipts; etc.
Jordan, Henry E.2461-
Jordan, Hillary F.1487 A1848; guardian's accts.
Jordan, Howard9702-
Jordan, James9094-
Jordan, James B.11871837; slave; guardian's vouchers and accts.
Jordan, James B.1487 B1848; guardian's accts.
Jordan, James B.16961847; slaves; guardian's accts. and vouchers
Jordan, James B.5598-
Jordan, James Bascomb14871848; guardian's accts.
Jordan, James D.3901 B1884; guardian's bond; accts.; settlement
Jordan, James E.27791867; heirs; inventory; sale of land; vouchers
Jordan, James Jacob8707 C-
Jordan, James L.8943-
Jordan, Jerrel Stockley8707 D-
Jordan, Jessie M.9823-
Jordan, Jimmie5190-
Jordan, John5191-
Jordan, John G.11771845; heirs; slavers; admin.'s vouchers; receipts; lg. file
Jordan, Julia H.29401869; guardian's bond
Jordan, Louise S.10362-
Jordan, Louise S.11342-
Jordan, Lucile6582-
Jordan, Lucy G.6639-
Jordan, Margaret Alice7578-
Jordan, Margie8707 E-
Jordan, Mary10880-
Jordan, Mary Binford12362-
Jordan, Mary L.6063-
Jordan, Mary M.2743-
Jordan, Mezzil7900-
Jordon, Minnie14729-
Jordan, Nancy7006-
Jordan, Ned7015-
Jordan, Nora6889-
Jordan, Reuben G.11791843; Will
Jordan, Rosa vs Madison Co.10286-
Jordan, Sarah J.5824-
Jordan, Susie B.10783-
Jordan, Thomas13107-
Jordon, Viola M.14026-
Jordan, William3900188x; -
Jordan, William Emmett9925-
Jordan, William Francis14643-
Jordan, William H.11831843; guardian's records
Jordan, William M.3901 C1884; bond; accts.; settlement
Jordan, William M.7105-
Jordan, Willie Davie10207-
Josey, James E.12065-
Joyce, Gilmer D.15272-
Judd, Elizabeth W.6348-
Judd, Searcy Wilson13858-
Jude, Earl Council6116-
Jude, George8981818; Will w/heirs; bond; slaves; appraisement; sale
Jude, George31301871; Will; 83 heirs named; accts.; land sale; vouchers; lg file
Jude, Mary13986-
Jungerman, Edward Ernest14728-
Juvenile Court6138-
Kaiser, Mathew5788-
Kamm Jr., Frank14657-
Kamm, Gregory14658-
Karr, Irvin J.14841-
Karthaus, Bessie Halsey6948-
Karthaus, Carrie A.6566-
Karthaus, Earnest R.4700-
Karthaus, Frank6629-
Karthaus, Frederick W.8507-
Karthaus, Frederick W.8520-
Kasprzak, Harry Albert15312-
Katz, Sidney Louis12313-
Kaufman, Bertie Joyce13637-
Kay, Guy Van10922-
Kay, Lloyd C.11199-
Kay, Notie Belle12882-
Kay, Stephen F.12636name change
Kaye, Earl C.13458-
Kebble, Henry10832-
Kedney, Carrie M.8140-
Kedney, Elizabeth May8138-
Kedney, Margaret Jean8137-
Kedney, William Minet8139Name change from Kidney to Kedney
Kedney, William Minet11143Will
Keel, Dave H.10881-
Keel, Fred Clyde5367-
Keel, Helen9691-
Keel, J. C.7260-
Keel, Margaret Ann15313-
Keel, oran Allen14051-
Keel, Percy Brooks9355-
Keel, R. L.8771-
Keel, R. Oscar11280-
Keel, Sallie (Mrs. O. B.)8858-
Keel, Seaborn8463-
Keel, Thomas W.10154-
Keel, Thurman13207-
Keel, W, H.12218-
Keenan, P. F.46511899; heirs; appraisal; accts.; vouchers
Keene, Cecillie5092 A-
Keene, Earl5092 B-
Keene, Edna5092 C-
Keene, James5092 D-
Keene, James5364-
Keene, Ruby5092 E-
Keeton, Lucine10295-
Kein, George B.5012-
Keith, Lon8310-
Keith, Marshall C.13642-
Keith, Mary45181897; adminx.'s bond
Keller, David A.7448-
Keller, George D.10823-
Kelley, Aaron14926-
Kelley, Anna6163 A-
Kelley, Benjamin16161850; letters of guardianship
Kelley, Cecil6163 B-
Kelley, Daphne6163 C-
Kelley, Dave14140-
Kelley, David E.8952-
Kelley, Dora6163D-
Kelley, Jessie W.9929 A-
Kelley, John3624 A1879; petition to sell land held in common; depositions; report
Kelley, Martha E.33741876; heirs; bond; land sale; vouchers
Kelley, Mary3624 B1879; petition to sell land held in common; depositions; report
Kelley, Mary6163 E-
Kelley, Mary G.9929 B-
Kelley, Percy3624 C1879; petition to sell land held in common; depositions; report
Kelley, Robert6163 F-
Kelley, Robert C.3624 D1879; petition to sell land held in common; depositions; report
Kelley, Sarah L.8681-
Kelley, Thomas J.6163 G-
Kelley, Vera6163 H-
Kelley, Walter3624 E1879; petition to sell land held in common; depositions; report
Kelley, William J.25521867; estate accts.
Kelley, William O.15333-
Kelley, Willie12171-
Kellogg, A. A.5121-
Kellogg, Jerry B.9759-
Kellogg, R. B.5044-
Kellum, Floyd6934-
Kellum, Leon J.14721-
Kelly, Aaron44861897; heirs; inventory; appraisal; receipts; vouchers
Kelly, Aaron vs City of Huntsville12089-
Kelly, Aaron vs State of Alabama13699-
Kelly, Ann4113 1/21892; Will; heir; etc.
Kelly, Dave11694-
Kelly, David E.20791857; copy of Will with heirs; slaves
Kelly, Dement5236-
Kelly, Elizabeth1600-
Kelly, Fleming J.Misc. p. 3 - K1917; Will; heir; petition to probate Will
Kelly, Frank7994-
Kelly, G. Lawson10227-
Kelly, George Artis11787-
Kelly, Hampton W.26281865; heirs; petitions; dower; court case; accts.; inventory
Kelly Jr., Isham6330-
Kelly, Isom13325-
Kelly, J. L. P.25761862; heirs; insolvancy report; orders; appraisal; sale; bond
Kelly Sr., J. O.7720-
Kelly, Jack8767-
Kelly, Jesse L. T.21481857; guardian's bond; summons; accts.
Kelly, Joe D.10264-
Kelly, John9071818; bonds; jury verdict on land; appraisal; inventory; slaves
Kelly, John H.2426 A-
Kelly, John Henry10866-
Kelly, John T.6002-
Kelly, Joshua4476-
Kelly, Josiah1601 A1859; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Kelly, Larkin7544-
Kelly, Laura8457-
Kelly, Lillian7911-
Kelly, Lisa Jacqueline15021-
Kelly, Lycurgus1600 B-
Kelly, Maggie8341-
Kelly, Malinda1601 B1859; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Kelly, Martha Ann1602 A1849; guardian's accts.
Kelly, Mary Eva10142-
Kelly, May5237 A-
Kelly, Milly5912-
Kelly, Minnie McReynolds vs Housing Authority11232 -
Kelly, Molly7306-
Kelly, Nannie Lou Ethel Atchley11784name registered for birth
Kelly, Percy5237 B-
Kelly, Robert Edward11782-
Kelly, Robert RandallMisc. p. 4 - K1886; admin.'s bond - 1 pg
Kelly, Russell J.35571878; heirs; inventory; sale; depositions; vouchers
Kelly, Saridella L.2426 B-
Kelly, Sindia11167-
Kelly, Solon1602 B1849; guardian's accts.
Kelly, Watt6945-
Kelly, William C.Misc. p. 4 - K1872; administrator's bond - 1 pg
Kelly, William Emmett10409-
Kelly, Yvonne Vinita15169-
Kemp, Henry10949-
Kemp, John43481895; heirs; petition; appraisal
Kemper, Susan Gray37631882; guardian's bonds (2)
Kendall, Austin7937-
Kendall, Adele W.10508-
Kendall, James L.12546-
Kennamer, Oliver Delmar10099-
Kennard, James J.4481824; Will w/heirs; bonds; slaves; appraisal; sale; accts.; vouchers
Kennear, Leckey M.9453-
Kennedy, Annie B.9136-
Kennedy, Byron Keith14151-
Kennedy, Charles4471819; (missing Will); sale; Orphans Ct. docs
Kennedy, Frank8454 A188x;
Kennedy, Glenn Thomas vs Housing Authority13518-
Kennedy, Henry B.10314-
Kennedy, J. M.41071890; Will; heirs; etc.
Kennedy, J. N.41451891; heirs; bond; petition; report
Kennedy, James22431859; bond; deed; petition
Kennedy, James R.6755-
Kennedy, Jerry12182-
Kennedy, Joana11881841; heirs; final estate settlement
Kennedy, Lula Locke13265-
Kennedy, Martin9061819; inventory & appraisal
Kennedy, Mary M.21311858; Will w/heirs; inventory; appraisal; vouchers
Kennedy, Mary M.28841868; Will w/heirs; appraisal; vouchers
Kennedy, Oscar8454 B188x;
Kennedy, P. B.Misc. p. 5 - K1908; agreement
Kennedy, William M.4461839: Orphans Ct. docs; inv. & appraisal; sales; accts.
Kennamer, James A.13528-
Kennamer, Violet F. vs Madison Co.14383-
Kennamer, Willis L.15008-
Kennemer, David27111867; heirs; petitions; vouchers; sale of land
Kennemer, Seaborn B.
2127 1857; heirs; inventory; sales; court case; vouchers
Kennemore, Chris6290-
Kennemore, John J.Misc. p. 4 - K1880; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Kenney, Edwin Claude12019-
Kenney, Gabriel D.7001-
Kenney, James Madison13600-
Kenney, Joseph W.27471866; heirs; petition; court case
Kent, Edgar3765 A1882; guardian's bond; settlement
Kent, Thomas3765 B1882; guardian's bond; settlement
Kerbo, Viola R.14780-
Kerby, John M.20901857; letters of administration
Kerr, Hugh (Capt)9051814; heirs; inventory; partition of property
Kerr, Robert J.15343-
Kerr, William H.14120-
Kertham, Carrie A.4701-
Kester, Fred Milton15322-
Key, E. H.13733-
Key, Frances129 1/2 A1833; guardianship records
Key, Jesse C.4814-
Key Sr., Job1291826; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory & appr.; sales; settlement accts. file (son)
Key Jr., Job129 1/21828; Will w/heirs; slaves; estate accts. (father)
Key III, Job129 1/2 B1833; guardianship records (gr. son)
Key, John129 1/2 C1833; guardianship records
Key, Magness T.129 1/2 D1833; guardianship records
Key, Sam N.6859-
Key, William7606-
Keys, James A.24691861; administrator's bond
Kibble, Clinton6664-
Kibble, Henry12219-
Kibble, James H.6896-
Kibble, John S.2201841; guardians settlement
Kibble, L. Thomas14927-
Kibble, Thomas vs Madison Co.12716-
Kibble Jr., William A.11560-
Kidd, J. C. vs Housing Authority11217-
Kidney, William Minet8139Name change from Kidney to Kedney
Kilgo, Karen Lynn15176-
Killingsworth, Nancy23981860; admin.'s bond
Killingsworth, Nancy6490-
Kilpatrick, Gradie vs Madison Co.13047-
Kilpatrick, John W.Misc. p. 4 - K1920; heirs; Note to hear Will
Kilpatrick, John W.6706-
Kilpatrick, R. F.15335-
Kimbell, Alfred29911870; petition for return of child; writ of habeus corpus
Kimbro, Eliza King10673-
Kimbrough, Clara9837-
Kimbrough, Clifford9972-
Kimbrough, Della9836-
Kimbrough, Lucille Jacobs9877-
Kimbrough, Oscar Clark9878-
Kimbrough, Rosa Parris15300-
Kimbrough, Sarah Brandon14618-
Kimbrough, W. G.13633-
Kincaid, John M.39391886; Will w/heirs; summons
Kincaid, Marian39881887; appraisal; accts.
Kincaid, William16541850; Will w/heirs; slaves; accts.; sale of property
Kinchelon, Milton Author3766 A1882; guardian's bond; land sale
Kinchelon, Sandy Osborn3766 B1882; guardian's bond; land sale
Kinchlow, Sandy5871-
Kinchum, Frances M.7925-
Kinchum, Franklin P.6408-
Kindred, Viola Mary McNatt13861-
King, Birdie5637 A-
King, Carver D.42691894; admin.'s bond
King, Carver D.4270-
King, Catherine Duane14307-
King, Charles4491822; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisal; sale; estate accts.
King, Clestel Louis11052-
King, Daniel5943 A-
King, Effie13852-
King, Fannie7597 A-
King, George C.30381870; administrator's bond
King, Harman6201830; copy of Will; inventory & appraisal; sale
King, Harold Wayne14306-
King, Henry Cal9699-
King, J. L.7597 B/td>-
King, James A.10836 A-
King, John19731856; heirs; slave; inventory; sale; bounty land; accts.
King, John A.13416-
King, John Arthur14795-
King, John D.25261862; heirs; slaves; inventory; court case
King, John H.2692 1/21866; heirs; inventory; sale; court case; vouchers
King, John Hawkins19041855; guardian's accts.
King, John L.25391862; administrator's bond
King, John R.26451865; heirs; bond; accts.; vouchers
King, John Ready2963 A1869; petition for guardianship
King, John W.2452 A1860; appointment of guardian
King, L. D. vs Housing Authority15024-
King, Lillie5637 B-
King, Lonnie L.6077-
King, Lorena Eason10836 B-
King, Lucille Carlin14796-
King, Malissia8868-
King, Mart7991-
King, Martha6174-
King, Mary E.2452 B1860; appointment of guardian
King, Mattie Lee Drake vs Housing Authority11306 -
King, Miles J.30771870; 1862 unique patriotic Will w/heirs; insolvancy report; ct. case
King, Nannie10080-
King, Oliver5943 B-
King, Penelope4501839; Will; inventory and appraisal
King, Perry Judson11873-
King, Raymond7597 C-
King, Robert W.2452 C1860; appointment of guardian
King, Rosemary Evelyn2963 B1869; petition for guardianship
King, Shelly7597 D-
King, Sim6504-
King, Starland Powell14524-
King, Thomas Edward2963 C1869; petition for guardianship
Kingsbury, G. O.6091-
Kinkle, Agnes T.24531861; administrator's bond
Kinkle, Camelia Ann2222-
Kinkle, John J.1490 A1849; guardian appointed
Kinkle, John T.21811854; guardian's bond
Kinkle, Maria F.1490 B1849; guardian appointed
Kinkle, Maria W.1971 A-
Kinkle, Mary C.1490 C1849; guardian appointed
Kinkle, Robert1971 B-
Kinkle, Robert M.17601850; Will; inv. & appraisal; accounts
Kinney, Katie May37191883; adoption
Kinnebrugh, Blanche2740 A-
Kinnebrugh, John H..1972 A1856; slave; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Kinnebrugh, Martha S.1972 B1856; slave; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Kinnebrugh, Sarah Elizabeth1972 C1856; slave; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Kinnebrugh, William M.1972 D1856; slave; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Kinnebrugh, Walter2740 B-
Kinnibrough, Annie W.11391Req. for birt certificate
Kinnibrough, Edgar D.12191-
Kinnibrough, John18291854; heirs; slaves; claims; accts.; lg file
Kinnibrugh, James H.22821859; heirs; slaves; vouchers; inv,; sale; accts.; lg file
Kinsey, Dorothea Caroline Zajicek91051940; name change
Kinsey, John David Zajicek91071940; name change
Kinsey, Molly Louise Zajicek91061940; name change
Kintchlow, Martha10499-
Kirby, Annastasia Henrietta14191-
Kirby, Cornelia8154-
Kirby, Elizabeth29771868; heirs; inventory; sale; ct. case; settlement; vouchers
Kirby, Mary Lucy13502-
Kirby, William8500-
Kirby Jr., William Fuselli13811-
Kirby, William M.14151847; Will w/heirs; Orphans Ct. docs; inv. & appraisal; sales
Kirk, Jesse vs Albert Evans7686-
Kirk, Susan V.Misc. p. 4 - K1875; administrator's bond - 1 pg
Kirk, Terrell Elizabeth10348-
Kirkland, John W.15121846; petition to apprentice an orphan
Kirkland, John W.2749-
Kirkland, Merline vs Madison Co.14384-
Kirkland, William G.258818603; Will w/heirs; bond; petition; court case
Kirkman, Frank L.9793-
Kirkpatrick, Alice M.7410-
Kirkpatrick, Helen B.10585-
Kirkpatrick, J. M.8997-
Kirksey, Charles A.2585 A1863; guardian's bond
Kirksey, Eliza J.2585B1863; guardian's bond
Kirksey, Frances E.2585 C1863; guardian's bond
Kirksey, George B.2585 D1863; guardian's bond
Kirksey, John F.2585 E1863; guardian's bond
Kirksey, Nancy24761861; administrator's bond
Kirksey, W. H.45421898; heirs; setting apart real and personal property for widow
Klaus, Bella37621882; guardian's bond
Klaus, Joseph44211895; Will; heir; reports
Knight Sr., J. T.13979-
Knight, Joe B.10970-
Knight, John R.13399-
Knight, Peter6211832; Orphan's Court docs; Will; heir
Knight, Richard Alan13335-
Knight, Shneida Vaughn10761-
Knowles, Craig W.13495-
Knowles, Frances8372-
Knowles, James Foster11536-
Knox, Anna C.4070 A-
Knox, Edna8193-
Knox, Robert4070B-
Knox, Robert Erskine8582-
Knox, Sidney13908-
Knox, William T.39931887; heirs; petitions; Federal Land Patent; depositions
Kock, John Ulrich14880-
Koehn, Donald C.13913-
Kohler, Otto P.13962-
Kohlmenn, John Burt10265-
Kolb, Joseph C.24021859; slaves; guardian's deed of trust; writ of lunacy; admin.'s accts.
Kolle, Birdie Estelle8739-
Kolle, Henry9315-
Kolle, Louie8764-
Koonce, Alice Merle8931-
Koonce, James Earnest9749-
Kopischiansky, Steven12636name change
Kortrecht, Augusta38181883; admin.'s letters; bond
Koznea, John Arthur14795-
Koznea, Lucille Carlin14796-
Kral, William Joseph15103-
Kramer, Frederick5328-
Kramm, Winfield A. vs City of Huntsville14698-
Kranz, F. H.4730-
Kranz, Louise5022-
Kranz, Pauline C.7435-
Kraus, Freddie M.37641882; guardian's bond
Krider, David H.38131883; Will w/heirs; petition; summons
Kruckles, Robert11985-
Krudop, Anna R.8230-
Kruszewski, John Joseph10038-
Kull, Fred J.15422-
Kunde, William Allen8265-
Kuttner, Edward5152-
Kuzara, Thomas Francis13830-
Kuznicki, Richard Alfred13218-
Kyle, Amamda8124-
Kyle, Charlie6331-
Kyser, J. A. (Dr.)11195-
Kyser, May vs Madison Co.14892-
Laager, John Jacob11223-
Lacey, Charley7791-
Lacey, Henry M.5564-
Lacey, Willie Marie14516-
Lackey, Bennie12173-
Lackey, York4951-
Lacy, Albert D.9471 A-
Lacy, Alexander C.8424-
Lacy, Alexander H.2641-
Lacy, Annie4984-
Lacy, Bobby J.9471 B-
Lacy, Charles T.13976-
Lacy, David11011837; petition for conveyance of land
Lacy, E. L.7640-
Lacy, Edward Howard & Florence Carey Rice9887 1938; paperwork filed to correct marriage license
Lacy Jr., Edward Howard15212-
Lacy, Hopkins321831; estate sale; inventory & appraisal; receipts; vouchers
Lacy, Irvin8717-
Lacy, James Henry5868-
Lacy, Jeanie34581877; selection of guardian and bond
Lacy, Joe8759-
Lacy, John6955-
Lacy, Jordan4611840; Will w/heirs; pers. prop.; estate accts.
Lacy, Laura M.8428-
Lacy, Laura V.12450 A-
Lacy, Lawrence12450 B-
Lacy, Leo M. vs Madison Co.9020-
Lacy, Lorenzo14482-
Lacy, Martha32 A1835; guardian qualified
Lacy, Mary12511-
Lacy, Matilda6391-
Lacy, Mattie vs Housing Authority12733-
Lacy, Myrtle H.13977-
Lacy, Myrtle H.15242-
Lacy, Richard (colored)43451895; heirs; accts.; petition; sale
Lacy, Theophelus32581880; heirs; accts.; vouchers; contract; final settlement
Lacy, Thomas Lee11302-
Lacy, Tom7500-
Lacy, Virgil R.10557-
Lacy, Wyatt11501-
Lam, James AlvaMisc. p. 8 - L1879; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Lam, JeffersonMisc. p. 8 - L1879; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Lam, John A. vs Madison Co.13503-
Lam, John A. vs Madison Co.14037-
Lam, W. B.13231-
Lamb, Aaron Blackstone9383-
Lamb, C. L.7938-
Lamb, Ella10589Will w/heir
Lamb, Hazel Carson9949-
Lamb, John William Dennis11813-
Lamb, Robert C.6321-
Lamb, Sue Venuia10274-
Lamb, William Earl11128-
Lamberson, Anna6307-
Lamberson, Caledonia Catharine24181861; guardian's bond; Minute Entry
Lamberson Sr., John26641863; heirs; petitions; court cases; vouchers; lg file
Lamberson, Joseph P.5671-
Lamberson, Lottie15207-
Lamberson, Lucy J.31561873; admin.'s bond; petition
Lamberson, Lucy Jane2423 A1861; guardian's acct. of monies; agreement
Lamberson, Margaret Caledonia2424B1861; guardian's acct. of monies; agreement
Lamberson, Tabitha33841876; heirs; bonds; petitions; accts.
Lambert, Annette Michele14521-
Lambert, Ella8551-
Lambert, Martha May Baltzer5032A-
Lambert, Viola6535-
Lamberth, Hubert Wayne14794-
Lampkin, Alice Mae14996-
Lampkin, Rosannah2421831; Will w/heirs; slaves; estate inventory
Lampkin, William6251823; heirs; dower; guardian's bond
Land, James T.6505-
Land, John M.14473-
Land, S. E.13763-
Landers, Etta D.10760-
Landers, Henry12858-
Landers, James L.6451-
Landers, Mattie11198-
Landford, Garfield8186-
Landman, Francis23231860; admin.'s bond; appraisals
Landman, George1193ca. 1845
Landman, George P.1193 A1845; guardian's records
Landman Jr., George P.46861900; letters of guardianship
Landman, George P.4702-
Landman, George Purdom45951900; heirs; accts.; receipts; petitions; land sale
Landman, Harry C.12207-
Landman, J. Henry6061-
Landman, J. W.43871898; adminx.'s bond; order of insolvancy
Landman, James37101882; Will w/heirs; accts.; vouchers
Landman, James H.1193 B1845; guardian's records
Landman, Jean Tannock12121-
Landman, Lucy10335-
Landman, Mary F.46681900; Will w/heirs; codicil
Landman, Nancy Ola44121896; petition for guardianship
Landman, Robert S.1193 C1845; guardian's records
Landman, Sarah33041874; petition; sale of personal property
Landman, William9181829; Will w/heirs; slaves; petition by executor; inventory
Landman, William G.1193 D1845; guardian's records
Landman, William T.24561861; administrator's bond
Landwhr, Helga Stork15017-
Lane, Andrew37251880; Will w/heirs; settlement
Lane Jr., Charles10225-
Lane, Charles P.5366-
Lane, Cornelia5653-
Lane, Frank7243-
Lane, Frank7256-
Lane, Frank James7266-
Lane, Harry M.25321862; bond; list of property
Lane, James7486 A-
Lane, Jerre6333-
Lane, John9191827; Orphans Ct. docs; executor's final settlement (see case 926)
Lane, John9261826; Will w/heirs; slaves; inv. & appraisal; per. prop. sale (see case 919)
Lane, Juanita vs Housing Authority13383-
Lane, Louis Lee6052-
Lane, Maria7478-
Lane, Mollie Spence7484-
Lane, Richard5043-
Lane, Richard Alfred13218-
Lane, Samuel E.6198-
Lane, William R.5590-
Lanford, Ann C.2414 & 26111861; heirs; slaves; settlement; vouchers; accts.
Lanford, Claude Aaron11127-
Lanford, J. E.10259-
Lanford, John23921860; Will w/heirs; inventory; sale; settlement
Lanford, Josie L.7010-
Lanford, Katie E.27801866; guardian's bond
Lanford, Martha A.11981843; slaves; inventory; guardian's settlement
Lanford, Martha L.1194 A1846; slaves; guardian's vouchers and accts.
Lanford, Mary E.1194 B1846; slaves; guardian's vouchers and accts.
Lanford, Mary F.24511861; slaves; inventory; vouchers
Lanford, Robert1194 C1846; slaves; guardian's vouchers and accts.
Lanford, Robert A.30291869; heirs; guardian / admin.'s final settlement
Lang, Elizabeth6186-
Lang, Fritz41431891; heirs; land sale; final settlement; receipts
Langdon Jr., Charles9909adoption with name change
Langford, Carrie13025-
Langford, Earnest11124-
Langford, Eula Mae11751-
Langford, Garfield9164-
Langford, John vs Housing Authority11308-
Langford, L. B.6909-
Langford, Lora AllsMisc. p. 11 - L1926; adoption
Langford, Nellie vs City of Huntsville12646-
Langford, Ora AllsMisc. p. 11 - L1926; adoption
Langford, Oscar14814-
Langford, Priscilla9073-
Langford, Priscilla9234-
Langford, Robert280 1/21835;
Langford, Shelby vs Housing Authority11268-
Langford, W. P. vs Madison Co.11643-
Langhorne, John Muller15364-
Langly, Thomas20131856; letters of admin.
Langston, Leonard Franklin11220-
Langston, Roger12981-
Lanier, Adams36261880; heirs; admin.'s bond; land sale; receipts; vouchers
Lanier, Addie B.7421-
Lanier, Aileen Gilbreath13235-
Lanier, Alexander626 A1832;
Lanier, Alice Mae Cloud11833-
Lanier, Ann4511842; Will; inventory and appraisement
Lanier, Annie P.9921-
Lanier, Arthur11228-
Lanier, Ben Eddie vs Housing Authority12802-
Lanier, Bryant914 A1827; letters of guardianship
Lanier, Burwell C.626 A1832; guardian's letters; accts.
Lanier, Burwell C.44591896; heirs; widow's application for exemptions
Lanier, Charles6593-
Lanier, Clinton5395 A-
Lanier, David Shelby14710-
Lanier, Edgar Cleveland11907-
Lanier, Elsie5395 B-
Lanier, Elsie5661 A-
Lanier, George9950-
Lanier, Hezakiah vs Housing Auithority11227-
Lanier, Isaac6241828; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; accts.; vouchers
Lanier, Isaac Alexander626 B1832; guardian's letters; accts.
Lanier, Isaac D. C.1493 A1849; guardian appointed
Lanier, John9141827; inventory & appraisal; slaves; accts.; sales
Lanier, Laura P.5381-
Lanier, Laurie10889-
Lanier, Lawrence8962-
Lanier, Lazarus E.1793 A1850; guardianship docs; sale of land
Lanier, Linea342 B1827; letters of guardianship
Lanier, Lorena5395 C-
Lanier, Lorena5661 B-
Lanier, Mabel Louise13391-
Lanier, Mary A. D.1493 B1849; guardian appointed
Lanier, Mary Bradford15237-
Lanier, Mary Helen15110-
Lanier, Mary S.20331857; inv. & appraisal
Lanier, Mattie C.11617-
Lanier, Milton H.10204-
Lanier, Moses32961874; admin.'s bond; appraisal
Lanier, Robert vs Housing Authority13164-
Lanier, Robert Allen11255-
Lanier, Thomas W.1793 B1850; guardianship docs; sale of land
Lanier, Virginia13081-
Lanier, William626 C1828; guardian's letters; accts.
Lanier, William (Rev)3201841; Will w/heirs; slaves
Lanier, William D.4551838; very lg. file; slaves; property; inventory
Lankford, Delma7518-
Lanza, Charles V.13831-
Lanza, Rosalie Jeanette10570-
Largin, Thomas35561878; heirs; appraisal; land sale; vouchers
Larkett, Clara Lee8798-
Larkin, Edward5906-
Larson, Patricia Ann14782 A-
Larson, William Russ14782 B-
Larue, Abraham6231830; slaves; inventory; appraisal; sales; comms. report
Lary, James Blair14507-
Lary, James N.10478-
Lary Jr., John Howard14506-
Lary, Kate G.12497-
Lary, Kate Grayson12308-
Lasater, E. A.9842-
Lasater, Earl P.12061-
Lasater, Jessie M.13655-
Lassater, C. A.9875-
Laster, Georgia Shields11063Decree establishing birth at time registered for birth certificate
Laten, Harlon Jerlie9916-
Latham, C. C. aka Curry14696-
Latham, Charles42581893; heirs; petitions; land sale; appraisal; dower; receipts
Latham, Harry F.8761-
Latham, J. F.6630-
Latham, James H.8350-
Latham, Jane2339-
Latham, Maggie Belle13614-
Latham, Mary E.6678-
Latham, Myra Jean Smith11411452 1/2-
Latham Jr., Willis L.10355-
Latta, Eugene35231877; guardian's settlement
Lauderdale, Nellie S.12053-
Lauderdale, Robert46601898; heir's petition
Laughinghouse, John W. vs Housing Authority13419-
Laughinghouse, John1189 A1843; slaves; guardian's vouchers; accts.; lg. file
Laughinghouse, Joseph4531839; heirs; slaves; accts.; lg. file
Laughinghouse, Joseph1189 B1843; slaves; guardian's vouchers; accts.; lg. file
Laughinghouse, Joseph24241861; guardianship of lunatic; ct. case; accts.; vouchers
Laughinghouse, Joseph32091872; heirs; petitions; sale of land; final settlement
Laughinghouse, Leonra D.1189 C1843; slaves; guardian's vouchers; accts.; lg. file
Laughinghouse, Mary Jane1189 D1843; slaves; guardian's vouchers; accts.; lg. file
Laughinghouse, Murphy5918-
Laughinghouse, Thomas B.1189 E1843; slaves; guardian's vouchers; accts.; lg. file
Laughlin, Humes C.12967-
Laughlin, James B.5204-
Laughlin Sr., James B. (Dr.)14914-
Laughlin, Jessie S.12886-
Laughmiller, James H.5931-
Lausolen, Martha W.4818-
Law, Carolyn "Carrie"7038-
Law, Carolyn B.8792-
Law, Carolyn B.8802-
Law, George W.7054-
Law, John A. vs Madison Co.12989-
Law, John Albert15295-
Law, Minnie Etta10174-
Lawler, Annie W.15125-
Lawler, B. F.5272-
Lawler, B. F.9137-
Lawler, Benjamin26351863; heirs; inventory; sale; vouchers
Lawler, Bettie C.4816-
Lawler. Elizabeth W.293 A1840; letters of guardianship; inventory; accts.
Lawler, Francis A.10387-
Lawler, Harry J.7561-
Lawler, Hattie V .11563-
Lawler, Hattie V.12484-
Lawler, Henry B.6674-
Lawler. James293 B1840; letters of guardianship; inventory; accts.
Lawler, James9171827; heirs; slaves; inv. & appraisal; petition; transcript; settlement
Lawler, James20771853; heirs; slaves; inv.; sale; accts.; vouchers
Lawler, James W.1975 A1856; guardian's court records
Lawler Sr., Jehu17991843; Will; inv. & appraisal; sales
Lawler, Jesse2691840; Will; inv. & appraisal; sales; div. of slaves; dower
Lawler, Jesse11901866; petition for sale of land by heirs
Lawler, Jesse21101857; admin.'s bond; inventory of notes
Lawler. John (Jehu)293 C1840; letters of guardianship; inventory; accts.
Lawler, Kibble T.7432-
Lawler, Lucy B.8940-
Lawler, Lucy Tommie42071892; guardian's petition to sell land; report
Lawler, Mary12576-
Lawler, Mary A.8958 A-
Lawler, Milton9487-
Lawler, R. C.6283-
Lawler, Rhoda35551878; heirs; appraisal; sale; settlement; vouchers
Lawler, Robert T.7485-
Lawler Jr., Robert T.8950-
Lawler Sr., Robert T.8953-
Lawler, Ruth8958 B-
Lawler, Susan8958 C-
Lawler, Susie M.4815-
Lawler, Texana M.36291880; heir; admin.'s inventory; appraisal
Lawler, Thomas B.1975 B1856; guardian's court records
Lawler, William B.7897-
Lawler, William J.29831869; heirs; petition; sale; insolvancy report
Lawler, William T.6155-
Lawrence, James Raymond13098-
Laws, Mary5284-
Laws, Narcissa4817-
Lawson, Jessie B.11145 A-
Lawson, Rufus C.10710-
Lawson, William H.11145 B-
Laxon, N. G.Misc. p. 9 - L1892; administrator's bond
Laxson, Carol11664 A-
Laxson, Earl13920-
Laxson, Jim W.11424-
Laxson, Lila P.11070-
Laxson, Lionel L.13824-
Laxon Jr., Shelby Allen15385-
Laxson, W. F.8240-
Laxson Jr., Walter9433-
Laxson III, Walter11664 B-
Laxson, Walter R.12302-
Lay, Henry Champlin, Rev.Misc. p. 5 - L1882; Will; heirs
Layman, Rabecca9201829; Will w/heirs; inv. & appraisal; sale; distribution
Laymon, Jerusha28611869; heirs; inventory; sale; vouchers
Laymon, Mary10443-
Layne, Betty10192 A-
Layne, Christine10192 B-
Layne, Edward26421867; heirs; bond; court case; inventory; sale
Layne, Edward30451870; Mississippi Will; payment of purchase money
Layne, John Ella7835-
Layne, Kathleen7971 A-
Layne, Martin Luther10032-
Layne, Margaret10192 C-
Layne, Melissa8977-
Layne, Robert7971 B-
Layne, Thomas W.10711-
Layne, Wilburn7971 C-
Lea, Charity32321873; Will w/heirs; petition
Lea, Houston H.17211853; Will w/heirs; slaves; accts.; lg. file
Leach, Clifford8348-
Leak, Ronnie Cornell11547-
Leake, John M.1811830; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisal; sale
Leakey, Jeptha9161828; accts.; inventory; vouchers
Leamon, Frank9299-
Leary, Lucy8590-
Leatherwood, A. B.18511854; list and sale of personal property
Ledbetter, Archibald S.4621840; heirs; estate accts.; inventory
Ledbetter, Betty Faye15406-
Ledbetter, Daniel20071856; heirs; inventory; sale; vouchers; survey
Ledbetter, Daniel L.21921858; guardian's bond
Ledbetter, Gardner C. Jr25951863; administrator's bond
Ledbetter Sr., Joe9131820; heirs; agreement; bond; inventory; sale of per. prop.
Ledbetter, Joel P.31261871; heirs; petitions; bond; appraisal
Ledbetter, Lucy L.34451877; guardian's bond; accts.
Ledbetter, Mildred M.16791851; sale of slaves
Ledbetter, Nancy34441877; guardian's bond; accts.
Ledbetter Jr., Samuel B.23641860; guardian's final settlement of inheritance
Ledbetter, Sarah C. "Sallie"3965 A1887; guardian's final accts.
Ledbetter, Silas M.3965 B1887; guardian's final settlement
Leddy, Thomas36271882; heirs; bond; vouchers
Lee, Annie Kate5985adoption
Lee, Annie Kate7357-
Lee, Ava99731945; petition to change name
Lee, Benjamin H.99661945; heirs; inventory; decree
Lee, Carrie D. et alsMisc. p. 9 - L+ Hattie T. and T. Cornelia; 1889; letters of guardianship
Lee, Dallas44061896; Will w/heirs; petition; accts.
Lee, George W.2351825; estate inventory; vouchers
Lee, HattieMisc. p. 9 - L1887; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Lee, James Anderson12731-
Lee, James C.17401854; heirs; inventory; accts.; notes; dues
Lee, James Vernon13467-
Lee, Janie B.10021-
Lee, Jennie8862-
Lee, John James9618adoption
Lee, John R.Misc. p. 8 - L1879; apprenticeship
Lee, Lynda Faye12327-
Lee, Mary E.8475-
Lee, Robert M.14205 A1961; guardian's petitions; bond; accts.; court docs
Lee, S. J. (Simeon Joshua)13650-
Lee, SamuelMisc. p. 8 - L1881; apprenticeship
Lee (Dorsett), Sandra L.14205 B1961; guardian's petitions; bond; accts.; court docs
Lee, Tamara Lynn14085adoption
Lee, Valeria B.Misc. p. 12 - L1926; adoption
Lee, William Henry114921952; delayed birth certificate
Leech, Sarah37061882; guardian's bonds; application; petition
Leech, William4641838; heir; slaves; sm. estate inv. and sale
Leeman, James2201-
Leeman, John21221857; heirs; final estate settlement
Leeman, Joseph4581840; Will w/heirs; Orphans Ct. docs
Leeman, Mary4661835; estate appraisal; Orphans Ct. docs
Leeman, Merritt20881852; estate settlement
Leeman, William4671836; heirs; inventory; sale; Orphans Ct. docs; lg. estate file
LeFlore, Ruby Lee15330-
Leftwich, Emily Collier Peebles11189Req. for birth cert.
Leftwich, William D.26721865; heir; accts.; vouchers
Leggett, Augusten15041-
Lehman, Edgar Rand9911-
Lehman, Humes12280-
Lehman, Leon6771-
Lehmberg, Heinrich "Henry"20341856; Will w/heirs; inv.; sale; accts.; vouchers
Lemay, Edith C.14533-
Lemley, Bea7127 A-
Lemley, David19761856; heirs; sale of property; claims; accts.
Lemley, Eddie E.8622 A-
Lemley, Elbert11852-
Lemley, Freddie8622 B-
Lemley, George28211867; heirs; petitions; vouchers; court case
Lemley, George7127 B-
Lemley, Gus8220-
Lemley, Harry Fred8547-
Lemley, J. H.9952-
Lemley Sr., John23041859; heirs; slaves; petitions; inv.; sale of land; vouchers
Lemley, Johnny Emmett12985-
Lemley, Otis L.13475-
Lemley, R. J. vs Housing Authority13282-
Lemley, Silas B.6382-
Lemley, Simeon35631879; heirs; bond; two motions
Lemley, Simeon40571889; heirs; court case; land sale
Lemley, W. H.5474-
Lemley, Wallace Neal9854-
Lemmons, Elijah6159-
Lemond, J. T.14234-
Lemond, William7990-
Lennox, Nannie7016-
Lenox, Franklin12608-
Lenox, J. F.6340-
Lenox, John259 A1824; heirs; sm. estate file
Lenox, Samuel W.2591825; guardian's accounts
Leonard, Frederick11971843; heirs; administrator's accts.
Leonard, James1197 A1843; letters of guardianship granted.
Leonard, Thomas L.21431857; heirs; bonds; inventory; sale
LeRoy, Irby46191899; guardian's receipts; vouchers
Leslie, Edna5887-
Leslie, Eugene9160-
Leslie, Francis6609-
Leslie, Harold15309 A-
Leslie, James L.33221874; heirs; bond; petitions; dower; sale; vouchers; decree
Leslie, Janice Denise15309 B-
Leslie, Jimmie Lee12306-
Leslie, John5968-
Leslie, John M.2471831; estate accts.; inventory
Leslie, Kenneth15309 C-
Leslie, Leroy7206-
Leslie, Lucy vs Madison Co.12699-
Leslie, Mannie6958-
Leslie, Mary9575-
Leslie, Mary12317-
Leslie, Nancy B.10261-
Leslie, Naomi19741856; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory
Leslie, Robert Lee12039-
Leslie, Robert M.8703-
Leslie, Theodore12604-
Leslie, William17981852; inv. & appraisal
Leslie, William4785-
Lesslie, Cornelia R.17371853; Will w/heirs; court docs
Lester, Alexander28851868; heirs; bond; rent of land; final settlement
Letson, Edna S.12343 A-
Letson, Edward12217-
Letson, Linda J.12343 B-
Leverett, Earnest9154-
LeVert, Francis J.29821869; two Wills; heirs; petitions
Levy, Bella F.8095-
Levy, Samuel H.8096-
Lewis, A. H.6007-
Lewis, Abraham9221819; (missing Will; appraisal; sale); settlement; Or. Ct. docs
Lewis, Alexander7491-
Lewis, Annie Kate5985-
Lewis, Charles15511824; Will w/heirs; slave
Lewis, Charles H.13351828; guardianship docs
Lewis, Charles H.1336 A1835; guardian's docs; vouchers and accts.
Lewis, Charles H.1337 A1847; hiring of slaves; final settlement
Lewis, Corbin25701863; heirs; slaves; ct. case; accts.; inv.; vouchers; lg file
Lewis, Daniel38641884; heirs; bond; appraisal; sale
Lewis, David P.38441884; Will w/heirs; appraisal; lg inventory
Lewis, Eddie6051-
Lewis, Edward9091820; inventory; appraisal
Lewis, Elizabeth G.31391879; heirs; petitions; accts.; vouchers
Lewis, Enoch11911844; Will w/heirs; petition to sell land
Lewis, Estella6335-
Lewis, Estella vs City of Huntsville12084-
Lewis, Etta Abernathy11953-
Lewis, Francis L.9081820; guardian's accts.
Lewis, Frank1196 A1842; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Lewis, Frank8669-
Lewis, George W.1196 B1842; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Lewis, Herman A.6533-
Lewis, Hershel13037-
Lewis, Ida Lacy9671-
Lewis, Ira T.14742-
Lewis, Ira Talmadge14943-
Lewis, J. N.42271893; heir; petition; widow's exemptions
Lewis, Jackson12247-
Lewis, James9101828; heirs; inventory and appraisement; Orphans Ct. docs
Lewis, James D.36301880; admin.'s petition to sell RR stock
Lewis, James M.1196 C1842; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Lewis, James Madison11991841; guardian's vouchers and accts.
Lewis, James S.17241853; accts.; appraisal; claims; court docs
Lewis, James S.9010-
Lewis, John C.13371828; guardianship docs
Lewis, John C.1336 B1835; guardian's docs; vouchers and accts.
Lewis, John C.1337 B1847; hiring of slaves; final settlement
Lewis, John H.21881858; Will; heir; petitions
Lewis, Joseph W. (infants)13361828; Orphans Ct. docs; final settlement
Lewis, Levi20161856; Will w/heirs; summons; petitiion
Lewis, Levi5667-
Lewis, Lucie B.43491895; Will w/heirs; petitions; receipts
Lewis, Margaret E.2679 1/21866; estate vouchers; accts.
Lewis, Margaret E.26921866; Will w/heirs; vouchers; inventory - see case 2679 1/2
Lewis, Mary Elizabeth14111841; guardian's accts.
Lewis, Mary O.4114 & 43731890; Will w/heirs; insolvancy report; petition; accts.; vouchers
Lewis, Mattie10850-
Lewis, Mattie11146-
Lewis, Mattie vs Housing Authority15078-
Lewis, Melvin13013-
Lewis, Merriweather A.24601861; Will w/heirs; inv.; indentures; deed; accts.; vouchers
Lewis, Mildred8259-
Lewis, Myrtle6876adoption
Lewis, Nancy25741863; slaves; bonds; accts.
Lewis, Nathaniel14391847; heirs; slaves; inventory; sale; accts.
Lewis, Ozell9955-
Lewis, Peter C.9211828; Will; inv. & appraisal; Or. Ct. docs
Lewis, Ruth Mae14014-
Lewis, Sallie9151817; guardian's accts.; relatives
Lewis, Samuel4541831; Will w/heirs; petition to sell prop.; appraisal; sales
Lewis, Susannah (Mrs.)11951841; guardianship for lunatic
Lewis, Tandy W.28961868; heirs; bond; accts.; final settlement
Lewis, Tommie Lee12293-
Lewis, Vera C.14154-
Lewis, Waldo S.29361869; guardian's bond; final settlement
Lewis, William4591832; lg. file; estate accts.; Cir. Ct. records
Lewis, William1196 D1842; guardian's vouchers and receipts
Lewis, William39511886; Will w/heirs; inventory
Lewis, William C.44701897; setting apart real & pers. property for heirs
Lewis, Willie11115-
Lewis, Willie Pink9203-
Lewter, Charles Edward11993-
Lewter, D. A. (Mrs.)11612Name change
Lewter, Dorothy Hovis14727-
Lewter, Minnie7237-
Lichtenstadter, Mortimer S.9168-
Liebig, Otto C.15138-
Light, Jehu WilsonMisc. p. 8 - L1880; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Light, Robert36251880; heirs; inventory; appraisal; receipts; vouchers
Light, Thomas W.Misc. p. 8 - L1880; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Lightfoot, Bartley37321882; appointment as Constable
Lightfoot, Clackston13401846; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; sale; vouchers
Lightfoot, Clara B.27001866; Will; inv. of notes; accts.; vouchers
Lightfoot, HannahMisc. p. 9 - L1886; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Lightfoot, Harrison17751853; guardian's docs; slaves; settlement
Lightfoot, Harrison21851858; admin.'s bond; accts.; vouchers
Lightfoot, John10921-
Lightfoot, John L.11921846; slaves; vouchers; appraisal; sale; accts.
Lightfoot Jr., John L.13391841; Orphans Ct. docs re estate
Lightfoot, John P.21861858; heirs; bond; petition
Lightfoot, Milton P.21871858; heirs; slaves; accts.; vouchers
Lightfoot Jr., Thomas13184-
Lightfoot, Thomas H.23001859; admin.'s bond; accts.
Lightford, Alice9534-
Lightford, James9508-
Lightford, James vs Housing Authority11251-
Lightford, Mamie Lee9264-
Lilly, Belle Swain12377-
Lilly, Fred7697-
Lilly, G. T.10515-
Lilly, J. H.61651916;
Lilly, Jim H.13241-
Lilly, John R.11196-
Lilly, Robert9378-
Lilly, Rosalie H.45251898; Will w/heirs; petitions
Lilly, William4631840; Will w/heirs; appraisal; Orphans Ct. docs
Limrick, James4894-
Lincoln precinct9622Voting change
Lincoln, T. W.12253-
Lindner, Kurt A.13833-
Linear, Aileen Gilbreath13235-
Linn, Lawrence Everett13004-
Linwood, Don9398adoption
Lippincott, George A.41371891; admin.'s bond; petition
Lipscomb, A. R.1977 A-
Lipscomb, Alta Louise9881-
Lipscomb, Andrew4704-
Lipscomb, Dekalb5102-
Lipscomb, Elias Dekalb, Dr.45331898; heirs; inventory; appraisal; sales; settlement; receipts
Lipscomb, Harriett M.20261856; order to appraise estate; sale of slaves
Lipscomb, James B.12814-
Lipscomb, John T. et als vs Norville, W. M. F. & wife et als 2490-
Lipscomb, Josie B.14910-
Lipscomb, Louise6384-
Lipscomb, Margaret A.1926 A1854; guardian's records
Lipscomb, Martha1977 B-
Lipscomb, Richard14581848; Will; inv. & appraisal; court docs
Lipscomb, Robert M.1901-
Lipscomb, Sarah D.11662-
Lipscomb, Sarah Elizabeth9882-
Lipscomb, Sarah R.1926 B1854; guardian's records
Lipscomb, Sarah T.28761868; heirs; bond; petitions; appraisal; accts.
Lipscomb, Theopelus G.2958ca. 1869
Lipscomb, Theopilus G.1926 C1854; guardian's records
Lipscomb, William Toneadus13015-
Little, Bobby C.13914-
Little, Doyle15384-
Little, Henry C.5327-
Little, Louise11111Correction to marriage license pertaining to parents
Little, Lula B.15151-
Little, Minnie May11448-
Little, Pearl Weaver8978-
Little, William Franklin9093-
Littlepage, Edward44271896; admin.'s bond; petition
Lively, Jabez5835-
Lively, Jabez6269-
Lively, Theo8072-
Livingston, GayMisc. p. 12 - L1926; adoption
Llewellyn, Clara E.10401-
Lloyd, George4976-
Lloyd, George W.8419-
Lloyd, John20851857; inventory; settlement
Lloyd, William B.31581873; heir; bond; report of pers. prop. exemption
Lloyd, Willie4261189x;
Lock, Jacob E.9009-
Lock, John6422-
Lockard, Reuben5836-
Locke, Albert Raymond12592-
Locke, Charles8724-
Locke, Floyd5840 A-
Locke, Emma Hall14339-
Locke, Jennie5840 B-
Locke, Lonzo P.9726-
Locke, Thelma Myrtis13337-
Lockerd, Mollie13693-
Lockerd, R. W.8837-
Lockett, Oma5863-
Lockhart, Alexander6271831; heirs; slaves; Orphans Ct. docs; accounts; accounts & vouchers; lg. estate file
Lockhart, Caroline11557-
Lockhart Jr., Cloyd10948-
Lockhart, James5055-
Lockhart, John456 A1843; guardian's records
Lockhart, John B.17131852; slave; guardian's accts.
Lockhart, Joseph12130-
Lockhart, Matthew S.15501818; Will w/heirs; bond
Lockhart, Robert13381844; admin.'s bond; Orphans Ct. docs
Lockhart, Robert17331853; slaves; guardian's accts.
Lockhart, Robert456 B1843; guardian's records
Lockhart, William456 C1843; guardian's records
Lockhart, William14911849; Orphans Ct. docs; inv. & appraisal; accounts; div. of slaves
Lockhart, William Turner9816-
Lockmiller, Milton9166-
Lockmiller, Milton R.9527-
Loftus, Patrick20201856; bond; vouchers; report of insolvency
Lofty, Amanda Aleen14609-
Logan, Abner L.39871886; heirs; petitions; appraisal
Logan, Chi-Chi12456-
Logan, George vs State of Alabama13078-
Logan, John4651838; Will w/heirs; slaves; sm. estate file
Logan, John C.5656-
Logan, John S.4571840; heirs; estate accts.
Logan, Martha4521842; Will w/heirs; land sale; inventory; Orphan's Ct. docs
Logan, Sam8558-
Logan, Thomas15521812; Will w/heirs; will proved
Logel, Susan W.13243-
Logeman, John C.34321877; Will; heir; inventory; accts.; vouchers
Logemann, Hallie C.5186-
Logwood, Thomas9231820; Will w/heirs; slaves; pers. prop.
Lombardo, Peter9444-
London, Ada C.14319-
Lones, Fred J.14917-
Lones, J. D.8332-
Lones, James4717-
Lones, Luther P.8277-
Lones, Onman C.15009-
Long, Daniel2071836; Will w/heirs; appraisal; sales; Orphans Ct. docs; lg. file
Long, Frederick4055-
Long, Fredrick37091882; n. c. m.; petitions; writs
Long, George B.11606-
Long, Gideon L.11158-
Long, Lemuel912 A1822; heirs; slaves; vouchers; inv.; accts.; sale
Long, Linda Faye13970-
Long, Luther David11855-
Long, Luther David14444-
Long, Mary431827; guardian's vouchers; receipts; hiring of slaves; settlement
Long, Naomi Ruth14258-
Long, Richard44331895; heirs; petition to sell land; summons
Long, Lemuel912 A1822; heirs; slaves; vouchers; inv.; accts.; sale
Long, Samuel912 B1822; heirs; slaves; vouchers; inv.; accts.; sale
Long, William B.9241820; (missing Will); inv. & appraisement
Longmuir, Jeannette H.15182-
Looney, Absalom9251818; sale; slaves; inventory
Loring, Philip10521-
Lott, George Henry12921-
Loudan, David Rector9768-
Louisville & Nashville Railroad vs Aaron Fleming14189-
Love, A. A.6907-
Love, A. A.7271-
Love, Alice Lee5479-
Love, Arnell9399 A-
Love, Charles R.2260 A1859; guardian's bond
Love, Clara B.10197-
Love, Edgar L.8637-
Love, Edwin2260 B1859; guardian's bond
Love, Francis2260 C1859; guardian's bond
Love, Horace108B1837; letters of guardianship
Love, Joel R.39821896; Will w/heirs; land sale
Love, Joel R. vs Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railway 4168 E1892; land condemnation; decree
Love, John1131834; 1818 Will; div. of slaves; petitions; land sale; accts.
Love, John B.2260 D1859; guardian's bond
Love, John F.1341835; guardian's petitions; inventory; accts.; slaves sold
Love, Julia Lowe vs Housing Authority11265-
Love, Letha9399 B-
Love, Martha H.113 A1835; guardian chosen
Love, Mary9777-
Love, Mary Ann8687-
Love, Moses10940-
Love, Myrtle E.9382 A-
Love, Quincy B.7286-
Love, Quincy B.7295-
Love, Rhoda15111848; petition to commit admin. to sheriff
Love, Robert Earl13656-
Love, Rufus9011-
Love, Susannah17361854; heirs; slave; bond
Love, William Adolphus8662-
Love, William C.7285-
Loveday, Janice vs Madison Co.12796-
Loveday, Janice Diane12916-
Loveday, Teddy Howard12915-
Lovejoy, Lawrence Edward13313-
Loveless, C. T.12781-
Lovell, Virgil W.8561-
Loving, Abraham3931842; Will w/heirs; inv. & appraisal; gower; Orphans Ct. docs
Loving, Rachael2546-
Lowe Sr., Bartley M.2816186_;
Lowe, C. S.9612-
Lowe, Calvin H.10231-
Lowe, Caroline10322-
Lowe, Daisy Ann7839-
Lowe, Ellen V.21331858; heirs; inventory; accts.; vouchers; petitions
Lowe, Eugene Baukston14809-
Lowe, George A.861837; estate committed to Chancery; final settlement
Lowe, Isaac N.6783-
Lowe, James D.7588-
Lowe, James M.31091871; guardian's bond; petition to sell stock
Lowe, John5604-
Lowe, John C.11319-
Lowe, Katie5766-
Lowe, Lockie Ann11630-
Lowe, Lucy2150 A1858; slaves; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Lowe, Maria6479-
Lowe, Moses5192-
Lowe, R. F.8016-
Lowe, Richard H.4952-
Lowe, Robert J.25031862; Will w/heirs; accts.; vouchers
Lowe, Robert J. vs Housing Authority11219-
Lowe, Robert J.11229-
Lowe Jr., Robert J.5665-
Lowe, Samuel36281881; heirs; inventory; appraisal; petition; vouchers
Lowe, Sarah2150B1858; slaves; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Lowe, Sarah5967-
Lowe, Sarah8714-
Lowe, Susannah4601832; slaves; inventory & appraisal; sale; Orphans Ct. docs
Lowe, Waddy7882-
Lowe, William2150 C1858; slaves; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Lowe, William M.37041882; heirs; bond
Lowenthal, Lina38201883; guardian's final settlement; accts.
Lowenthal, Lina H.9357-
Lowery, Alvin8004-
Lowery, Frances H. vs City of Huntsville12054-
Lowery, Frances Hubbard15271-
Lowery, George L.10808-
Lowery, James Orville11481-
Lowery, Katherine M.10015-
Lowery, LeRoy12635-
Lowery, Samuel H.5198-
Lowery, Tom vs Housing Authority11325-
Lowndes, Eunice P.7960-
Lowndes, P. W.7800-
Lowry, Carl E.5711-
Lowry, Georgia5774-
Lowry, J. Tate14373-
Lowry, Jimmie P.9139-
Lowry, John T.38451884; petition to partition land; depositions
Lowry, John T.5193-
Lowry, Martha Ann1954 A1855; guardian's accts.; vouchers; court docs
Lowry, Mary T.1954 B1855; guardian's accts.; vouchers; court docs
Lowry, Minerva1954 C1855; guardian's accts.; vouchers; court docs
Lowry, Sarah D.1954 D1855; guardian's accts.; vouchers; court docs
Loyd, Gilbert8412-
Loyd, Will8333-
Lucet, Lewis38671885; Will w/heir; bond; petitions; accts.; receipts
Luke, Harvey L.13826-
Lumpkin, Lena14607-
Lumpkin, Robert32901871; Will from VA; heirs
Lumpkin, Thurston35291877; heirs; appraisal; petition; depositions; sale; vouchers
Luney, Ann6785-
Lunsford, Jesse9111826; Will; acct. of sales; settlement
Lupo, Annie Lawler1113-
Lupshi, Annie M. Poff13483-
Lusk, Ellen J.8516-
Lusk, Frank vs Madison Co.14387-
Lusk, Harvey M.10435-
Luther, Max A.12442-
Luttrell, AdaMisc. p. 10 - L1897; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Luttrell, George W.44371897; Will w/heir; petitions; assignment
Luttrell, Jim L.8015-
Luttrell, Jim L.8682-
Lyascom, Gladys vs Madison Co.11640-
Lyle, Charles D.13138-
Lyle, Edith6383 A-
Lyle, Edward E.37671882; guardian's bond
Lyle, Florence6383B-
Lyle, Harry B.6203-
Lyle, Ida vs Madison Co.13109-
Lyle, Iola M.13319-
Lyle, John7922 A-
Lyle, Karen M.13885 A-
Lyle, Kathy A.13885 B-
Lyle, Madoliene Polk12966-
Lyle, Robert J.9298-
Lyle, Robert Nathaniel8914-
Lyle Jr., W. L.7922 B-
Lyle, William L.4905-
Lyle, William LeRoy11808-
Lynch, Brice M.21131857; heirs; inventory; sale; vouchers
Lynch, Doris7181-
Lynch, Emma9467-
Lynch, J. V.7221-
Lynch, James S.26021863; heirs; slaves; accts.; vouchers
Lynch, Jennie5780-
Lynch, John Floyd8535-
Lynch, John Henry14844-
Lynch, John M.32931874; admin.'s bond; appraisal
Lynch, Katie7373-
Lynch, W. M.10980-
Lynch, Walter10569-
Lynch, Will10600-
Lyne, Robert D.8158-
Lynn, Guy R.15416-
Lynn, James David14842-
Lynsky, William E.61901916;
Lyon, David H.9082-
Lyon, O. H.8895-
Lyons, Carrie12282-
Lyons, Daniel32101872; heirs; bond; appraisal; sale
Lyons, Michael29871870; Will w/heirs; petitions; bond; accts.; vouchers; lg file
Lyons, Rody J.6193-
Lytle, Lillie Nelson8616-
Mabe, Maggie Lou66911920; petition to adopt
Macklin, Sallie8191-
Macon, Bertha Clayton vs Housing Authority11529-
Macon, George Allen8845-
Macon, Joseph E.10632-
Macon, Joseph S.45671898; heirs; receipts; accounts
Macon, Mary E.6286-
Madden, Eliza Ann328 A1835; guardian's accts.; Orphans Ct. docs
Madden, Elizabeth Amanda328 B1835; slaves; guardian / husband's accts.; Orphans Ct. docs
Madden, Mabra2711836; heirs; commission's report; slaves; Orphans Ct. docs. Continued in case 328.
Madden, Mabra3281845 Orphans Ct. docs; admin.'s settlement. See case 271.
Madden, Robert F.4058-
Madden, Thomas J.315(see case 328 C)
Madden, Thomas J.328 C1835; guardian's accts.; docs
Maddox, Arthur6569-
Maddox, Bernie7456-
Maddox, Bernie8152-
Maddox, C. M.8709-
Maddox, Cay A.6569 A-
Maddox, Ermey6569 B-
Maddox, Erskine Leon9860-
Maddox, J. W. (Mrs.)8936-
Maddox, JohnMisc. p. 1 - M1822; inventory and sale of estate
Maddox, Mattie Lou6691-
Maddox, Murphy13038-
Maddox, ShelbyMisc. p. 11 - M1921; guardian's settlement
Maddox, Thomas J.6599-
Maddox, Virlie5907-
Maddox, WilsonMisc. p. 1 - M1825; heirs; division of slaves
Madison, town of13439Annexation election
Madison, Town of vs Sam Davis, Jr.13720-
Madison, town of vs Frances Costin10492-
Madison Co. vs Fannie Elizabeth Adcock13055-
Madison Co. vs L. C. Anderson7525-
Madison Co.13439Annexation election for town of Madison
Madison Co. vs Lucille Atchley12099-
Madison Co. vs Herman Bailey7944-
Madison Co. vs Graham Ballard7664-
Madison Co. vs heirs of W. S. Bayless12700-
Madison Co. vs Clarence & Cora Beasley7602-
Madison Co. vs Ann P. Berry12706-
Madison Co. vs Richetta Betts15338-
Madison Co. vs J. W. Blackburn10288-
Madison Co. vs H. H. Bone10290-
Madison Co. vs James Bone10291-
Madison Co. vs Josie B. Bragg10287-
Madison Co. vs Denton Broad12994-
Madison Co. vs Harry Broad12988-
Madison Co. vs Nelle Jenkins Brown12758-
Madison Co. vs Claude N. Buchanan12760-
Madison Co. vs Miriam Jones Burnett15005-
Madison Co. vs Miriam Jones Burnett15105-
Madison Co. vs Miriam Jones Burnett15107-
Madison Co. vs Miriam Jones Burnette15199-
Madison,Co. vs George B. Butler14327-
Madison Co. vs Mollie L. Byrne10293-
Madison Co. vs Willie Florence Cambron12102-
Madison Co. vs Charles Campbell12144-
Madison Co. vs Clinton Campbell12736-
Madison Co. vs Joseph T. Campbell12794-
Madison Co. vs Lavada M. Campbell12795-
Madison Co. vs Lavania Carpenter12463-
Madison Co. vs Henry Carter9694-
Madison Co. vs Irving F. Chambers12462-
Madison Co. vs George Edward Chapman13053-
Madison Co. vs Reuben Chapman12793-
Madison Co. vs Reuben Chapman12822-
Madison Co. vs Rowe Chapman13050-
Madison Co. vs J. L. Chillders14325-
Madison Co. vs T. R. Christian7317-
Madison Co. vs Annie G. Clift13057-
Madison Co. vs T. W. Clift9301-
Madison Co. vs George A. Connally12506-
Madison Co. vs John B. Cox13049-
Madison Co. vs W. B. Crutcher12491-
Madison Co. vs George T. Culps14385-
Madison Co. vs George T. Culps14386-
Madison Co. vs Charles W. Cummings7683-
Madison Co. vs Emogene Fields Walker Cummings13051-
Madison Co. vs John S. Cummings12993-
Madison Co. vs Wm. H. Cummings7682-
Madison Co. vs Bettie Curtain9337-
Madison Co. vs Willie Daniel12098-
Madison Co. vs Herman T. Davis12480-
Madison Co. vs Edith White Dyas12765-
Madison Co. vs Annie S. Eager8537-
Madison Co.(Election Precincts)10854-
Madison Co.(Election Precincts)12631-
Madison Co.(Election Precincts)13628County
Madison Co.(Election Precincts)10854Ward & District
Madison Co. vs Thornton Flemming12759-
Madison Co. vs A. F. Friend12128-
Madison Co. vs W. E. Fuqua13574-
Madison Co. vs Percy Gordon12719-
Madison Co. vs Mary Nell Chambers Gregg12797-
Madison Co. vs Harriett B. Griffin12764-
Madison Co. vs J. D. Hays12763-
Madison Co. vs Robert Earl Hereford13056-
Madison Co. vs Walton W. Hill13054-
Madison Co. vs Effie Mae Howard13052-
Madison Co. vs. Gordon P. Hughes12141-
Madison Co. vs Huntsville Wholesale9695-
Madison Co. vs Garth Humphrey10102-
Madison Co. vs J. J. Ikard13543-
Madison Co. vs J. J. Ikard13620-
Madison Co. vs James E. Ikard14326-
Madison Co. vs Frank Jacobs12991-
Madison Co. vs Jones14431-
Madison Co. vs Vernell Moore Jones12695-
Madison Co. vs Rosa Jordan10286-
Madison Co. vs Violet F. Kennamer14383-
Madison Co. vs Thomas Kibble12716-
Madison Co. vs Gradie Kilpatrick13047-
Madison Co. vs Merline Kirkland14384-
Madison Co. vs May Kyser14892-
Madison Co. vs Leo M. Lacy9020-
Madison Co. vs John A. Lam13503-
Madison Co. vs John A. Lam14037-
Madison Co. vs W. P. Langford11643-
Madison Co. vs John A. Law12989-
Madison Co. vs S. F. Lemley et als7319-
Madison Co. vs Lucy Leslie12699-
Madison Co. vs Janice Loveday12796-
Madison Co. vs Frank Lusk14387-
Madison Co. vs Gladys Lyascom11640-
Madison Co. vs Ida Lyle13109-
Madison Co. vs Herman Maples12466-
Madison Co. vs Ben Matthews7418-
Madison Co. vs William W. Mells Jr.12977-
Madison Co. vs Joe Mitchell11641-
Madison Co. vs Virginia Mitchell7526-
Madison Co. vs Harriett Echols McBlain12701-
Madison Co. vs John B. McCrary7540-
Madison Co. vs Laura McDonald12504-
Madison Co. vs Hazel S. McDuff9028-
Madison Co. vs J. Earl McFerrin13045-
Madison Co. vs William McKinney13544-
Madison Co. vs Modern Homes Construction14891-
Madison Co. vs Alta Nance8698-
Madison Co. vs (Mrs.) Arthur Nance Sr.8999-
Madison Co. vs E. L. Nance7541-
Madison Co. vs A. L. Nix et als8642-
Madison Co. vs Percy Noble12101-
Madison Co. vs Percy C. Noble12103-
Madison Co. vs Katie Lowe O'Neal13046-
Madison Co. vs Murl Patrick12703-
Madison Co. vs John S. Patterson12976-
Madison Co. vs Luther W. Payne7509-
Madison Co. vs Walter A. Petty12859-
Madison Co. vs Howard Power10292-
Madison Co. vs Howard Power12992-
Madison Co. vs James L. Power10289-
Madison Co. vs (Mrs.) J. P. Roberts9116-
Madison Co. vs A. E. Robertson12139-
Madison Co. vs A. E. Robertson12884-
Madison Co. vs Priscilla Robinson et al11642-
Madison Co. vs Joseph T. Sharp8244-
Madison Co. vs R. D. Sibley13108-
Madison Co. vs Mariah Slaughter12975-
Madison Co. vs John Sledge10559-
Madison Co. vs Carlos Smith12990-
Madison Co. vs Ed. Smith12465-
Madison Co. vs Ed. Smith14235-
Madison Co. vs Ollie T. Smith13059-
Madison Co. vs Rostan Smith12502-
Madison Co. vs Samuel Smith12698-
Madison Co. vs Monroe Sneed14236-
Madison Co. vs William Snyder7321-
Madison Co. vs W. S. Sockwell12761-
Madison Co. vs John E. Spears12461-
Madison Co. vs Jessie Spray13060-
Madison Co. vs John Charles Steger13058-
Madison Co. vs Edith L. Stewart et als8083-
Madison Co. vs Edith L. Stewart et als8084-
Madison Co. vs R. S. Stiles8861-
Madison Co. vs Mary R. Stone8250-
Madison Co. vs A. E. Sublett12460-
Madison Co. vs Arthur E. Sublett12464-
Madison Co. vs Mrs. Harry Swaim12100-
Madison Co. vs Pocahontas Swain13048-
Madison Co. vs Gertie B. Tanner7722-
Madison Co. vs Jack Teague10285-
Madison Co. vs Dan Tibbs12697-
Madison Co. vs Emma S. Tibbs12705-
Madison Co. vs Ezzie Tibbs12696-
Madison Co. vs Rachel Tomlinson9332-
Madison Co. vs Claude J. Walker12145-
Madison Co. vs Henry Woody Walker12702-
Madison Co. vs Minnie P. Walker9183-
Madison Co. vs John H. Wall12766-
Madison Co. vs Dorothy Wilbourn12704-
Madison Co. vs (Mrs.) O. H. Wilson9331-
Madison Co. vs Sarah F. Wilson7603-
Madison Co. vs Shelby Lee Woodis12140-
Madison Co. & City of Huntsville vs Alabama Brick & Tile Co.13738-
Madison Co. & City of Huntsville vs Carlton Hunt13910-
Huntsville, City of & Madison Co. vs Madison Inc.13911-
Madison Co. & City of Huntsville vs Berta Schrimsher Hornbuckle13849-
Madison Co. & City of Huntsville vs Clarence Schrimsher13853-
Madison Co. Board of Education vs Earl Cloud13825-
Madison Co. School Dist.33871876; application for school district
Madison Inc. vs City of Huntsville & Madison Co.13911-
Madison Life and Casualty Insurance12770-
Madison Male & Female Academy 3929 188x;
Madkin, Daniel9311823; heirs; accts.; appraisal; vouchers
Madkin, Wyatt9131-
Madkins, Harrison12489-
Maget, Thomas12231842; heirs; vouchers; accts.
Mahan, James9651823; heirs; slaves; inv. & appraisal; div. of estate; accts.; settlement
Mahathey, Jim5161-
Mahoney, Belle Fuller11906-
Mahoney, Edward C.5783 A-
Mahoney, Ella M.9805-
Mahoney, George M.5783 B-
Mahoney, Margaret L.5783 C-
Mahoney, Mary C.5783 D-
Mahoney, Paul J.5783 E-
Major, Alma May6684-
Major, James46411899; heir; receipts; settlement
Major, John46321899; n.c.m.; guardian's petitions; admin.'s receipts; vouchers; bonds
Major, Robert4913-
Major Sr., Thomas M.12744-
Majors, George W.8705-
Mallard, Lillie Bell7333-
Malone, Albert M.25681863; administrator's bond
Malone, Benjamin451832; Will; slaves; inventory; vouchers
Malone, Cletus9831-
Malone, Edward Cormack14832-
Malone, Eliz. Ann1214 A1842; guardian's accts; hire of slaves
Malone, Harper4791841; heirs; slaves; inventory; appraisement
Malone, Ida11057-
Malone, Ida Wallace14455-
Malone, Jennie B.5753-
Malone, John7842-
Malone, Marshall11978-
Malone, Nashville33311875; heirs; appraisal; receipts; vouchers; dower
Malone, Presley T.9405-
Malone, Sallie38501884; Will w/heirs
Malone, Virginia1214 B1842; guardian's accts; hire of slaves
Malone, William Thomas46791900; Will w/heirs
Malone, William W.9641825; inventory; Orphans Ct. doc
Maloney, John W.12121843; guardian's records
Malory, Catharine F.35101878; Will w/heirs; petition
Malory, Gladine11546-
Mancil, Johnny Kay11060-
Manley, Columbus A.9303-
Manley, Gwendolyn14826-
Manley, Henry8589-
Manley, James M.12051844; guardian's records
Manley, James Woodard14039-
Manley, Jimmie Lee14052-
Manley, Matilda (alias Wiley Manley)20681854; final settlement of estate
Manley, Samuel3141834; inventory & appraisal; sale; Orphans Ct. docs
Manley, W. H.7457-
Manley, Wiley291834; heirs; inventory & appraisal; vouchers; receipts; settlement
Manley Jr., William13309-
Manly, James Woodard9769-
Manly, William M.5497-
Mann, Clarence Conward12572-
Mann Jr., Clifton O.12639-
Mann III, Clifton O.12925-
Mann, Dewey6278 A-
Mann, Emanuel4096 1/21890; Will; heirs
Mann Jr., George vs Housing Authority13821-
Mann, George W.39181884; admin.'s bond; appraisal
Mann, James14610-
Mann, Lela Belle10199-
Mann, Mary Allen14564-
Mann, Mary Ann39501886; admin.'s bond; appraisal; petition
Mann, Prater10555-
Mann, Robert6278 B-
Mann, Ruby Craft14396-
Mann, Thomas29601869; administrator's petitions; inventory
Mann, Thompson4771834; inventory; appraisal; sale; Orphans Ct. docs
Mann, W. A.4753-
Mann, W. J.6927-
Mann Sr., William B.13586-
Mann, Zola Reed vs Housing Authority13311-
Manning, Amos4197-
Manning, Frank5738-
Manning, Frank Canada11040-
Manning, Fred T.8768-
Manning, Glen10033 A-
Manning, James4801841; Will; accts.; court proceedings. Lg. file. See also file 1222
Manning, James12221858; heirs; accts.; vouchers. See file 480.
Manning, Jerry10033 B-
Manning, John D.5376-
Manning, Katie10033 C-
Manning, Margaret6212-
Manning, Martha J.33081874; guardian's bond; vouchers
Manning, Mary Sue13438-
Manning, Muddy7479-
Manning, Naomi L.12569-
Manning, Otto Eugene14372-
Manning, Patricia Eve10840-
Manning, R. A.9390-
Manning, Sarah10033 D-
Manning, Tommie13827-
Manning, William33071874; heirs; appraisal; dower; land sale; vouchers
Manning, William B.43741896; heirs; commissioner's report of real & pers. prop.
Manning, William Benjamin8955-
Manning, William F.5610-
Manning, William Franklin10421-
Mansell, James Walker221 A1841; guardianship records
Mansell, John221 B1841; guardianship records
Mansell, John James2211834; appraisal; inventory; sale; Orphans Ct. docs
Mansell, Virginia221 C1841; guardianship records
Manson, Jessie5986-
Maples, Americus9032-
Maples, Charles B.12603 A-
Maples, Christina1978 A1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, Donald Ramsey12603 B-
Maples, Eady C.1978 B1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, Edward4741838; Will w/heirs; dower; inventory; accts.
Maples, Edward C.4820-
Maples, Edward N.474 A1843; guardian's records
Maples, Frank5353-
Maples, Fred5939 A-
Maples, George L.3638 A1879; guardian's bond
Maples Sr., George Ree11459-
Maples, George W.1978 C1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, George W.5944-
Maples, George W.5987-
Maples, Henry Dewey11032-
Maples, Isaac Shelby10753-
Maples, J. Herman12466-
Maples, James18431854; appraisal; sale; accts.
Maples, James P.8929-
Maples, Joel S.1978 D1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, John P.1978 E1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, Jonas474B1843; guardian's records
Maples, Luckey D.1978 F1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, Lydia474 C1843; guardian's records
Maples, Lydia J.1978 G1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, M. F.11044-
Maples, Maggie Belle8925-
Maples, Martha Caroline474 D1843; guardian's records
Maples, Mary F.1978 H1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, Melissa11435-
Maples, Minta7281-
Maples, Moses3638 B1879; guardian's bond
Maples, Moses Mc.7282-
Maples, Nannie Pearl Prince11714-
Maples, Peter39191885; heirs; inventory; appraisal; sale; depositions; accts.
Maples, Rebecca36391881; administrator's bond
Maples, Sarah Jane474 E1843; guardian's records
Maples, Sarah JaneMisc. p. 6 - M1875; Will; petition to probate
Maples, Shelby5939 B-
Maples, Shelby6680-
Maples, T. F.5891-
Maples, Thomas F.1978 i1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, Verna5939 C-
Maples, W. P.4240-
Maples, William5939 D-
Maples, William D.4821-
Maples, William Franklin12603 C-
Maples, William J.1978 J1856; bond; guardian's accts.
Maples, Z. R.12407-
Marable, John C.9381823; appraisal; Orphans Ct. docs
Marbrey, Oriole Franklin10209-
Marcello, Nannie Parsley11961-
Marcrum, W. R.Misc. p. 11 - M1921; petition to probate Will
Marcum, Andrew34771878; guardian's bond
Markham, Carter Lee11803-
Markham, John31661873; bond; appraisal
Markham, Lula Lee7200-
Markham, Minnie Lee7886-
Markham, Minnie Lee8471-
Marks, Jesse11235-
Marks, John Glen5514 A-
Marks, Lillie E.5514 B-
Marlow, James Oscar13267-
Maroney, George10020-
Maroney, Nannie12059-
Marsh, John Earl7411-
Marsh, Margaret Conboy11920-
Marshall, Francis1899-
Marshall, Maeruth Ann15217-
Marshall, Miriam12351 A-
Marshall, Quintin9691825; inventory & appr.; list of notes; accts; sale; comm. report
Marshall, Selma12351 B-
Marshuetz, Carrie4979-
Martin, Aaron Leon10012-
Martin, Andrew12131842; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; sale; vouchers
Martin, Bessie L.7325-
Martin, Charolette Ann15123Name change
Martin, Clora C.4936ca. 1900; adoption
Martin, Cora Elizabeth14745-
Martin, Conrad7244-
Martin, David19811855; petitions; accts.; inventory
Martin, Elaine11202-
Martin, Elijah T.7246-
Martin, Floyd6071 A-
Martin, George B.14660-
Martin, Harvey5997 A-
Martin, Henry13237-
Martin, Henry C.7981-
Martin, Henry Jackson13160-
Martin, Henry T.10469-
Martin, Hezzie David13547-
Martin, Ida L.5273-
Martin, Izzie5905-
Martin, James1581836; div. of slaves; inv. & appr.; sales
Martin, James1586 A-
Martin, Jeff1586 B-
Martin, Jessie12425-
Martin, John6071 B-
Martin, John7439-
Martin, John Riley11806-
Martin, John W.5972-
Martin, John Y.9158-
Martin, Laura5997 B-
Martin, Laura11433-
Martin, Laura Alyne13847-
Martin, Lena MaryMisc. p. 8 - M1884; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Martin, Mae R.14661-
Martin, Mae Willie Reynolds12620-
Martin, Magdalene12290-
Martin, Mary1586 C-
Martin, Marzella8378-
Martin, Mattie Louise9633-
Martin, Nancy14401847; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; appraisement
Martin, Oma Eva Taymon11191-
Martin, Rayford9744-
Martin, Richard28141866; Will w/heirs; petition; summons
Martin, Richard M.24001860; administrator's bond
Martin, Robert K.28601868; admin.'s bond; transcript of bond and letters
Martin, Sarah1586 D-
Martin, Sarah F.2826 A1867; bond; inventory; petitions; sale
Martin, Tabitha1586 E-
Martin, Thomas2235-
Martin, Thomas J.43661895; Will w/heirs; accts.; vouchers
Martin, Thomas W.37861883; heirs; inventory; appraisal; sale; vouchers
Martin, Tom T.15213-
Martin, Virginia O.36431880; inventory and appraisal
Martin, W. A.12904-
Martin, Will vs Housing Authority12871-
Martin, Zachariah1061829; Will; slaves, heirs; inventory & appraisal; accts.
Marty, Dorothy11782-
Marx, Bettie10248-
Marx, Gustave8536-
Marx, Gustave8604-
Marx, Joan C.11368 A-
Marx Jr., Stephen J.11368 B-
Mason, Ann2391831; Will w/heirs; inv. & appraisal; sales; Orphans Ct. docs
Mason, Annie Irvin8173-
Mason, Arthur5566-
Mason, Belle7795-
Mason, Cecil P.10300-
Mason, Cecil P.10320 A-
Mason, Clara11768-
Mason, Delia E.6886-
Mason, E. M.8039-
Mason, Eillod Lee40931889; guardian's depositions; sale of land
Mason, Fannie Ready11509-
Mason, Flossie5647-
Mason, George W.12260-
Mason, J. B.8796-
Mason, James Richard10518-
Mason, James Thomas6427-
Mason, Jess W.14367-
Mason, John R.38101883; guardian's bond
Mason, Louisa7413-
Mason, Mary J.10323 A-
Mason, Michael4831823; Will; heir; inv. & appraisal; Orphans Ct. docs.
Mason, Michael928Nothing in file. See case 483.
Mason, Patsy C.10323 B-
Mason, Stella Louise10431-
Mason, Thomas6989-
Mason, Thomas T.11078-
Mason, Viola Henderson10320 B-
Mason, Will H.8313-
Mason, William (c)5946-
Mason, William S.4764-
Massengale, Clint5419 A-
Massengale, Elisha9671822; (missing Will; appraisal); letters testamentary; Orphans Ct. docs
Massengale, Joseph W.9957 A-
Massengale, Marcus5369-
Massengale, Marcus M.5482-
Massengale, Mary Lewis5419 B-
Massengale, Sarah A.9957 B-
Massengale, Solomon A.6291831; Will w/heirs; slaves; petitions; accts.; dower
Massengale, Thomas22371858; administrator's accts.
Massengill, Gloria Marie14434-
Massey, Benjamin L.2781839; inv. & appr.; sales; final settlement
Massey, John William10950-
Massey Sr., Raymond Briggs14308-
Massingale, Cluet4999-
Mastin, A. E.6728-
Mastin, America5988-
Mastin, Andrew J.4988-
Mastin, Annie3640 A1881; guardian's bond; sale of real estate
Mastin, Arthur Wade9552-
Mastin, Austin5122-
Mastin, Austin5282 A-
Mastin, Bessie D.3640 B1881; guardian's bond; sale of real estate
Mastin, Booker T.6607-
Mastin, Charles J.43611895; heirs; inventory; appraisal; pers. prop. sale; land sale; receipts; vouchers
Mastin, Eliza Jane44961897; Will w/heirs; depositions
Mastin, Flora9295-
Mastin, Flora B.9262-
Mastin, Francis J.24741858; Will w/heirs; accts.; petition
Mastin, Francis T.26991865; two Wills; heirs; slaves; inv.; settlement
Mastin, Frank31701873; bond; inventory
Mastin, Frank3943188x;
Mastin, Frank8002-
Mastin, Frank T.42221893; Will; heirs
Mastin, Frank T.6301-
Mastin, Gustavus B.25971863; heirs; accts.
Mastin, Gustavus L.36361880; Will w/heirs; petition to probate will
Mastin, Gustavus L.5649-
Mastin, Harvey6254-
Mastin, Hiawatha7368-
Mastin, James A.6881 A-
Mastin, James H.42891894; Will; heirs
Mastin, James H.5282 B-
Mastin, Jessie H.11580-
Mastin, John9271818; inv. & appraisal; sale; settlement; petition to sell slaves
Mastin, Joseph44251896; Will w/heirs; inventory; receipts; accts.; vouchers
Mastin, Joseph A.5365-
Mastin, Lacy9223-
Mastin, Lula5282 C-
Mastin, Lula6881 B-
Mastin, Lula Spragins8043-
Mastin, Martha Sue7165-
Mastin, Mary4948 A-
Mastin, Mary C.22981859; guardian's bond; summons
Mastin, Mary E.4948 Bca. 1900;
Mastin, Miles38411884; heirs; bond; inventory; appraisal; sale
Mastin, Milton G.6881 C-
Mastin Sr., NormanMisc. p. 7 - M1891; Will w/heirs; letters testamentary
Mastin, Susie P.6297-
Mastin, Thomas8483-
Mastin, Thomas Fuller28091868; bond; vouchers; accts.
Mastin, Wash8789-
Mastin, William F.39441886; admin.'s sale of shares of stock
Mastin, William J.6016-
Mastin, William John13441846; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; appraisement
Matchette, Evalina Giles12029-
Matheny, Royce Fred12355-
Mathewson, John W.37961883; bond; sale; vouchers
Mathias, Alta10087-
Mathias, Bert vs Housing Authority11515-
Mathias, Joseph V. vs Housing Authority11527-
Mathias, Elizabeth10158-
Mathias, Henry J.6637-
Mathias, Henry J.7180-
Mathias, John7521-
Mathias, Margaret8633-
Mathias, Robert O.14857-
Mathias, W. J. M.6910-
Mathis, Henry14446-
Mathis, Judy11123-
Mathison, Soloman Leslie10825-
Matkins, Arnetta5325 A-
Matkins, Charlie5325 B-
Matkins, Elizabeth7066-
Matkin(s), Ezekiel W.25611863; heirs; slaves; appraisal; claims; dower; court case
Matkins, Helen5325 C-
Matkins, Lou5325 D-
Matkins, Verba5325 E-
Matkins, William Archie28151867; heirs; petitions; reports; settlement
Matlock, Edward D.9314-
Matlock, Lena12923-
Matter, Percy J.12394-
Matthew, Elijah7367-
Matthews, A. Burritt8082-
Matthews, A. Burritt8889-
Matthews, A. Burritt9285-
Matthews, Albert Burritt6773-
Matthews, Albert E.5311-
Matthews, Ann7374-
Matthews, Ben vs Madison Co.7418-
Matthews, Ben vs Housing Authority12771-
Matthews, Ben L.5302-
Matthews, Benjamin8545-
Matthews, Burritt5456-
Matthews, Carrie T.3379 A1875; guardian's accts.; vouchers; petitions; bond
Matthews, Carrie T.9697-
Matthews, Clara M.3379 B1875; guardian's accts.; vouchers; petitions; bond
Matthews, Clora Leona7968-
Matthews, Dennis13342-
Matthews, Edna M. vs Housing Authority15409-
Matthews, Elijah7407-
Matthews, Henrietta T.6642-
Matthews, Horton Davis13102-
Matthews, James P.3525-
Matthews, John11854-
Matthews, John N.34111874; heirs; accts.; vouchers; receipts
Matthews, John N.44281896; heirs; final settement
Matthews Jr., John V.7428-
Matthews, Johnnie3379 C1875; guardian's accts.; vouchers; petitions; bond
Matthews, Johnnie N.9391-
Matthews, Kenneth R.7427-
Matthews, Lavonne Bandy13675-
Matthews, Lillie Mae13155-
Matthews, Logan7122-
Matthews, Lucian32141872; heirs; accts.; appraisal; receipts; vouchers
Matthews, Lucian T.3379 D1875; guardian's accts.; vouchers; petitions; bond
Matthews, Lucy A.3379 E1875; guardian's accts.; vouchers; petitions; bond
Matthews, Luke33521875; Will w/heirs; depositions; land sale; vouchers
Matthews, Luke6961-
Matthews, Luke11339-
Matthews Jr., Luke12607-
Matthews, Mary T. C.5588-
Matthews, May Violet14144-
Matthews, May Violet14843-
Matthews, Michael Johnson9581827; inv. & appraisal; sale
Matthews, Myrtle V.7229-
Matthews, Susan32891872; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Matthews, Thomas5783 1/2-
Matthews, William R.9661827; inv. & appraisal; sales; settlement
Matthews, William W.29761869; admin.'s bond; petition
Matthewson, Mary L.25841863; guardian's bond
Maud, Ruth9844-
Mauterer, Frank A.12550-
Maxey, Mathias16391839; Orphans Ct. docs re insolvent estate
Maxon, Floyd Garfield15144-
Maxwell, Arthur28181866; guardian's bond; recording cert.
May, Eliza5495-
May, Elizabeth M.9133-
May, Gus vs Alabama Power Co.6552-
May, Gustavus6666-
May, Rayford5130-
May, Roy11134-
Mayers, Bessie H.6369-
Mayes, Anita14810 A-
Mayes, George5975 A1914; adoption
Mayes, Jane14810 B-
Mayes, Jo Ann14810 C-
Mayes, Lottie14810 D-
Mayes, Rita14810 E-
Mayes, Turner8658-
Mayes, Yuvinne14810 F-
Mayfield, Andy Calvin10691-
Mayfield Jr., Andy Calvin13499-
Mayfield, Clara Belle14065-
Mayfield, Eugene10690-
Mayhew, Ellenor M.36421881; Will w/heirs; witness's testament
Mayhew, Elvira28251867; Will w/heirs; accts.; vouchers
Mayhew, Fanny6118-
Mayhew, James H.6247-
Mayhew, Jonathan46541899; heirs; petition for letters of admin.
Mayhew, Laura5704-
Mayhew, Matilda S.6768-
Mayhew, Sydney6817-
Mayhew, Sydney J.5752-
Maynard, Charles9908 A-
Maynard, Elizabeth5811-
Maynard, Henry9908 B-
Maynard, Henry Lloyd9908-
Maynard, Jerry9908 C-
Maynard, Jerry Wayne10400-
Maynard, John9908 D-
Maynard, Samuel5682-
Maynor, Haywood Lee10731-
Mayo, Nancy15141846; freeing of children of color
Mayo, Nancy18201852; inv. & appraisal; accounts for final settlement
Mayor & Aldermen vs Memphis R. R.4006-
Mays, George5607-
Mays, Georgia A.7088-
Mays, L. O.7687-
Mays, Lewis6301829; Will w/heir; slaves; vouchers; accts.
Mays, Mamie S.13183-
Mays, Martha Phelps11746-
Maysville Precinct9065-
Maze, Luther Blanton10739Delayed birth certificate
Maze, Mary Elizabeth11573legitimation
Mazza, John N.7967-
Mazza, Sylvester J.13068-
Meacham, Banks15531816; Will; heirs
Meacham, Mark15571814; Will; heirs
Meacham, Oscar4726-
Mead, Lemuel851836; deed of gift; slaves; Will w/heirs; accts.; vouchers
Meade, Regina Ann11406-
Meadows, Jonas9531818; inventory and sales
Meals, John3001842; petition to erect a water grist and saw mill
Meals, John27091860; heirs; appraisal; sale; vouchers; court case
Medlin, Almira J.1907 A1855; guardian's records
Medlin, George3911 A1883; guardian's settlement
Medlin, Henry37711883; admin.'s bond; vouchers; final settlement
Medlin, James3911 B1883; guardian's settlement
Medlin, Jerusha5438-
Medlin, Joe Henry11608-
Medlin, John A.1907 B1855; guardian's records
Medlin, John A.33851875; heirs; dower; claims; land; petitions; insolvancy
Medlin, Josiah1907 C1855; guardian's records
Medlin, Margaret3911 C1883; guardian's settlement
Medlin, Richard A. vs Albert Moore38171883; pleas
Medlin, Richard Henry1907 D1855; guardian's records
Mednick, Molly Brown12740-
Meehan, Lillie Roberts11206-
Meeks, Clayton7452-
Meeks, David Samuel10071-
Meeks, Georgia McCay102971947; estate
Meeks, Henry Douglas10041 A-
Meeks, Joel William10896-
Meeks, Junior11095-
Meeks, Mathey7441-
Meeks, Verna Izell11789-
Meeks, Violet Irene10041 B-
Meeks, Willie Pearl7629-
Meeler, Joe Wheeler11720-
Meeler, Movelee11793-
Mefford, Dellie Thompson13869-
Mefford, Luther Albert10942-
Melcalfe, Sterling Price14129-
Melette, F. Dell11019-
Melette, Viola6762-
Mells Jr., William W. vs Madison Co.12977-
Melton, Walter S.8864-
Mendel, Hazel46071899; guardian's bond; sale; receipts; vouchers
Mendone, Ambrose37371883; affidavit
Menefee, J. M.58801913;
Menifee, Willis G.19801856; bond; inventory
Meredith, Charlton Dale14845-
Merghen, Helen Tereza D.12296-
Meridianville, Town of15186-
Merkle, Mary J.23011859; appraisal; accounts
Merrell, Raybon12063-
Merritt Jr., Wayne Murray14781-
Merts, Annie C.12339-
Merts, Annie D.9165-
Merts, Harry Bell12384-
Merts, Ida Powell10879-
Meshell, Peggy Ruth Lackey11093-
Metcalf, Andrew9521816; Will w/heirs; inventory and sale
Metcalf, Barnett21941858; heirs; division of property; accts.
Metcalf, Dolly Mae11062-
Metcalf, Harvey Ray13009 A-
Metcalf, Mable Humphrey14106-
Metcalf, Mayble Humphrey13645-
Metcalf, Patricia Ann13009 B-
Metcalf, Sterling Price13646-
Methvin, Levi14231847; Will; inv. & appraisal; sales; Orphans Ct. docs
Metler, Onea Preston14683-
Metzger, Jeanette15069-
Metzger, Minnie O.10269-
Meux, Elizabeth241 A1826; guardian's records
Meux, Isaac O.241 B1826; guardian's records
Meux, John O.241 C1826; guardian's records
Meux, John O.4781830; guardian's accts.
Meux, Mildred241 D1826; guardian's records
Meux, Richard9601826; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisement
Meux, Samuel A.241 E1826; guardian's records
Meyer, George39991888; heirs; petition for exemptions
Meyer, Paul9088-
Meyers, Clara Harbin B.9589-
Michael, Morris5433-
Michalek, Patricia14194-
Michaux, Daniel9561818; heir; slaves; accts.; petition; sale; bond
Micheal, Christopher Lee15317-
Mickle, William Cooper13982-
Middleton, Emmer F.61451915;
Middleton Jr., J. B.15129-
Middleton, Jane18551854; heirs; slave; vouchers; inventory
Middleton, John9461819; (missing Will); heirs; slaves; appraisal; sale; Orphans Ct. docs
Middleton Sr., John4841820; Will w/heirs; petitions
Middleton, Wyche17121851; Will; petition
Midkiff, Irwin37981883; Will w/heirs; petitions; land sale; vouchers
Mikloucich, Barbara13665 A-
Mikloucich, Gerald S.13665 B-
Mikloucich, Terrance13665 C-
Milam, Floyd12027-
Milam, George C.12899-
Milam, John3091838; 7 entries from Orphans Ct. - mentions widow, executors, Rev. War pension
Milam, Ronals Irvin11654-
Milam, Russell M.10502-
Milde, Hans W. vs City of Huntsville15171-
Miles, Fountain9291824; accts.; appraisal; sale
Miles, Robert5361-
Miles, W. P.5266-
Milford, John J.14470-
Miller, Abram27081866; heirs; accts.; vouchers; inventory; court case
Miller, Albert C.2257 A1859; guardian's bond; accts.
Miller, Alice9412-
Miller, Alice M.10790-
Miller, Andrew L.2257 B1859; guardian's bond; accts
Miller, Andrew L.25531862; administrator's bond
Miller, Arthur10901-
Miller, Byram318 A1842; guardianship records
Miller, Byram25631863; slaves; inventory; bonds
Miller, Cassandra F.6146-
Miller, Cassandra F.6220-
Miller, Charles L.12641-
Miller, Claire4447 A1897; guardian's bond; petition; settlement
Miller, Daniel M.2257 C1859; guardian's bond; accts
Miller, Daniel M.23301860; admin.'s bond; accounts for deceased minor
Miller, david Junior13589-
Miller, Edney14281847; guardian's accts.
Miller, Eleanor318 B1842; guardianship records
Miller, Ernest7445-
Miller, Evelyn11939-
Miller, Frank A.11002-
Miller, Fred Leon9822-
Miller, General7445-
Miller, Georgia11877 A-
Miller, Georgia Denise15244-
Miller, Henry16571850; Will; inv. & appraisal; sales; div. of slaves
Miller, Henry29201868; guardian's bond
Miller, Henry4447 B1897; guardian's bond; petition; settlement
Miller, Henry H.14392-
Miller, J. Alton13957-
Miller, J. E.9291-
Miller, James6331834; guardian's file
Miller, James7445-
Miller, James8628-
Miller, James A.18391854; heirs; inventory, accounts
Miller Jr., James E.9419 A-
Miller, Jessie5969-
Miller, Joel318 C1842; guardianship records
Miler, John32681874; administrator's bond
Miller, John7445-
Miller, John A.4711842; guardianship report of hire of slave
Miller, John H.24471861; heirs; accts.; vouchers
Miller, John H.44871897; heirs; widow's petition; report of commission
Miller, John Kleber44461897; heirs; bond; petition; settlement
Miller, John R.9419 B-
Miller, Josiah3181839; admin.'s records; heirs; inv. & appr.; sales; Orphans Ct. docs
Miller, Joseph H.31951873; vouchers; receipts
Miller, Joseph H.4990-
Miller, Juanita13005-
Miller, Karl15245-
Miller, L. W.5687-
Miller, Lawyer12154-
Miller, Lillie Viola Smithey11984-
Miller, Lucinda40191888; admin.'s bond; inventory; land sale
Miller, Lula E.31571873; lg guardian's file; petitions; accts.; vouchers
Miller, Lula E.8825-
Miller, M. A.6869-
Miller, Major Cheatham12032-
Miller, Mamie L.14358-
Miller, Margaret A.11877 B-
Miller, Martha J.5214-
Miller, Martin23401860; Will w/heirs; petition
Miller, Mary318 D1842; guardianship records
Miller, Mary2045-
Miller, Mary32121873; Will w/heirs; petition
Miller, Mary B.6105-
Miller, Meredith318 E1842; guardianship records
Miller, Meredith33801876; heir; petition
Miller, Minnie F. L.44491898; heirs; admin.'s bond; settlement
Miller, Moses2116-
Miller, Nannie Lee11073-
Miller, Nathaniel6321830; heirs; slaves; inventory; div. and sale of personal prop.
Miller, Richard7405-
Miller, Robert4447 C1897; guardian's bond; petition; settlement
Miller, Ruby Dell8903-
Miller, Samuel H.45201898; guardian's bond; petition for letters of guardianship
Miller, Samuel H.4823-
Miller, Stephen H.32861873; Will w/heirs; insolvancy ct. case; sale; vouchers; partial settlement
Miller, Susan12481-
Miller, Susie12436-
Miller, Terry Allan15095-
Miller, Theo9937-
Miller, Thomas D.4701841; dower; estate accts.; land; lg. file
Miller, Unity318 F1842; guardianship records
Miller, Unity P.36351880; Will w/heirs; ct. case with depositions
Miller, Viola9667-
Miller, W. P.11583-
Miller, William8902-
Miller, William D.11041-
Miller, William M.15018-
Miller, Willie7445-
Millette, Elma5405 A-
Millette, Viola5405 B-
Milligan, Kate8818-
Milligan, Leo P.11954-
Milligan, Patrick44991898; Will w/heirs; petition
Milligan, William M.8134-
Mills, Annie D.12522-
Mills, Archibald E.18271854; heirs; bonds; sale of property; petitions
Mills, Archibald E.35661878; 1878; heirs; accts.; request
Mills, Caroline255 A1829; guardian's records
Mills, Caroline256 A1834; guardian's records
Mills, Catherine Caroline92 A1834; letters of guardianship; accts.; settlement
Mills, Caty255 B1829; guardian's records
Mills, David E.8282-
Mills, James Earl11658-
Mills, Jane92 B1834; letters of guardianship; accts.; settlement
Mills, Jane255 C1829; guardian's records
Mills, Jane256 B1834; guardian's records
Mills, John F.18801855; guardian;a bond; voucher
Mills, John M.92 C1834; letters of guardianship; accts.; settlement
Mills, John W.255 D1829; guardian's records
Mills, John W.256 C1834; guardian's records
Mills, Nellie8256-
Mills, Preston37731881; guardian's bond
Mills, Sallie B.6866-
Mills, Sarah255 E1829; guardian's records
Mills, Sarah256 D1834; guardian's records
Mills, Walter Joseph12382-
Mills, William4751826; heirs; slaves; inventory; estate file
Mills, William L.92 D1834; letters of guardianship; accts.; settlement
Mills, William L.255 F1829; guardian's records
Mills, William L.256 E1834; guardian's records
Mills, Zubia255 G1829; guardian's records
Mills, Zubia256 F1834; guardian's records
Millsaps, Arthur E.15127-
Milner, Anna5763-
Milner, Ed McDonell8352 A-
Milner, Edward McDaniel12046-
Milner, Eliza E.8517-
Milner, Joseph H.8304-
Milner, Mary10457-
Milner, Mary10470-
Milner, Mary D.36341881; Will; heir; accts.; sale; vouchers
Milner, Robert10506-
Milner, Viola5990-
Milner, William8352 B-
Mims, Mary Rosella9410-
Mims, William S.12515-
Mincher, Gladys Juanita9873-
Mincher, James Edward9871-
Miner, Howard10945-
Minnear, Patricia12670-
Minor, William12001844; Will w/heirs; slaves; vouchers; accts.; inventory; appraisal
Minton, Alice Adelaide Kennedy10253-
Mitchell, A. B.7752-
Mitchell, A. B.7796-
Mitchell, Alex5565-
Mitchell, Andrew9411825; bonds, vouchers; accts.
Mitchell, Andrew Jackson12111854; guardian's records
Mitchell, Anna Maria12091858; guardian's records
Mitchell, Cecil Theron11623-
Mitchell, Cornelia C.5345-
Mitchell, Delivia Frances10446-
Mitchell, Doyle Willis11785-
Mitchell, Drucilla12081843; guardian's records
Mitchell, Eli4681842; heirs; bond; inventory; appraisal; accts.; vouchers
Mitchell, Eliza881829; letters of guardianship; accounts; settlement
Mitchell, Eliza631 A1832; slaves; guardian's accts.
Mitchell, Erie Ann2367-
Mitchell, Eveline12071842; guardian's records
Mitchell, Francis28351867; heirs; bond; petition; sale
Mitchell, Fred6567 A-
Mitchell, George631 B1832; slaves; guardian's accts.
Mitchell, Gowen8839-
Mitchell, Howard6567 B-
Mitchell, Isaac32201872; heirs; bond; appraisal; accts.; vouchers
Mitchell, J. B.4819-
Mitchell, J. B.5030-
Mitchell, J. Patrick8114-
Mitchell, James15003-
Mitchell, James Butler15259-
Mitchell, James C.211835 petition to build grist mill; writs
Mitchell, James M.36371880; heirs; petition; depositions; vouchers
Mitchell, James Madison12101842; guardian's records
Mitchell, Joe Bill13314-
Mitchell, Joe M. vs Madison Co.11641-
Mitchell, John H.16381838; Orphans Ct. docs re insolvent estate
Mitchell, John W.18521854; heirs; dower survey; inventory; accts.; vouchers
Mitchell, Katie5269-
Mitchell, Lucile6567 C-
Mitchell, Marie13481-
Mitchell, Matilda9646-
Mitchell, Mary B.13659-
Mitchell, Nancy Rebecca40021888; Will w/heirs; petition
Mitchell, Nell7964-
Mitchell, Nellie Fannie35261877; petition for partition of land; ct. docs
Mitchell, Randolph4811840; heirs; inventory; notes; sales; vouchers
Mitchell, Richard3161839; heirs; slaves; estate file
Mitchell, Robert14370-
Mitchell, Robert D.12520-
Mitchell, S. P.9245-
Mitchell, Samuel6341828; heirs; slaves; inv. & appraisal; settlement
Mitchell, Samuel9401827; inventory & appraisal; division of estate; petitions
Mitchell, T. Bowden12672-
Mitchell, Virginia14005-
Mitchell, Virginia vs Madison Co.7526-
Mitchell, W. L.12627-
Mitchell Jr., Walter G.10758-
Mitchell, Walter Hall11657-
Mitchell, Wiley6466-
Mitchell, William7743-
Mitchell, Willie E. (Mrs.)8741-
Mixter, IsaiahMisc. p. 7 - M1891; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Mjolsnes, Harold Inge11451name change
Mock, Walter T.14422-
Modern Homes Construction vs Madison Co.14891-
Moffett, Jennie S.11755-
Moline, Ruth Audrey13996-
Moncrief, Robert Ray14722-
Monger, James J.1589-
Monjar, Monja John14362-
Monk, Martha22121858; admin.'s final settlement
Monk, Mary S.25821860; guardian's transcript; petition
Monroe, Beryle R.13187-
Monroe, Elizabeth S.9221-
Monroe, F. B.11377-
Monroe, George6351830; slaves; indenture; inventory; accts.
Monroe, Herman Eugene11371-
Montague, George Randolph38661885; heir; bond; accts.; vouchers
Montague, James11839-
Montgomery, Charolette Ann15123Name change
Montgomery, Dillard10147-
Montgomery, James1141834; inv. & appraisal; sales
Montgomery, Jane114 1/21822; letters of admin.; arre.; sale
Montgomery, Jim13305-
Montgomery, John E.25591863; heirs; bond; petition; sale of land
Moody, Mable Goss9493-
Moon, Alberta12728-
Moon, Clem7172 D-
Moon, Clem7389 D-
Moon, Clem7788 C-
Moon, Clifton11986-
Moon, Clifton14708-
Moon, Dewey7172 E-
Moon, Dewey7389 E-
Moon, Dewey7788 D-
Moon, Dewey Wiley9072-
Moon, Eliza7475-
Moon, Ellis Joyce9427 A-
Moon, Elizabeth Ann11578-
Moon, Gardiner7481-
Moon, George M.33471875; guardian's bond
Moon, Harvey7172 F-
Moon, Harvey7389 F-
Moon, Harvey7788 E-
Moore, Hester24631861; heir; accts.; sale of personal property
Moon, J. A.53941908; heirs;
Moon, J. N.8359-
Moon, J. P.6208-
Moon, J. P.8285-
Moon, James E.12159-
Moon, Jean Marie9427 B-
Moon, John9341818; appraisal; sale of personal property
Moon, John12011844; Will w/heirs; slaves; land survey; inv.; vouchers
Moon, John23441860; heirs; bond; accts.; petition
Moon, John S.935Nothing in file. See case 934.
Moon, John S.34291877; Will from VA; heirs; petitions; receipts
Moon, John W.13411846; guardian's accts.; records
Moon, John W.23931860; bond; appraisal; sale
Moon, Joseph28111867; heirs; court case, petition, sale; vouchers
Moon, Joseph M.6798-
Moon, Lizzie M.8440-
Moon, Lula Ann9427 C-
Moon, Margaret27701865; sale of personal prop.
Moon, Martha19981856; guardian's bond
Moon, Mary19991856; guardian's bond
Moon, Murphy C.14186-
Moon, Nathaniel13421846; guardian's accts.; records
Moon Sr., Nathaniel2319-
Moon Jr., Nathaniel2325-
Moon Jr., O. E.9427 D-
Moon, Oscar C.8566-
Moon, P. A.9076-
Moon, Pheriba2320-
Moon, Richard23211860; heirs; vouchers; accts.; dower
Moon, Robert W.2898-
Moon, Sadie7172 G-
Moon, Sadie7389 G-
Moon, Sadie7788 F-
Moon, Samuel L.30831870; heirs; bond; petition; ct. case; vouchers
Moon, Thomas L.19161854; settlement of estate
Moon, Thomas L.23141860; heirs; inventory; sale; accts.; notes
Moon, Thomas R.25831863; admin.'s bond; petition, list of property
Moon, Vella B.9961-
Moon, William12021844; heirs; appraisal; sale; vouchers
Moon, William E.10490-
Moon, William J.33461875; guardian's bond
Moon, William Wayne10428-
Moon, Wilson8327-
Mooney, Joseph3071831; Will w/heirs; inventory; appraisal; sales
Mooney, Joseph S.44431897; heirs; bond; settlement
Moore, A. J.4825-
Moore, A. J.5140-
Moore, Abb5818-
Moore, Agatha5132-
Moore, Agnes H.5569 A-
Moore, Albert vs Richard Medlin38171883; pleas
Moore, Alva D.10826-
Moore, Amanda1431 A1843; guardian's records
Moore, Andrew Jackson12447-
Moore, Annie10210-
Moore, Antonio M.12238-
Moore, Barnett9441818; inventory
Moore, Ben5179-
Moore, Benjamin T.30571870; bond; reports; accounts
Moore, Bernard14939-
Moore, Bessie6929 A-
Moore, Billie Royce9892-
Moore, Booker T.6528-
Moore, Booker T.6549 Bguardianship
Moore, Booker T.8879-
Moore, C. Alexander8795-
Moore, Caroline P.12171831; guardian's accts.; vouchers
Moore, Catherine L.23841860; guardian's bond
Moore, Charles C.8127-
Moore, Charles Clifton11887-
Moore, Charles W.12181835; slaves; accts.; vouchers
Moore, Charlie8337-
Moore, Clara D.3977 A1879; guardian's bond
Moore, Clara D.9643-
Moore, Columbus V. vs Housing Authority12864-
Moore, Columbus V. vs Housing Authority13428-
Moore, Cornelia B.13945-
Moore, Cornelia B.14004-
Moore, Daisy S.12597-
Moore, David12041846; heirs; receipts; list of debts; release of dower
Moore, David9938-
Moore, David L.19321855; heir; n.c.m.; petitions by guardian/admin.; vouchers
Moore, David L.35651872; n. c. m.; heirs; petition; compromise
Moore, Diemer6635 A-
Moore, Doris J.8576-
Moore, Eadie J.4186-
Moore Jr., Ed.11207 A-
Moore, Eddie5569 B-
Moore Jr., Eddie11980-
Moore, Edward4754-
Moore, Eli vs Patsy Cunningham6549 A-
Moore, Elois McCaully11207 B-
Moore, Elvalena3977 B1879; guardian's bond
Moore, Emily E.5745-
Moore, Emma11482-
Moore, Ezekiel1801829; Will w/heirs; div. of slaves; inv. & appr.; petitions; accts.; transfer to Cir. Ct.; Minute Book entries
Moore, Fannie4822-
Moore, Gabriel12211845; heirs; inventory of notes
Moore, Gabriel E.14221847; Will proven; Orphans Ct. docs
Moore, Gabriel M.12191835; relatives; slaves; guardian's vouchers; accts.
Moore, George W.12574-
Moore, Georgia4221 A-
Moore, Harvey12619-
Moore, Henrietta936 A1818; letters of guardianship; div. of estate
Moore, Henrietta10745-
Moore, Henry14411848; Will w/heirs; slaves; vouchers; accts.; lg. file
Moore, Henry4970-
Moore, Henry12363-
Moore, Hessie5773-
Moore, Hessie5887-
Moore, Hugh6635 B-
Moore, Hugh A.6638-
Moore, Isabella936 B1818; letters of guardianship; div. of estate
Moore, J. A.5100-
Moore, J. W.9045-
Moore Sr., James4901834; heirs; slaves; land
Moore, James16851851; heirs; slaves; appraisal; sale; accts.
Moore, James7486 B-
Moore, James C.14601848; heirs; appraisal; accts.
Moore, James Carl11792-
Moore, James Henry12201834; heirs; slaves; accts.; vouchers
Moore, James Stewart9706-
Moore, Jane P.12161831; guardian's records
Moore, Jeff Donald11600-
Moore, Jewel12892-
Moore, Joe15367-
Moore, Joe D.11203-
Moore, John936 C1818; letters of guardianship; div. of estate
Moore, John T.32991874; petition for the erection of mill dam (Moore's Mill)
Moore, John T.3568 A-
Moore, John RichardMisc. 7 - M1888; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Moore, John W.10388-
Moore, Joseph13451845; accts.; court records
Moore, Lena5103-
Moore, Leonard14938-
Moore, Leslie W.24701861; appointment of administrator
Moore, Letitia D.44971898; Will w/heirs; appraisement; depositions; decree
Moore, Letitia D.6270-
Moore, Lewis936 D1818; letters of guardianship; div. of estate
Moore, Lizzie F.43551888; heirs petition
Moore, Louise4221 B-
Moore, Maggie Lou13732-
Moore, Manson C.9114-
Moore, Marina2721823; letters of guardianship
Moore, Marina "Manny"9571824; guardian's accounts
Moore, Margaret6929 B-
Moore, Margaret A.35241875; admin.'s bond; accts.
Moore, Marion6396-
Moore, Martha1431 B1843; guardian's records
Moore, Mary4221 C-
Moore, Mary7034-
Moore, Mary J.Misc. p. 12 - M1897; heirs; admin.'s settlement
Moore, Mary Jane6651-
Moore, Mary Louise13668-
Moore, Mattie9281-
Moore, Mattie R.11702-
Moore, Minerva13221-
Moore, Minnie Dandridge9548-
Moore, Nancy Ann14344-
Moore, Nannie5878-
Moore, Nannie6386-
Moore, Nannie E.3977 C1879; guardian's bond
Moore, Nolen Aston9215-
Moore, O. G. vs Alabama Power Co.7986-
Moore, O. G.13281-
Moore, Odell11996-
Moore, P. H.43511895; heirs' petition & letters of admin.
Moore, Patrick5494-
Moore, Penelope C.180 A1833; guardian appointed
Moore, Phyllis6376-
Moore, R. G.14469-
Moore, Ransom13242-
Moore, Reba13365-
Moore, Reba14509-
Moore, Richard10923-
Moore, Robert F.81 A1834; lettwers of guardiasnship
Moore, Robert3568 B-
Moore, Robert6929 C-
Moore, Rochelle12148-
Moore, Rubye Hazleton9827-
Moore, Sadie5185-
Moore, Sallie12556-
Moore, Sallie J.14440-
Moore, Sam7171-
Moore, Sam12062-
Moore, Samuel9361819; slaves; appraisement of pers. prop.
Moore, Samuel H.2050-
Moore, Samuel H.5134-
Moore, Selma Keel11976-
Moore, Selix12686-
Moore, Susie9404-
Moore, Thomas9591813; (missing Will; inv. & appraisal; sale); est. with executor; Orphans Ct. docs
Moore, Tom Ed.13535-
Moore, Tommie Eugenia12530-
Moore, Waddy11094-
Moore, Walter A.9365-
Moore, Walter Dolle12457-
Moore, Walter O.15071-
Moore, Wanda Fay14195-
Moore, Washington1431 C1843; guardian's records
Moore, Will14338-
Moore, William (c)Misc. p. 7 - M1921; heirs; settlement
Moore, William6549 Cguardianship
Moore, William6851-
Moore, William9980-
Moore Jr., William811831; Will w/heirs; lg. file; slaves; huge estate accts.; land sale; inventory; appraisal; div. of slaves
Moore Sr., William841831; one orig. estate account; Orphans Ct. docs; Will; inv. & appraisal; accts.; sale of slaves;
Moore, William Earl11977-
Moore, William H.6871867; Chancery Court petition
Moore, William H.Misc. p. 7 - M1891; admin.'s bond - 1 pg
Moore, William R.44621897; heirs; inventory; settlement; vouchers
Moore, William R.9469-
Moore, Willie B.15387-
Moore, Zealand8855-
Moorehead, Gertrude9327-
Moorehead, Joe5594 A-
Moorehead, Joe7078 A-
Moorehead, Loretta7078 B-
Moorehead, Louetta5594 B-
Moores, Fannie B.Misc. p. 7 - M1886; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Moores, Fannie B.4011 1/2 A1886; guardian's records from Tennessee
Moores, Mary M.Misc. p. 7 - M1886; guardian's bond - 1 pg
Moores, Mary M.4011 1/2B1886; guardian's records from Tennessee
Moorman, Marion R.11575-
Moorman, Robert S. vs City of Huntsville15161-
Moorman, Susie Dement11695-
Mordah, Mae Stapler11210-
Morgan, A. J.2147 1/21857; resignation as constable
Morgan, Alexander J.14941848; petition to appoint an administrator
Morgan, Bessie6246-
Morgan, Francis N.6361829; inventory; sales; insolvant estate of dentist
Morgan, Francis N.9681829; admin.'s accts.; vouchers; claims
Morgan, Frank F.15114-
Morgan, Franklin H.23491860; Will w/heirs; petition; sale of lots
Morgan, James F.10689-
Morgan, James M.8258-
Morgan, James W.14959-
Morgan, Margaret6699-
Morgan, Paul8439-
Morgan, Sarah P.8292-
Morgan, Val6698-
Morring, Ben T.10813-
Morring, Billie M.11639-
Morring, Carlton A.5448-
Morring, Edward B.7630 A-
Morring, G. A.4059-
Morring, George W.33141874; heirs; appraisal; accts.; vouchers
Morring, Gill T.11603-
Morring, Margaret Luana10653-
Morring, Mary A.6844-
Morring, Nolen Harris9635-
Morring, Raymond7630B-
Morring, S. L.10891-
Morring, Thomas. J.53401907
Morring, Wilson B.12177-
Morris, Alfred37681881; guardian's bond
Morris, Amanda7982-
Morris, Ann Katherine12683-
Morris, Archie Whitworth10685-
Morris, B. F.5441-
Morris, Beatrice S. vs Housing Authority12773-
Morris, Charles2360 A-
Morris, Clara Mae8498-
Morris, David11109-
Morris, Eliza2360 B-
Morris, Ellen2360 C-
Morris, Fannie L.6009-
Morris, George A.6219-
Morris, George T.6498-
Morris, James37691881; guardian's bond
Morris, James H.15358-
Morris, James W.7934-
Morris Sr., John2360 D-
Morris, John H.32061874; heirs; appraisal; petitions; accts.; vouchers
Morris, Jordan13106-
Morris, Lenzy Henry11837-
Morris, Lillian12612-
Morris, Lillie M.13680-
Morris, Louise15369-
Morris, Margaret Pearl6749-
Morris, Martha24101860; guardian's bond
Morris, Martha E.30881871; guardian's bond; n.c.m. petition
Morris, Mary Sharp9704-
Morris, Mildred Eleanor9811-
Morris, Nancy24081860; heirs; petitions; inventory; bond
Morris, Reeford S.11742-
Morris, Richard Jordan15412-
Morris, Sallie13147-
Morris, Sam D.14897-
Morris, Thomas C.5680-
Morris, Thomas Franklin9727-
Morris, Thomas J.15421-
Morris, Thomas K.12061843; estate vouchers and accts.
Morris, Thomas K.24191861; administrator's bond
Morris, William19381855; heirs; slaves; inventory; sale; accts.
Morris, William2360 E-
Morris, William24201861; administrator's bond
Morris, William H.14519-
Morris, William Thomas21531857; guardian's bonds; slave; accts.
Morris, William Thomas31381873; lg. guardian's file; bond; appraisal; petition; vouchers; accts.
Morrison, Barbara10336 A-
Morrison, Harry8314-
Morrison, Martha8673-
Morrison, Naomi10336 B-
Morrison, W. T.8674-
Morrow, Anne3927 A1886; guardian's bond; petition to sell land
Morrow, Hattie3927 B1886; guardian's bond; petition to sell land
Morrow, Ossie5769-
Morton, Elijah9263-
Morton, Eliza9794-
Morton, Emma12281-
Morton, J. W.4725-
Morton, James F.30841870; receipt from Bibb estate
Morton, Louisa4824-
Morton, T. R.10882-
Morton, Taylor Lee Ware8994-
Morton, William Robert10837-
Moseley, Addison C.11685-
Moseley, Dennis5807-
Moseley, Eddie vs Housing Authority11222-
Moseley, Etta Davis14692-
Moseley, John17001847; heirs; slaves; accts.; land sale; vouchers
Moseley, John F.10172-
Moseley, Malcolm5807adoption
Moseley, Martha B. (Mattie)2556 A1863; guardian's bond; accts.; vouchers
Moseley, Mattie L. East11550-
Moseley, Nancy E.24791861; administrator's bond
Moseley, Phemie12006-
Moseley, Sara L.9391823; heirs; slaves; (missing Will)
Moseley, Sarah E.2556 B1863; guardian's bond; accts.; vouchers
Moseley, Walter11741-
Mosely, Nancy N.12151843; heirs; slaves; vouchers; inventory; appraisal
Moses, Marston M.14343-
Moses Jr., Marston M.14536-
Mosley, Adeline S.38421872; admin.'s bonds; land sale
Mosley, Elizabeth C.2921842; slaves; inventory; estate file
Mosley, Nannie C.8762-
Moss, Charles Terrell12304-
Moss, Earnest6663-
Moss, Jessie S.6024-
Moss, Lelia Sugg10797-
Moss, Milton7617-
Moss, Will10725-
Moss, Will10877-
Moss, Will11244-
Moss, Will11896-
Motes, Glenice N.15407-
Motley, Alice H.14604-
Motz, Ella7334-
Motz, George I.6632-
Motz, Henry39281885; Will w/heirs
Moyers, Maggie L.13445-
Mueller, Bozena13728-
Mulgrew, MichaelMisc. p. 6 - M1872; admin.'s bond - 1 pg
Mulkey, Fay Elizabeth7815-
Mulkey, Lois Gray13292-
Mullen, Mary C.5728-
Mullens, Collie May13139-
Muller, Birdie vs James T. Bolden15020-
Muller, Hazel Blake14066-
Mullinax, Audie Smith10105-
Mullings, Mattie S.9995-
Mullings, Mattie S.10138-
Mullins, Annie Bell7379 A-
Mullins, Arnold A. C.11731-
Mullins, C. O.9252-
Mullins, Charles I.13444-
Mullins, Dewey Lee, Mrs.12287-
Mullins, Dewitt6158-
Mullins, Elijah9380-
Mullins, Floyd Herman9736adoption
Mullins, L. W.(Mrs.)6265-
Mullins, Louisa38431884; Will w/heirs; accts.; receipts
Mullins, Malcomb P.11815-
Mullins, Mary Elizabeth9409-
Mullins, Mary Elizabeth12303-
Mullins, Nellie T.5244-
Mullins, Olela10075-
Mullins, Opha Lee7379 B-
Mullins, P. B.13099-
Mullins, P. B.14859-
Mullins, Robert Earl11748minor
Mullins, Robert Earl11823-
Mullins, T. K.8110-
Mullins, W. H.14180-
Mullins, Wilbur Curtis7379 C-
Mullins, Willie R.8689-
Munsey, Jasper6892-
Munson, Richard Glenn13150-
Murdoch, Andrew J.9110-
Murdock, Willis James10680-
Murphree, Carroll G.9486-
Murphree, Edith H.11475-
Murphree, Edith H.15231-
Murphree, Edith H. vs Housing Authority11233-
Murphree, James5619-
Murphree, Mabel Nall10587-
Murphree, Robert11434-
Murphy, Aileene5954 A-
Murphy, Cora Ford10130-
Murphy, India H.10319-
Murphy, J. H. vs M. G. Chaney10729-
Murphy, Jere10485-
Murphy, Jeremiah Sr.2421-
Murphy, John589 A1832; guardian's docs; slaves
Murphy, John930 A1828; guardian's docs; slaves
Murphy, John Henry10638-
Murphy, Julia5954 B-
Murphy, Julius J.10236-
Murphy, Loretta5954 C-
Murphy, Mary5954 D-
Murphy, Mary8080-
Murphy, Mary B.2425-
Murphy, Mary Catherine36331880; Will w/heirs; petition; citations
Murphy, Nancy589 B1832; guardian's docs; slaves
Murphy, Nancy930 B1828; guardian's docs; slaves
Murphy, Patrick5954 E-
Murphy, Stephen Henry9600-
Murphy, Thomas9301819; heirs; slaves; division of estate; settlement
Murray, Alice36441880; heir's petition
Murray, James H.25511862; bond; appraisal; petitions
Murray, James V.9371829; inventory; Orphan's Ct. docs
Murray, Judith9321825; bond; slaves; appraisal
Murray, Malcomb R.7451-
Murray, Mary F.11790-
Murray, Michael14591844; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisement
Murray, William O.9331815; heirs; slaves; petition; inventory; plats; division of property
Murry, Mandy5387-
Musgrove, Joyce10661 A-
Musgrove, Virginia10661 B-
Musgrove, W. E. vs Housing Authority11519-
Myers, Flem Alonzo11337-
Myers, Isaac2166 A1858; guardian's bond; sale of land
Myers, John1783 1/21854; apprenticeship order
Myers, John2166B1858; guardian's bond; sale of land
Myers, John43211893; apprenticeship
Myers, John Franklin10006-
Myers, Joseph A. vs City of Huntsville15160-
Myers, Lavinia2166 C1858; guardian's bond; sale of land
Myers, Missouri2166 D1858; guardian's bond; sale of land
Myers, Sarah2166 E1858; guardian's bond; sale of land
Myerson, Mollye W.8245-
Myerson, Stanley D.13371-
Myhand, Eddie Eugene9395adoption
Myrick, Pearl Irene10441-
Myrtle, Katie13473-
McAdams, Olive Reynolds13394-
McAdory, James9541815; bond; appraisal and sale; accts.
McAlexander, Alexander M.473 A1839; guardian's file; slaves
McAlexander, Alexander M.1256 A1844; accts.; vouchers; final settlement
McAlexander, Edward1256 B1844; accts.; vouchers; final settlement
McAlexander, Edward M.473 B1839; slaves; guardian's file
McAlexander, Julia15151847; petition to appoint an administrator
McAlexander, Mary473 C1839; guardianship
McAlister, Edgar Lawrence9590-
McAlister, James C.15187-
McAlister, Joseph C.9948-
McAlister, Rosalie Jeanette10570-
McAllister, Aleck W.12685-
McAllister, John W.7592-
McAllister, Joseph C.7614-
McAllister, Leona Thompson10317-
McAllister, M. A.5339-
McAllister, Margaret6679-
McAllister, Maud N.7593-
McAllister, Paul T.6441-
McAllister, T. J.5082-
McAllister, Thomas H.36991882; heirs; bond; settlement
McAllister, Thomas N.8146-
McAnally, Clarence vs City of Huntsville13998-
McAnally, Hattie O.8455188x;
McAnally, James Carl13801-
McAnally, Janie B.Misc. p. 8 - Mc1891; guardian's bond - 1 pg
McAnally, Odelle J.8078-
McAnally, W. A.14410-
McAnally, William H.7881-
McAnelly, Frank5308-
McAnelly, James N.5813-
McAnelly, John C.5844-
McAnelly, Harrison4008-
McAnelly, Hattie8234-
McAnn, Charles D.14918-
McAnn, Sarah F.7173-
McBee, WilliamMisc. p. 7 - Mc1870; heirs; petition for letters of administration; bond - 2 pgs
McBlain, Harriett Echols vs Madison Co.12701-
McBride, C. A.40601889; heir; petition
McBride, Lewis A.26671861; heirs; inventory; sales; ct. case; vouchers; receipts
McBride, MaryMisc. p. 11 - Mc1923; receipt for mortgage
McBride, Mattie Mae46231898; apprenticeship
McBride, Rayburn Edward9651-
McBride, Susan J.5423-
McBroom, Julia Ann23021859; petition to bind
McBroom, Minnie24321861; apprenticeship of child (a free person of color)
McBroom, Percy E.9989-
McBroom, Percy E.10360-
McBroom, Stephen C.12400-
McBroom, Susan M.31961873; heirs; petitions; appraisal; sale; vouchers
McBroom, T. J.5650-
McBroom, William4821828; estate sale; slave sale; accts.; vouchers
McBroom, William T.33821876; admin.'s bond; petition
McCaa, Annie E.19791856; guardian's bond
McCaa, Charles13461846; heirs; slaves; vouchers; accts.; lg. file
McCaa, Charles38551885; heirs; land sale; depositions; receipts
McCaa, James P.17541853; heirs; accts.; vouchers
McCaa, Jane35271878; Will w/heirs; inventory; receipts; bond
McCaa, Lucy C.30251870; guardian's final settlement
McCaa, Lucy C.3968 1/21887; heirs; petition; inventory; appraisal; vouchers
McCaa, Mary38571884; heirs; inventory; appraisal; sale
McCaa, Mary5464-
McCaa, Sarah38561884; heirs; appraisal; sale; settlement
McCaa, Sarah43671895; heirs; receipts; land sale
McCaghren, James L.15423-
McCaghren, Mary13028-
McCain, Eula vs Housing Authority11241-
McCaleb, Eli4681841; appraisal / sale of personal prop.; sm. estate file
McCaleb, J. E.9176-
McCaleb, Mary Louisa10128adoption
McCaleb, Virginia E.9480-
McCaleb, Wesley Ed7598-
McCaleb, William33211874; Will; heir
McCalley, Amanda6767 A-
McCalley, Archie W.Misc. p. 8 - Mc1888; admin.'s bond - 1 pg
McCalley, Caroline M.36451885; admin.'s bond; affidavit
McCalley, Carrie L.9617-
McCalley, Charles S.7235-
McCalley, Charlie10062-
McCalley, Drucilla37231883; n. c. m.; petition; report
McCalley, Elias5171 A-
McCalley, Gayland46271899; Will w/heir
McCalley, George40921898; n.c.m.; adult guardian's petitions; accts.; vouchers
McCalley, George44011896; n.c.m.; lg guardian's file; bond; land sale; many vouchers
McCalley, George6070-
McCalley, George M.6616-
McCalley, Henry Verges6294-
McCalley, John (alias John Gee)5171 1/2guardianship
McCalley, John E.5305-
McCalley, John T.4895-
McCalley, John T.5171Will
McCalley, Kate T.8677-
McCalley, Martha37721882; admin.'s bond; final settlement
McCalley, Martha Ann30671873; heirs; petition to sell land
McCalley, Missouri W.36931881; Will w/heirs; petitions; ct. case; appraisal; accts.
McCalley, Percy10088-
McCalley, Phoebe5343-
McCalley, Roxie Mae7213-
McCalley, Shed6767B-
McCalley, Shed6882-
McCalley, Susan5209-
McCalley, W. J.6065-
McCampbell, William L.32081873;; sale of land
McCann, Robert3381 A1876; guardian's bond; final settlement
McCann, Sarah Elizabeth3381 B1876; guardian's bond; final settlement
McCants, Samuel J.7341-
McCargo, Samuel40041887; heir; petition for exemptions
McCarthy, Mary46781900; Will w/heirs; vouchers
McCartney, Charles9491818; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory
McCartney, Fleming J. 51834; guardian's docs; vouchers; hiring of slaves; settlement
McCartney, Fleming J.17231854; Will w/heirs; slaves; accts.; lg. file
McCartney, Flemming J.1203-
McCartney, James1961831; heirs; slaves; petitions; inv. & appr.; sales; accts.
McCartney, James B. 61834; guardian's docs; hiring of slaves; inventory; appraisal; receipts
McCartney Sr., John1599-
McCartney, Polly43621894; petition; inventory; sale
McCarver, Netta Gayle9370-
McCarver, Nolton I.10461-
McCarver, Randy Lloyd13832-
McCarver, W. L.13613-
McCarver, William Leslie9734-
McCarty, William M.5144-
McCary, Evalyn7513-
McCary, Frances14532-
McCary, R. B.7134-
McCary, Lula (Mrs. R. B.)7860-
McCauley, Arthur8371-
McCaulley, Allen vs City of Huntsville12088-
McCaulley, Barbara Lee14628-
McCaulley, Emmett14145-
McCaulley, Katherine9862 A-
McCaulley, Mary9862 B-
McCaulley, Mildred9862 C-
McCaulley, Robert9862 D-
McCaulley III, Robert Lee11587-
McCaully, Archie Lee14491-
McCaw, Priscilla7563alias McCay
McCay, A. B.10548-
McCay, Andrew B.37731882; guardian's bond
McClellan, Andrew32251873; heirs; sale of stock; vouchers
McClellan, James J.19281855; Will w/heirs; slaves; appraisement
McClellan, Lucy10912-
McClellan, S.4907-
McClelland, Hunter5026-
McClelland, Mary Withers2676-
McClendon, John15079-
McClendon, Lucy Donegan15301-
McCloskey, Jackson6682-
McCloskey, Jackson7552-
McCloskey, Lucy B.7560-
McClosky, Isabella3073 A1904; Will w/heirs; Pennsylvania court docs
McClosky, William M.30731871; heirs; bond; appraisal; ct. case; vouchers
McCloud, Charlie Henry9595-
McCloud, Millie35701876; guardian's bond
McClung, Charles1596 A1849; guardian's records. See also file 1453.
McClung, Charles W.13931846; guardian's court records
McClung, Elliot S.1596 B1849; guardian's records. See also file 1453.
McClung, Hugh L. W.13951846; guardian's court records; vouchers
McClung, James1596 C1849; guardian's records. See also file 1453.
McClung, James W.14531848; heirs; slaves; petitions; inventory; appraisal
McClung, Jardie1596 D-
McClung, Jim1596 E-
McClung, John1596 F-
McClung, Margaret42011892; heirs; bond; petition; sale
McClung, Mary Ann13941841; guardian's accts.; court records
McClung, Matthew Robinson13961846; guardian's court records
McClung, Nancy1596 G-
McClung, Sam1596 H-
McClung, William9551817; heirs; inventory; vouchers; appraisal; sale
McClure, Claudia Melissa11805-
McClure, Fenoie Gammill15424-
McClure, J. S.14950-
McClure, James A.6931-
McClure, Marverine6631 A-
McClure, Searcy6631 B-
McClure, Tracy6631 C-
McClusky, Lonnie10002-
McCobb, Helen Augusta Andrews11632-
McCollum, Archibald T.23331860; guardian's bond
McCollum, Curtis31881873; bond; petitions; appraisal; accts.; vouchers
McCollum, Emily28801868; Will w/heirs; accts.; vouchers
McComb, Ann14091846; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; sale; accts.
McComb, John Henry13103-
McCombs, Tilda8910-
McCord, Clara8031 A-
McCord, Glennie8031 B-
McCord, John8031 C-
McCorkle, Martha9098-
McCorkle, Robert6189-
McCormack, Miller12186-
McCowan, Betty Lou11029-
McCowan, Gertrude12291-
McCown, Carl10976-
McCown, H. B.46551898; heirs; petition; accts.; settlement
McCown, Laura M.14103-
McCown, Lucy11951-
McCown, W. G. (Dr.)14069-
McCown, Walter S.7291-
McCown, William M.8996-
McCoy, JohnMisc. p. 7 - Mc1881; guardian's bond - 1 pg
McCoy, Sarah W.2677 1/2(-)
McCracken, Ida S.7626-
McCracken, James15551824; Will; heir; bond
McCracken, Louise S.8512-
McCracken, Mary C.7670-
McCrary, A. C.9923-
McCrary, Alice B.7903-
McCrary, Celia Love10470-
McCrary, Columbus14003-
McCrary, Daniel5452 A-
McCrary, Emily5847-
McCrary, Ernest13472-
McCrary, Eugene J. vs City of Huntsville12109-
McCrary, Eugene J. vs Housing Authority12849-
McCrary, Fannie5452B-
McCrary, Georgia May5979 A-B-
McCrary, Georgia May6685-
McCrary, Hattie S.9562-
McCrary, Isaac11129-
McCrary, Isaiah5178-
McCrary Jr., Isaiah vs City of Huntsville12110-
McCrary, Jackson9541-
McCrary, James E.Misc. p. 7 - Mc1878; guardian's bond - 1 pg
McCrary, Jeanette10133-
McCrary, Jeanette10345-
McCrary, John9501815; estate bond - 1 pg
McCrary, John B. vs Madison Co.7540-
McCrary, John Benjamin10535-
McCrary, Lucy Jane11400-
McCrary, Louisa45381897; heirs; admin.'s petitions; sale of house and lot; receipts
McCrary, Louisa5452 C-
McCrary, Madison5212-
McCrary, Martha J.6429-
McCrary, Mary Sadler13686-
McCrary, Missouri9731-
McCrary, Nancy W.42921895; Will; heir; court orders
McCrary, Rici5979B-
McCrary, Robert S.13032-
McCrary, Sallie5648-
McCrary, Sallie9151-
McCrary, Thomas2626-
McCrary, Thomas L.9225-
McCrary, William P.6428-
McCrary, Williams W.41241891; Will w/heirs; petitions
McCrary, William W.43521891; Will w/heirs; petition; indenture
McCrary, Williams Ellett13870-
McCrary, Willie Robert11375-
McCravey, Benjamin F.34731877; letter; admin.'s bond
McCravey, Benjamin L.44521896; heirs; petition; decree; setting aside real & personal property
McCravey, Mary J.5495 A-
McCravey, Mary J.5595-
McCravey, Rebecca L.5596-
McCray, Julius J.8297-
McCray, Mary6708 1/2-
McCrea, Blount5982-
McCrea, William vs John Braham9451822; ct. order regarding deed
McCroskey, Lewis5079-
McCuistion, Charles12435-
McCulley, Bobbie Jean10495 A-
McCulley, James Herbert10495 B-
McCulloch, Virginia10141-
McCullough, A. E.5176-
McCullough, Augustus W.45501898; Will w/heirs
McCullough, Elizabeth L.15137-
McCullough, H. F.14130-
McCullough, Huston M.8221-
McCullough, James45491902; heirs; admin.'s settlement
McCullough, William Leonard9289-
McCutcheon, Gerald Keith12823-
McCutcheon, Roy V. vs City of Huntsville15163-
McCutcheon, William Walker9511811; Orphan's Ct. order; account of sales
McDaniel, Archibald651830; estate records; slaves
McDaniel, Archibald9631829; Will w/heirs; inv. & appraisal; settlement; Orphans Ct. docs
McDaniel, James M.12851-
McDaniel, Virgil6353-
McDavid, Albert10483-
McDavid, James4721842; Will w/heirs; slaves; accts.; very lg. estate file
McDavid, James L.19511855; heirs; slaves; accts.; vouchers; inventory
McDavid, Nancy A.18831854; guardian's nomination and bond
McDavid, Nancy America19481854; slaves; guardian's accts.; vouchers
McDavid, Nancy J.5640-
McDavid, Stephen19501855; slaves; guardian's accts.
McDavid, Stephen P.18821854; guardian's nomination and bond
McDavid, Walter42801894; admin.'s bond
McDavid, Wilson S.1949 1/21855; slaves; guardian's accts.
McDavid, Wilson S. V.18811854; guardian's nomination and bond
McDavis, James Oliver vs State of Alabama12852-
McDevitt, John F.45571899; heirs; admin.'s accts.; receipts
McDevitt, Stephen34531877; admin.'s bond
McDonald, Alonzo J.15325-
McDonald, Bonnie Capshaw12263-
McDonald Jr., Charlie Lewis11800-
McDonald, Christopher53571908;
McDonald, David10735-
McDonald, Hattie Penney13275-
McDonald, J. F.12854-
McDonald, James C.35031878; guardian's bond; petition; sale of real estate
McDonald, James T.10509-
McDonald, Laura vs Madison Co.12504-
McDonald, Lois14532-
McDonald, Marjorie8306-
McDonald, Roy Donegan9965-
McDonald, Thomas13149-
McDonell, Beulah4743 A-
McDonell, Elizabeth4743 B-
McDonell, Henry M.4743 C-
McDonell, Judy4982-
McDonell, __?__4743 D-
McDonnell, Archibald6281830; heirs; slaves; inventory; accts.; vouchers
McDonnell, Archibald65 A1830; letters of guardianship; inventory; settlement
McDonnell, Archibald44021896; heirs; bond; letter
McDonnell, Archibald7303-
McDonnell, David7174-
McDonnell, Elizabeth J.65 B1830; letters of guardianship; inventory; settlement
McDonnell, F. J.6673-
McDonnell, Henry5059-
McDonnell, J. S. vs City of Huntsville14125-
McDonnell, Jimmie5681 A-
McDonnell; Kate4264-
McDonnell, Kate9300-
McDonnell, Kate B.32731894; Will w/heirs; petition; bond
McDonnell, Lemuel6375-
McDonnell, Lillian vs Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis RR 9227 -
McDonnell, Lillian11633-
McDonnell, Margaret C.33561875; Will w/heirs; petition for probate of Will
McDonnell, Wyatt5681 B-
McDowell, A. D.5461-
McDowell, Ada F.5129-
McDowell, B. F.57721913; heirs;
McDowell, Erasmus P.6901839; admin. bond; Orphans Ct. docs
McDowell, Mary L.5545-
McDowell, Sarah Elizabeth101834; guardian's docs; inventory; accts. & vouchers; settlement
McDuff, AlonzoMisc. p. 9 - Mc1903; guardian's bond; accts.
McDuff, Carey Clemons11556-
McDuff, ElizaMisc. p. 9 - Mc1903; guardian's bond; accts.
McDuff, Gordon5245 A-
McDuff, Hazel S. vs Madison Co.9028-
McDuff, Lafayette3962 1/2188x;
McDuff, MillardMisc. p. 9 - Mc1903; guardian's bond; accts.
McDuff, Murphy5245 B-
McDuff, Robert LeeMisc. p. 9 - Mc1903; guardian's bond; accts.
McEachin, John Edmund9450-
McElhaney, Lillian Nell6665-
McElroy, Andrew9611821; Will w/heirs; sales; division of estate; final settlement
McElroy, Eliza961 A1827; guardian's settlement
McElroy, John23721860; admin.'s bond; inventory; petition
McElroy, Martha Ann961 B1828; guardian's settlement
McElroy, Polly961 C1827; guardian's settlement
McElroy, Susan961 D1828; guardian's settlement
McElyea, John27571866; heir; application of widow
McEntire, Laura B.11927-
McFarland, CyrusMisc. p. 8 - Mc19xx; undated guardian's settlement
McFarland, Pearl13180-
McFarlane, Charles H.8090-
McFarlen, Herman Jackson10736-
McFarlen, S. W.13136-
McFerrin, J. Earl vs Madison Co.13045-
McGaha, Eliza A. M.2254 A1859; guardian's bond
McGaha, Elizabeth33331875; heirs; appraisal; sale; receipts; vouchers
McGaha, Francis C.43281895; heir; appraisal; petition
McGaha, Isaac2254 B1859;
McGaha, James2042-
McGaha, James H.7360-
McGaha, John C.34301877; Will w/heirs; sale of pers. prop.; summons
McGaha, Joseph8311-
McGaha, Maxie David10966-
McGaha, Mattie R.43181895; petition to sell land for division; letters of guardianship
McGaha, Minor E.14593-
McGaha, Robert18281854; heirs; appraisal; sale; vouchers
McGaha, Sue Giles15184-
McGavock, J. F.7493-
McGavock, J. F.7644-
McGee, Charlie O.10304 A-
McGee, Gordon8608-
McGee, Henry M.12036-
McGee, Maggie Virginia9144-
McGee, Marie Shirley10304 B-
McGee, Mary Letitia6556-
McGehee, Azariah42931895; heirs; administrative petitions
McGehee, Azariah43721896; heirs; depositions; land sale; settlement
McGehee, Francis M.4861832; slaves; guardian's accts.
McGehee, Joseph T.46871900; heirs; inventory; land sale
McGehee, Mollie R.14198-
McGehee, Sarah Jane1041833; letters of guardianship; hiring of slaves; settlement
McGehee, Stephen E.12161-
McGehee, Thomas1031832; inventory; appraisal; land sale; pers. prop. sale
McGehee, William B.1051833; letters of guardianship; hiring of slaves; settlement
McGehee, William F.13896-
McGill, Gertie B.45941898; Will w/heir; petition
McGinness, George Lee9452-
McGinness, Rufus B.9754 A-
McGinness, Toy B.9754 B-
McGinnis, Charles McFarland4062 A1889; guardian's bond; accts.
McGinnis, Christie Sigma4062 B1889; guardian's bond; accts.
McGinnis, John B.4062 C1889; guardian's bond; accts.
McGinnis, Will D.4062 D1889; guardian's bond; accts.
McGlathery, Frederick14399 A-
McGlathery, Gregory14399 B-
McGlathery, Roberta11761-
McGlathery, Thomas9621823; inv. & appraisal; sales
McGlocklin, Sam6135-
McGowan, James943 1/21834; court orders regarding estate; Orphans Ct. docs
McGowan, William9431817; inventory; citations
McGrady, Robert58Nothing in file. See case 476
McGrady, Robert4761833; inventory; personal property appraisal; sale; Orphans Ct. docs
McGregor, Birda G.15089-
McGuy, Robert7199-
McHaffey, Gustavus A.26781865; accts.; inventory; compromise of debts
McHaffey, J. H.7126-
McIntosh, Matilda42791892; Will; heirs
McIntosh, William J.17431854; heirs; slaves; vouchers; accts.
McIntyre, Mary Annie Baker11372-
McKamey, Della C.5283-
McKay, Martin8782-
McKay, Melvin6797-
McKay, Nannie T.14435-
McKee, Bell11882-
McKee, Homer Buford8675-
McKee, James A.5255 A-
McKee, Mary E.10194-
McKee, William A.5255 B-
McKelvey, Annie5151-
McKelvey, Barbara10627 A-
McKelvey, Carol10627 B-
McKelvey, Hubert10627 C-
McKelvey, J. A.12169-
McKelvey, Lura Marie Austin10803-
McKelvey, Robert Wylie10804-
McKelvey, Velma9175-
McKelvey, William G.4795-
McKelvey, William G.4845-
McKenzie, Armalee2376 1/21860; administrator's bond
McKenzie, John9471821; Will w/heirs; valuation, vouchers
McKenzie, Nicholas4871826; heirs; slaves; estate file
McKenzie, Nicholas P.18841854; administrator's bond
McKinney, Lillian13954-
McKinney, M. M.5095-
McKinney, Matt7079-
McKinney, Olivia44421897; Will w/heirs; petition
McKinney, R. L.13523-
McKinney, Robert7096-
McKinney, Thomas A.34311877; heirs; receipts; vouchers
McKinney, Thomas A.36411881; guardian's citation
McKinney, William vs Madison Co.13544-
McKinzie, William A.16591850; Will w/heirs; slaves; inventory; appraisal
McKissick, Richard43531894; Will w/heirs; petition
McKnight, Daisy15323-
McKnight, William2948-
McLain, Allen D.4474 1/21897; guardian's bond; final settlement
McLain, Belle7795-
McLain, Bertie H.6006-
McLain, David H.44741897; Will w/heirs; bond; accts.; receipts
McLain, William W.14706-
McLane, Sallie K.34551876; guardian's bond
McLaran, John H.13431845; guardian's accts.
McLaughtin, Cora E.15386-
McLaughlin, George12056-
McLaughlin, John H.45011898; Will w/heirs; petitions; depositions
McLaughlin, Maggie7332-
McLehaney, David W.
(or McElhaney)
18741854; heirs; vouchers; accts.; sale of property
McLemore, Campbell8217-
McLemore, Conway Oliver14762-
McLemore, Henry N.11956-
McLemore, James Harvey10150-
McLemore, M. Bruce7691-
McLennon, Alexander4851837; Will
McLeod, George16651849; heirs; slaves; accts.; vouchers
McLeod, John9481820; bond; slaves; appraisal and sale
McLure, Johnnie Layne13159-
McLure, Levi Grady9587-
McLure, Lula Mae Hewlett9707-
McMahan, Hugh9421813; Orphan's Court authorization to appraise estate; heirs; guardianship for children
McMahan, Jane942 A1827; letters of guardianship
McMahan, John942 B1827; letters of guardianship
McMahon, John42111892; heirs; mortgage; inventory; appraisal
McMillan, W. J.9845-
McMillan, W. H.9089-
McMullen, Amanda5330-
McMullen, Elizabeth A.36941880; heirs; petition; notes; land sale
McMullen, Fleming J. A.2253 A1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, Green A.36481880; petition regarding Constable's bond
McMullen, Green Alexander2253 B1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, James Riley2253 C1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, John H.40751890; heirs; inventory; appraisal
McMullen, John Patrick2253 D1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, Lawry Edward11045-
McMullen, Louis6790-
McMullen, Martha J.5183-
McMullen, Mary Ann Eliza2253 E1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, Mary Kathryn11558-
McMullen, Matilda Jane2253 F1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, Rebecca Catharine2253 G1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, Robert Earley2253 H1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, Stephen S. Ewing2253 i1859; guardian's bond
McMullen, William F.11263-
McNabb, Elizabeth Jo.13993-
McNabb, Elizabeth Jo.15276-
McNeal, Donald Ray109574-
McNeal, Franklin D.14237-
McNeil, W. J.7133-
McNeill, Nancy E.9296-
McNulty, Margaret21841858; admin.'s bond
McPeters, Mildred L.8728-
McPhaill, John15561817; Will w/heirs; slaves
McPherson, T. Etta5685 A-
McQuistion, Frankie Wayne13566-
McReynolds, Dorothy10340 A-
McReynolds, Miriam M.10340 B-
McRory, John10056-
McVay, Joseph Sampson9379-
McVey, Channie Anne8624-
McVey, Channie Anne8629-
McVey, Gordon Wilburn11859-
McWhirter, Frank7197-
McWhorter, Stella Talbert13527-
McWilliams, Walter S.9000-
Terminology and Notes:

Slaves - 99 percent of the time only first names are known. Plantation owner's
surname may help.
Inventory = a listing of all real and personal property of an estate.
Vouchers and receipts - papers showing money passing out of or into an estate
through an administrator or executor.
Guardian's accts./ records - any or all of the above which belongs to a minor heir.
Petition = a request made of the Probate Judge in his official capacity.
Estate = property and goods left by a deceased person.
n.c.m.= non compos mentis - an incompetant adult
(c) = colored (so noted on documents)
lg file = large file of 100 pages or more.
Orphans Ct. = Orphans Court was what is today the Probate Court.

*These case files can be from one to several hundred pages in length. When ordering please be specific as to what you want out of a case file - all, part, just the Will, etc.

Adoption files are, by law, closed for a period of 75 years.

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